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Ford DTC P1703 00: All You Need to Know to Get Through the Solution

Ford DTC P1703 00

Ford DTC P1703 00 is a code that appears when the car’s self-test reveals that the brakes aren’t working properly. When this kind of code malfunctions, there are two things that can happen. One of them is that the PCM does not respond to the process when the engine is turned on and running.

The Ford DTC P1703 00 Code is a result of no operations being carried out with the key on or off. The code has a wide range of reasons, but there are also straightforward fixes for it. You may also quickly identify the symptoms of a code issue in your automobile by learning the symptoms in your car.

Ford DTC P1703 00 Meaning

You won’t be able to continue to drive the car if your catalytic converter totally fails. You’ll get a poor gas economy as well. All of this could be the result of the Ford DTC P1703 00 error number. The numerical meaning of the code comes off like this:

  • P: OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code For Engine
  • 1: Air And Gasoline Metering
  • 7: Faulty Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Wiring
  • 0: Failure of Cold Start Injection 1
  • 3: Circuit High for the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor B

Ford Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction

When the transmission range sensor fails to transmit data or gives incorrect information to the transmission control (TCM) or powertrain control (PCM) modules, it is activated. You could be in danger of a severe accident as a result of one of these transmission issues. You should send your car in for maintenance as quickly as possible if you notice any transmission indications or any other recurring problems with it.

What are the Causes of Ford DTC P1703 00?

Defective Brake Switch

The rear hazard lights won’t turn on if your brake switch isn’t working correctly. This presents a serious safety risk because the vehicle following you won’t be aware that you’re decelerating. So this can mean that a stop-lighting fixture in the back has burned out or that your brake light switch is broken.

Incorrect Adjustment of the Brake Switch

A misaligned stoplight switch can prohibit the foot brake from releasing at a point where the master crankshaft cup covers can open. This could result in a rise in expansion pressure and hot brakes. However, if the residual pressure persists, the brake pads will quickly wear out, increasing the likelihood of a sudden accident.

Faulty Electrical Connection in the BPP Switch Circuit

If you have problems with your electrical connections, the brake switch may have a defective circuit or a fuse problem. So there is no need to worry about these problems because they may be extremely widespread. Nonetheless, it is simple and inexpensive to replace the brake switch parts.

Signs of Issues Due to DTC P1703 00 Code

Engine Light ON

When the light on the dashboard turns on, your anti-lock parking brake is malfunctioning. The warning light may come on as a result of low braking fluid, a damaged control module, or a malfunctioning brake light switch. As a response, if your warning light comes on, it’s conceivable that the problem is with your brake light switch.

Cruise Control System Not Operative

If your vehicle has a cruise control system, a broken or malfunctioning brake light switch could make it inoperable. In several cars, the switch that regulates the cruise control and the rear brake system is identical. As a result, your cruise control will undoubtedly stop working if the switch malfunctions. Thus, examine your warning light switch professionally if your cruise control stops functioning.

Diagnosis on DTC P1703 00 Code

Diagnosing the damage before getting straight into the solution for the code is a very important step. To see at how P1703 00 code damaged the vehicle, you need to inspect your vehicle properly by yourself or take professional help.

The diagnostic tips include check-ups on the vehicle at various levels: you can use a diagnostic tool for your vehicle, as per the manual instructions. Apart from that, you can also visually inspect any wear or tear of parts, wiring harness, or components associated with it, identifying bent or punched connector pins and also other damaged vehicle parts. These steps of diagnosis will help in estimating the cost, time, labor, and energy of dealing with repairs on the vehicle.

Solutions of DTC P1703 00 Code

Choose Fuel of Higher Grade

Using fuel with the highest level of quality assurance can help you solve the P1703 00 error code in your car. The usage of high-quality fuel not only shields your car from internal harm but also improves its overall performance. You should, however, look into your engine’s restrictions in terms of the gasoline quality it can handle. The anticipated cost of changing from low-grade to high-grade oil can cost between $10-$20.

Routine Vehicle Check-Up

The routine inspections that can be performed on a car are similar to the fundamental procedures of replacing the oil, getting the automobile inspected on a regular basis, and checking the tire pressure. These inspections are designed to maintain the vehicle’s health and assist you or your mechanic in identifying critical problems before they develop into more serious ones. The anticipated cost of routine check-ups for your cars can be Free (if under service period) or can cost depending on the organization called for servicing.

Ford Transmission Troubleshooting P1703 00

The Transmission Control Module (TCM), under which fault codes are kept and can be recovered with the appropriate scanner, is where the majority of Ford transmission issues are discovered. Use a Ford Transmission Scanner to examine the fault codes and to identify the issues with Ford automatic transmissions. The steps to carry out the debugging are as follows:

  • Activate the parking brakes, park the car, and switch off the ignition.
  • Find the driver’s side diagnostic connection under the dashboard.
  • Turn on the key without igniting the motor after plugging in your scanner.
  • The scanner will start up. Permit communication between it and the car. Pick Ford and your desired vehicle.
  • Then choose Transmission or PCM Module, then Control Modules.
  • From the primary menu, choose Read Fault Codes.

Ford Ranger/Focus/Escape/F150 P1703 00 Solution

The actual number is the same for all Ford vehicles. However, due to the configurations of each vehicle series, the solutions vary greatly. Spark plugs that are detached, dirty, or clogged are frequent reasons why Ford Ranger motors won’t start. Normally, spark plugs ought to be changed after 25 hours of operation each and every season.

Additionally, make sure the spark plug distance is adjusted correctly. Even if your spark plugs appear to be in excellent condition, issues with your ignition mechanism can still prevent a spark.

Ford Taurus/Explorer P1703 00 Solution

When the cylinders are burning in a Ford Taurus, the crankshaft sensor sends an indication to the injector, computer, or ignition control. This results in the ignition coil producing a spark and the injector timing the injection of gasoline into each cylinder. The engine will operate rougher and more inefficiently if any sensor is malfunctioning. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly clean and repair the sensors and injectors.

FAQs on Ford DTC P1703 00

What is the code similar to Ford DTC P1703 00 Code?

The code 1780 is similar to this 1703 code, as both of them look for the working brake switch in some manner.

Can you drive with Ford DTC P1703 00 code?

Yes, you can drive with the code. Yet, you should immediately go for a check-up if the engine lights are on on the dashboard.

Can a faulty brake switch cause code P1703 00 on regular basis?

Yes, a malfunctioning brake switch can cause the p1703 00 code to show up easily.

Concluding Remark

In summary, the Ford DTC P1703 00 code denotes that the Key On Engine Running (KOER) self-test did not cycle the Key On Engine Running (BPP) signal high and low or that the Brake Pedal Position (BPD) signal was high. Inspect your brake signals at most once a month to prevent this situation. If you cannot find the solution to it, then you know where to look for answers. 

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