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2006 Ford Escape XLS: The Need of Hour for Excellent Driveaway

2006 Ford Escape XLS

The 2006 Ford Escape XLS is the most popular midsize sport-utility in the country. And it’s a wise decision. The Escape has plenty of additional storage and four comfortable seats. Driving in it is delightful because of its comfortable ride and responsive handling, and its small size makes parking and maneuvering a breeze once you arrive.

The 2006 Ford Escape XLS is designed for people who seek aesthetics and AWD capability and appeals to a wide variety of purchasers. Additionally, a typical SUV offers attributes like a midsize car’s size, cost, functionality, and driving qualities. As a result, it is regarded as one of the Ford SUVs that are most affordable for its target market.

However, without any further ado, let’s get into some potential features of the 2006 Ford Escape XLS. By the end of the blog, you can firmly decide on your vehicle choice.

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Appearance and Décor

The 2006 Ford Escape XLS sports a four-wheel drive setup and a unibody design. One of the Escape’s flaws has always been its uninspiring cabin, but the 2006 model improved things with a new collection of white-faced panels and a controller gearbox selector. All proportions of adults can fit in the front seats, while children can sit comfortably behind, and grownups can tolerate it.

Length174.9 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors70.1 in.
Height69.7 in.
Wheel Base103.1 in.
Seating Capacity5
Curb Weight3,464 lbs.
Tires TypeP225/75R15 
Tires Size15 x 6.5 in.

Front Head Room40.4 in.
Front Shoulder Room56.3 in.
Front Hip Room53.4 in.
Front Leg Room41.6 in.
Rear Head Room39.2 in.
Rear Shoulder Room55.9 in.
Rear Hip Room49.1 in.
Rear Leg Room35.6 in.

Key features include a CD player, air conditioning, electronic keyless entry, windows, bolts, and reflectors, distinguishing itself from regular Escape. Several of the color options here include: Oxford White, Silver Metallic, Gold Ash, Dark Shadow Gray, Titanium Green, Red Fire, Blazing Copper, Norsea Blue, Sonic Blue, and Black

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Engine and Performance

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Engine and Performance

Driving an Escape XLS is simple and pleasurable, with very little difference from a standard Escape. It is among the cleanest and also most energy-efficient vehicles in its category. The V6’s considerable power allows for quick acceleration. It’s a good choice for purchasers on a tight budget because of its respectable performance and improved mileage.

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size2.3 l
CylindersInline 4
Horsepower153 hp @ 5,800 rpm
Torque152 lb. -ft @ 4,250 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity16.5 gal.
Drive TypeAll-wheel drive
Transmission4-speed automatic

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Towing Capacity and Mileage

The 2006 Ford Escape XLS is capable of towing up to 1,500 pounds. As a result, the vehicle generates substantially lower fuel efficiency earnings when looking for the optimum gas mileage. The V6 engine gets 20 miles per gallon and features a 4-speed automatic transmission. According to the EPA, the city’s fuel economy is 18 mpg, and on the highway is 22 mpg.

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Problems and Solutions

Gearbox breakdowns, tattered engines, and extensive rust on the suspension springs are the most frequent and severe issues with the 2006 Ford Escape. Transmission failure is the most frequent problem, which is roughly 85,000 miles. For approximately $2,000, users can have the gearbox rebuilt or spend more than $3,000 to substitute it with a brand-new one.

About 90,000 miles, engine breakdowns are another fairly typical issue. The engine’s parts deteriorate quickly, and based on local labor costs, upgrading the whole machine costs about $4,500. At 120,000 miles in, corroded shock mounts become a significant problem. Due to the thinness of the metal there, it is more likely that an accident may occur. New knuckle installation typically costs $1,000.

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Parts

Alternator System

An alternator displays several symbols that require immediate attention. The irritating scent, shocking noise, and dashboard warning lights are examples of some of these symptoms. It is expensive to replace an alternator. Costs can vary from $400 to $800 approx., and if you purchase an actual product from a dealer, they may even be higher.

Exhaust System

Polluted engine gas is typically ejected from the combustion chamber of cars through the exhaust system. Nevertheless, there are indications that your exhaust system needs maintenance or that one or more components ought to be repaired. Typical signs include noise from the engine, decreased fuel efficiency, and an interior gas smell.

For an automobile, the expense of replacing the exhaust system ranges from $150 to $2500. The figure is based on the cost of the equipment in general, the returned component, and additional labor charges.

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Reliability

Ford made the Escape a cheaper option for people on a limited budget. The Escape is better suited to on-road mobility than off-road driving. Despite having such distinct characteristics, it has a 4 to 5 dependability factor. The Ford Escape received just minor aesthetic and color updates in 2006.

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Used Car Market Expectancy

The used car market value for the 2006 Ford escape XLS has come across for a long haul. Due to its advantageous features and performance, users and reviewers are ready to get the second-hand sale price for the particular model. However, several top automobile websites help organize auctions for specific vehicles. However, the price range can fall under the category of $4,000- $10,000.

2006 Ford Escape XLS: Trims and Prices

XLT Sport$24,185

2006 Ford Escape XLS vs. XLT

Basic features, including climate control, a CD player, electric windows, mirrors, and locks, are standard on XLS models. In addition to cruise control, an in-dash CD changer, an enhanced cloth interior, 16-inch aluminum wheels, and an adjustable driver seat, XLT models include these features. The 5.4L V8 engine in the Ford XLT is superior to the 2.5L I4 motor in the XLS. The XLT has a greater demand when comparing their transmissions, but using the particular car is also essential.

FAQs on 2006 Ford Escape XLS

What kind of fuel quality is used by the 2006 Ford Escape XLS?

Regular unleaded fuel is the most appropriate kind of Fuel type for the 2006 Ford Escape XLS.

Is it worth purchasing a Ford Escape?

The Ford Escape is a top-notch SUV, yes. The standard engine in models achieves good fuel economy, and the additional turbo-four contributes to quick acceleration.

How durable is a 2006 Ford Escape?

Due to engine and transmission issues, the 2006 Escape only has a lifespan of about 150,000 kilometers.


The Ford Escape selection for 2006 has expanded. For 2005, it had a considerable revision that added a new exterior, brighter interiors, a revised 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine, and a redesigned suspension. The Ford Escape has a simple, functional design free of extraneous embellishments and flares. It is also modern and unlikely to seem old in the next few years. With a hybrid model that took home the 2005 North American Vehicle of the Year honor, the 2006 Ford Escape XLS grew in popularity the previous year.

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