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2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Model Specifications with Comparisons and More

2021 Ford Expedition XLT

A huge three-row SUV in the traditional sense is what the 2021 Ford Expedition XLT is. Its tough body-on-frame design, generous ground clearance, and four-wheel drive will get you where you require to go, even if the road ahead is a little bumpy. It ranks above the freshly updated Ford Explorer as the largest SUV in the Ford portfolio.

It’s roomy and comfy, especially if you choose the Expedition Max with the longer range. New standard trim and extra optional features are two changes for 2021. However, it has emerged in a more robust shape than its predecessor, thanks to extra packages. One of the most well-liked trims in its lineup of cars is the 2021 Ford Expedition XLT.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Dimensions

Length210.0 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors93.4 in.
Height76.4 in.
Wheel Base122.5 in.
Seating Capacity8
Curb Weight5,623 lbs.
Tires TypeP275/65R18 tires
Tires Size18 in.
Front Head Room42.0 in.
Front Shoulder Room64.9 in.
Front Hip Room62.2 in.
Front Leg Room43.9 in.
Rear Head Room40.0 in.
Rear Shoulder Room64.8 in.
Rear Hip Room62.6 in.
Rear Leg Room41.5 in.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Exterior and Interior Specifications

2021 Ford Expedition XLT Model Specifications

The Expedition combines sleek style with the F-150’s truck-like appearance. A broad, expressive grille with chrome bands and a blue oval in the center is framed by the headlamps. The body sides have an angular profile that isn’t overly blocky. Its large, broad doors are accented with metallic trim to contrast with the lofty frame and large glass windows.

The Expedition utilizes every square inch of its interior. It has more space and provides each passenger with plenty of comforts. The third row is exceptionally accessible, allowing even adults to enter and exit with no difficulty. In the higher trims, they even offer a massaging function in addition to various zones of lumbar support. Backing up is made easier by a clear backup camera and a 360-degree camera system that is offered.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Colors

Oxford White, Iconic silver metallic, Burgundy velvet metallic tinted clearcoat, Kodiak Brown Metallic, Antimatter Blue metallic, Agate Black Metallic, Star white metallic tri-coat, Magnetic metallic, the rapid red metallic tinted clearcoatMedium stone, Ebony (Cloth and leather)

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Accessories

Exterior Accessories

You must make the appropriate external accessory investments if you want to give your car a more genuine outside appearance. To improve the outside aesthetic of the model, Ford offers a variety of excellent accessories. There are numerous different additions, such as spoilers, grilles, racks and boards, step bars, trailer towing, carriers, and rack rolls.

Interior Accessories

In addition to the exterior appearance, you should think about the interior design of your car, which includes the dashboard’s appearance, the seats’ materials, safety regulations, and vehicle safety. As a consequence, you can customize the inside of your car. Among the interior options are floor mats, seat covers, door slit plates, gear knobs, and an organizing kit.

Electronic Accessories

Let your inner nerd out to play. Under your nose, electronic keys and smart start technologies are working to enhance your daily commute. Find out what’s going on with Ford’s synchronization and dependability. The technological attachments that are available include dashcams, DVD systems, car security, and audio check devices, to name a few.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Engine and Transmission

A 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine powers every Expedition. The heavy curb weight of the vehicles depletes some of their power. The Expedition can tow enough for numerous travel trailers when equipped with the proper tools, coolers, and battery. Adaptive stabilizers that calm finicky roads can be added to the basic steel suspension. The Expedition maintains its lightness on its heavy feet thanks to a precisely adjusted electric system for power steering.

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size3.5 L
Horsepower375 hp @ 5,000 rpm
Torque470 lb. -ft @ 2,250 rpm
Drive TypeFour wheel drive
Transmission10-speed shiftable automatic

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Gas Mileage

The 2021 Ford Expedition is not efficient on gas by several widely accepted definitions of the word. According to the EPA, the rear-drive, short-frame version has the best fuel economy, scoring 17 mpg city, 24 mpg highway, and 20 mpg combined. These ratings drop to 17/22/19 mpg with four-wheel drive.

Fuel typeRegular unleaded
Fuel tank capacity23.2 gal.
Max Towing Capacity9,200 lbs.
Max Cargo Capacity104.6 cu. Ft.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Towing Capacity

When properly equipped, this huge SUV can tow up to 9,300 pounds. The Expedition can be equipped with the heavy-duty trailer towing kit if you plan to carry even more weight. Don’t take the maximum towing capacity lightly. Overloading your vehicle’s towing capacity can damage your tires, hasten brake wear, strain your engine and transmission, and even deform your chassis. As a result, you ought to get advice from an authority on the subject.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Boot Space

Depending on the model selected and how the seats are configured, the Expedition’s cargo capacity varies. The space behind the third row is 19.3 to 20.9 cubic feet if you choose a basic framework. If the third row is folded down, the volume increases from 57.5 to 63.6 cu ft. That’s enough room to store five really large luggage. Additional luggage can be stowed by folding down the seats in the second and third rows.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Problems

The most frequently reported transmission issues to involve the Ford Expedition. Powertrain, safety systems, and electronics are some of the most frequently complained-about categories. Even though it has been in production for more than two decades, the Ford Expedition isn’t an exception. The Ford Expedition typically has the following issues:

  • Engine problems: Timing chain, white smoke, cam phaser issue.
  • Electrification issues: Vehicle failing to start, startling sound while driving.
  • Unreliable air conditioning
  • Suspension issues
  • Transmission Difficulties: Brake failures, burning smell, leaking fuel, unrealistic sounds

But, the Ford Expedition is one of the most dependable SUVs on the market, despite these faults.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Remote Start

By using these easy steps, you may activate your Ford Expedition remote monitoring:

  • On the Expedition key fob, press the lock button.
  • Press the key fob’s remote power button twice within 3 seconds. The motor then starts after two flashes from the turn signal lights.
  • The engine can only run for a maximum of 15 minutes after being remotely started.
  • When the motor is running, the garage lamps come on. If the system doesn’t start, the horn will sound. When you manually activate the engine, all other car systems stay off. Even after the engine has been remotely started, the car is still locked. To activate the ignition and start your car, a working key must be present within the vehicle.

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Reviews

A nice option for a big three-row SUV is the Expedition. It boasts a roomy interior, supportive seats, a potent turbocharged V6 engine, and is simple to drive. The only significant criticism is the fuel economy in real-world conditions. Besides that, the overall rating provided by most of the users falls under 7.5on 10.

spacious interior with lots of room for passengers and goodsUnsatisfactory real-world fuel efficiency
A robust V6 engine provides quick acceleration.It is challenging to drive due to its size and slow steering.
Opulent front seats
tows more than SUVs of a comparable size

2021 Ford Expedition XLT: Prices and Trims

XLT Fleet$51,320
XLT STX$52,290
MAX XLT Fleet$54,320
MAX XLT$57,105

2021 Ford Expedition XLT vs. Limited

Value-wise, the 2021 Ford Expedition XLT is tough to beat. The overall value of the XLT is impressive, even though the Limited includes a few more high-end goodies. The Limited trim adds a few extra cutting-edge conveniences to set itself apart from the XLT expected. The first thing it adds that the XLT cannot produce is a rear multimedia system that keeps occupants in the back entertained.

Although the XLT trim has 17-inch wheels, the Limited trim pushes up its sporting features a little bit with available adaptive adjustment and 22-inch alloys. However, the Limited comes with some extra color options and aesthetically pleasing features like roof racks.

FAQs on 2021 Ford Expedition XLT

How frequently should I have my 2021 Expedition’s oil changed?

For standard oil, Ford advises having your 2021 Ford Expedition’s oil and filter changed every 3,000–5,000 miles.

What comes as standard on the Ford Expedition XLT in 2021?

Rear-wheel drive and a four-cylinder motor are conventional on the baseline and XLT models, but an all-wheel drive is an option.

How long is the Ford Expedition’s lifespan in 2021?

With regular maintenance, a Ford Expedition can survive up to 10–17 years. 80,000 to 200,000 miles can be easily covered by a typical Ford Expedition.

What is included in the XLT package?

A few attractive external characteristics that are not present on the base trim are added on by the XLT. These include fog lights, external chrome trim, chrome bumpers, and alloy wheels.

Concluding Thoughts

Because of this, it’s difficult to look away from the exterior of the 2021 Ford Expedition XLT. The qualities and traits outweigh the subpar interior design. So you may rely on it if you’re considering purchasing such a fantastic SUV for your large, chubby family.

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