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Elevate Your Adventures with a 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted

5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted

You can go on daily excursions with the 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted. Although it is interesting to maneuver and efficient, the build quality is not up to par with many rivals. To keep your complete family at ease anywhere your journeys lead you, this semi-SUV offers exceptional efficiency from different engines, a variety of elevated amenities, and considerable cargo space.

The advantages of an elevated Ford Explorer often consist of a bigger payload capacity, a better perspective of the road, and simpler driving through uneven or rugged terrain. Of fact, a lifted Ford Explorer has its downsides; you should be conscious of the preceding issues. You have a choice between elevating the suspension or the car body if you opt to elevate your Ford Explorer. There are various approaches that can be seen and comprehended in the following information.

5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted: Ground Clearance

The ground clearance for 5th gen ford explorer falls in the range of 7..6 in. However, the ground clearance does changes when the vehicle is lifted using the lift kit. A pickup or SUV that stands higher not only has more ground clearance, which makes it simpler to navigate difficult lines, but it also looks nicer. Making minor adjustments to the suspension parts is necessary while lifting a vehicle.

5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted: Gross Weight

The gross weight of 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted ranges between 5000- 6160 lbs. This lifting of the Ford explorer affects the towing and the vehicle’s gross carrying capacity. Lifting the vehicle adds up the load mass. This eventually helps in carrying more load over the vehicle, thus, increasing the towing capacity of the vehicle.

Factors for 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted

Factors for 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted

You should be well aware of why you want to have your Ford Explorer lifted before making a final decision. There are many following elements to take into account when lifting an automobile. After raising the Ford Explorer, this won’t just give you a good improvement and usability.

  • You should first think about how you plan to use the model. Whether it’s for city driving or high-terrain driving, this will help in determining how to make finer adjustments for improved performance.
  • You should have a fundamental understanding of the laws that must be adhered to when using lift kits.
  • A general understanding of the types of component modifications needed to ensure the vehicle runs well.

Problems of 5th Gen Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer Engine Problems

The ford explorer engine problems are seen in majority numbers in 5th gen Ford explorer. The stalling of the vehicle to display of the check engine light on your dashboard are some of the symptoms to look for. However, many users mostly report these recalls, yet engine issues are still not entirely satisfactory for 5th Gen Ford Explorer.

However, to increase the engine’s performance, the vehicle can be lifted with the help of lift kits. This is considered possible to solve the engine problems of 5th Generation Ford models. Apart from that, repair of the engine’s defective parts can be another option under professional assistance. To an extreme extent, engine replacement can be a viable option, but it is more expensive than repair.

A newer engine can be the most cost-effective alternative if the car’s other components are mechanically sound and it is a more recent model. A new powertrain can cost approximately $4,500 and $6,000 to restore a typical conventional gasoline engine. However, you may have to pay between $3,000 and $4,000 for a used engine.

Ford Explorer Transmission Problems

The recall count for transmission issues in the 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted is relatively less than engine recalls. Hard shifts, unexpected power loss, unwanted acceleration, wobbling, and grinding are repeated. A wide range of mileage, from 16,000 to 95,000, saw the onset of transmission breakdown.

The powertrain will make twisting or rattling noises when the transmission slides. The hydraulic fluid may be low as a cause of this. This occurs whenever the gearbox is not maintained correctly, leading to the replacement option. The typical repair price for transmission issues is $2200.

Ford Explorer Leakage Issues

One of the common leakage issues in the 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted is carbon monoxide leakage. This can cause the gas to to enter the vehicle’s cabin, causing nausea and headaches. This can be the issue due to burring of rubber in one of the various components of the air exhaust system of the car.

However, you can also end up getting to see water or oil leakage. This can be the cause of damage in the AC duct system of the car or fuel. However, these severe cases need immediate replacement of the damaged area. You can always ask for professional help here.

Need of 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted

1. It Improves Handling: Thanks to the pickup lift’s added height, it is simpler to pass over obstructions on the road safely. It becomes simple to navigate around humps, barriers, and train tracks.

2. It Improves Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity: Listed vehicles often have a larger towing capacity than stock vehicles. This is due to the greater economic and safety benefit these vehicles provide over the load being hauled.

3. Better Views Are Available: From a higher seated posture, you can see over other cars and farther down the road. This makes it easier for you to identify traffic issues and steer clear of any road hazards.

4. Larger Tires are Now Available: Vehicle raise kits allow you to use larger tires. For instance, larger tires improve the overall efficiency of your vehicle. They prevent you from becoming mired in the dirt, gravel, or snow.

3rd Gen vs. 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted

First, the Ford explorer brought up the change in optional engine usage and all-wheel drive option.The best vehicle in the Ford Explorer series brings up excellent appearance outlooks and fuel economy boosts.
Ford made plans to switch the Explorer to a flexible engine for the powertrain’s effective operation.Ford initiated preparations to switch the Explorer’s body-on-frame design to a unibody design.

FAQs on 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted

Can the Ford explorer be listed as one of the reliable vehicles by Ford?

Yes, the 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted can be considered a reliable SUV due to its updates as per the recent changes in the automobile industry.

Can the towing capacity of the Ford explorer improve after being lifted?

Yes, the towing performance of the 5th Gen Ford Explorer Lifted improves after getting lifted to a few inches.

How much should install a lift kit cost?

If you do it manually, purchasing and implementing a raise kit might run you $400 to $4000. If done by a professional, it may cost between $800 and $12,000.


Without a doubt, the Ford Explorer had a difficult beginning. These SUVs had amassed criticism from an unsettling number of owners due to their transmission issues and rapid deterioration of their aesthetics. However, with these upgrades, raising the car a few inches can help find a short-term solution to the issues.

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