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2008 Ford Taurus: Its Overview, Ratings, and Present Value

2008 Ford Taurus

At a relatively cheap price, the 2008 Ford Taurus offers class-leading protection, a large cabin, and excellent fuel efficiency. On the other hand, it does not attempt to replicate the driving ability or cosmetic appeal of many of its rivals. The Ford Taurus is the finest it’s been in a long time, thanks to a substantial performance boost, the addition of crucial safety and convenience features, and selectable all-wheel drive.

In 2008, the Taurus was reintroduced with minor interior and exterior changes to the market. A more powerful engine results in better performance. The Taurus is available in two trim levels: the basic SEL and the more luxurious Limited. So, if you’re thinking about making this your family automobile, you’ve come to the correct place. This blog will give you comprehensive information about the 2008 Ford Taurus.

2008 Ford Taurus: Engine and Performance

2008 delivers a vamped engine to the Ford Taurus, but it only takes pace up to satisfactory in the eyes. Sheet metals conceal much-improved camping gear and new features under that recognizable Five Hundred model. Across the board, a more snappy six-speed automatic eliminates the slow, continuously variable gearbox (CVT).

The suspension has been softened to provide a more supple ride, which should impress the majority of the potential buyers. The revamped 2008 Ford Taurus takes to the scene with some new movements, thanks to increased horsepower and improved fuel economy.

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size3.5 l
Horsepower260 hp @ 6,250 rpm
Torque245 lb.-ft @ 4,500 rpm
Drive TypeFront-wheel drive
Transmission6-speed automatic

2008 Ford Taurus: Exterior Specs.

The 2008 Ford Taurus is distinct from both the classic Taurus and the Ford Five Hundred version; whether this is a good thing or not is a matter of personal taste. From the outside, it has distinctive indicators and headlights, as well as a three-bar chrome grille evocative of Ford’s iconic and smaller car, the Fusion. Aside from that, the exterior of Taurus’ magnificent rectangular body features beautiful chrome details, such as the door handles.

Length201.8 in.
Overall Width With Mirrors74.5 in.
Height61.5 in.
Wheel Base112.9 in.
Maximum Cargo Capacity21.2 cu. ft.
Gross Weight3,643 lbs.

Some of the added and new color ranges available in this model that was not seen in the Five Hundred version include:

  • Oxford White Clearcoat
  • Black Clearcoat
  • Light Sage Clearcoat Metallic
  • Dune Pearl Clearcoat Metallic
  • Light Ice Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • Titanium Green Clearcoat Metallic
  • Dark Ink Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • Silver Birch Clearcoat Metallic
  • Alloy Clearcoat Metallic
  • Merlot Clearcoat Metallic

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2008 Ford Taurus: Interior Specs.

2008 Ford Taurus Interior Specs

The 2008 Taurus has a stylish and practical compartment with high-quality raw material, a huge amount of storage, and eight cupholders. For some sound insulation, a new sound-absorbing material called Sonosorb was encased all through the cabin.” Above importantly, it boasts higher front seating for a better view of the road ahead.

Front Head Room39.6 in.
Front Shoulder Room57.8 in
Front Hip Room53.7 in.
Front Leg Room41.3 in.
Rear Head Room38.8 in.
Rear Shoulder Room57.6 in.
Rear Hip Room53.6 in.
Rear Leg Room41.2 in.

The front and the rear seats have plenty of legroom. The rear seat and front headrest of the Taurus 60/40 split fold-flat, allowing goods up to 9 ft in size to be moved inside the vehicle. It comes with an extraordinary dashboard that has some fixed instruments like a clock, compass, low fuel warning, tachometer, and a trip computer. Above all, the interior uses cloth upholstery with the feature of seat adjustment for lumbar support.

2008 Ford Taurus: EPG and Towing

The maximum towing capacity of the 2008 Ford Taurus is 1000 lbs. which is partially stronger and improved than its previous versions. It has a changed EPA mileage of 18mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. Also, it has a fuel tank capacity of 20 gallons. Thus, in relation to its EPA and fuel economy, it has comparatively better fuel efficiency and towing capabilities than the Ford Hundred version.

2008 Ford Taurus: Safety and Convenience Specs.

This vehicle is equipped with several basic driver-assistance features that can assist you in avoiding accidents. Essential safety elements include the following:

  • 2 Front and Rear Headrests
  • Front And Rear Head Airbags
  • Seatbelt Pretensioners
  • 4-Wheel ABS
  • Child Safety Locks for children
  • Emergency Interior Trunk Release
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Power Steering with audio and cruise controls
  • Reading headlights

2008 Ford Taurus: Pros and Cons

Extra-large trunk and backseatFor taller drivers, the high front seats produce an unusual seating position that may be uncomfortable.
nice vision and a comfortable rideWhen downshifting, the transmission can be a little sluggish.

2008 Ford Taurus Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel bearings are components that enable your vehicle’s tires to spin smoothly and with the least amount of friction possible. Replacing your own wheel bearings is a moderately difficult task that may be completed at home with the help of some specialized mechanic gear.

  • Install a set of wheel nuts behind your wheels. Place the car on a level, flat surface.
  • Remove the lug nuts and loosen them.
  • To elevate and anchor the vehicle and replace the lug nuts, use a floor jack, and a set of safety jack stands.
  • Remove the brake caliper from the vehicle.
  • Replace the wheel bearings.

If you have the necessary abilities, tools, and instructions, replacing a wheel bearing that comes as an assemblage with the hub and bolts to the shaft or steering knuckle is not hard.

2008 Ford Taurus Alternator Replacement

The alternator is the part of your vehicle that provides the power. Your automobile will not start if the battery loses electricity. A failing alternator will typically illuminate the battery warning signal or provide low volt gauge readings.

When replacing an alternator, follow these steps:

  • Examine the whole charging mechanism (battery, cables, alternator).
  • Make that the drive belts are in good shape.
  • Check the output of the alternator.
  • If the alternator is determined to be faulty, remove it and replace it.
  • Recheck the output of the alternator.

Labor costs are projected to be between $74 and $94 per hour, with parts costing around $331 and $357 per hour.

2008 Ford Taurus Strut Replacement Cost

A Ford Taurus chassis shock or strut repair costs between $567 and $637 on average. Labor charges are expected to range between $268 and $338, with parts costing $299. This range excludes taxes and fees, as well as your exact model year and geographic area.

2008 Ford Taurus: TDCI and Common Problems

2008 Ford Taurus Exterior

Your 2008 Ford Taurus transmission is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle, and transmission issues can render your 2008 Ford Taurus completely undrivable. Following proper transmission, preventive maintenance techniques help ensure that your transmission outperforms and lasts longer. Knowing about a few of the more frequent transmission issues might help you identify and correct them more efficiently.

  • Leaks or Low Fluid Levels: Low amounts of transmission fluid are mainly caused by leaks in the transmission system. Seals in the gearbox or drivetrain may fail, allowing fluid to leak.
  • Problems with the Torque Converter: Needle valves in the torque converter are worn or broken. When shifting gears, you’ll usually hear unusual noises from the gearbox.
  • Solenoid Issues: Solenoid problems are generally the same as those caused by low fluid levels or leakage.
  • Clutch Issues: Clutch difficulties frequently result in intense shaking beneath the vehicle, as well as extremely high temperatures in the transmission.

2008 Ford Taurus x Clicking Noise from the Dashboard

When the engine is turned on, a clicking sound (such as tapping on wood with a pen) may occur. It originates directly behind the speedometer. The engine produces nothing. A malfunctioning door stepper motor, relay difficulties, and heating control loss of calibration are the most common reasons for clicking sound in a car dashboard.

Furthermore, defective air conditioning systems can result in a clicking sound coming from the Dashboard. To avoid problems like these, it’s a good idea to have your car inspected on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an air filter in the 2008 Ford Taurus?

There are no air filters in this version of Ford vehicles.

Does the Bluetooth feature include in the 2008 Ford Taurus?

Bluetooth feature with other entertainment features can be seen in the base model, i.e., in the 2008 Ford Taurus X trim.

How reliable and long-lasting is the 2008 Ford Taurus?

The life span of the 2008 Ford Taurus could last up to 10 years minimum to 20 years maximum if kept in the proper maintenance schedule.

What is the price of the 2008 Ford Taurus?

The latest price of the 2008 Ford Taurus at present times is around $6,000 (excluding repairs).

Concluding Thoughts

The 2008 Ford Taurus receives great grades for safety from reviewers throughout the board, while some would want to see the available vehicle stability technology made standard. Regardless of your needs, the Ford Taurus series offers an abundance of features to meet your expectations. Thus, the 2008 Taurus is regarded as one of the best models by the majority of customers.

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