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P0012 Ford F150: Concept, Reasons, and Solution to Engine Codes

P0012 Ford F150

A timing issue with the camshaft is the cause of the P0012 Ford F150 Code. When the camshaft is slowed or obstructed somehow, the Engine Control Module (ECM) generates this standard code. Whenever the camshaft is timed, even during progressing or decelerating phases, the issue can arise in one of two ways.

When the P0012 Ford F150 has an engine problem, the warning light lights automatically illuminate on the dashboards. A problem with the camshaft inclination or position is more likely when you see a warning light and poor turning and hard beginning. The concept, symptoms, reasons, diagnostic errors,  treatment are all covered in this article for you.

What are the Causes of P0012 Ford 150?

There are several possibilities for why you’re getting the code P0012. These contributing factors could affect your camshaft or engine in the long run. As a result, determining the source of an issue is the first step in resolving it.

Engine Oil is Low

Keeping an ideal quantity of oil in your engine is very important. However, there can be certain situations that can lower your engine oil. However, some of these reasons are mentioned below.

  • leakage of oil pan
  • leakage of oil from oil paddles
  • damage of PCV valve
  • worn out piston rings

Engine Oil that is Incorrect

What are the Causes of P0012 Ford 150?

Using the wrong type of oil can indeed lead to the lousy functionality of your vehicle. Thus, you can notice these specific symptoms when you are using the wrong kind of engine oil in your Ford Focus F150.

  • In the cold, it’s difficult to get started.
  • Oil Spills
  • Burning oil smell
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Shorter engine life

Timing Belt is Worn Out

Causes to lead the worn out of timing belt are as follows.

  • Misalignment
  • Belt that has been under-tensioned
  • Pulleys that are damaged or worn out
  • Overburdening
  • Drive structure is shaky.

Camshaft Variable Timing Solenoid is Broken

A warning light on your dashboards is the most prevalent indicator of a faulty VVT solenoid or fuel control valve. You could also notice performance issues such as a choppy idle, jerky acceleration, higher fuel usage, or poor engine power.

A complete list of typical symptoms of a faulty Variable Valve Timing may be found here (VVT Solenoid).

  • The Check Engine Light Is On
  • Idling in the mud
  • Acceleration (Rough)
  • Fuel Consumption Has Increased
  • Engine Performance Is Poor

What are the Symptoms for P0012 Ford F150 Code?

What are the Symptoms for P0012 Ford F150 Code?
  • The Check Engine Light Is On
  • Engine performance is erratic.
  • Misfire codes, for example, are another type of code (P0300-P0308)
  • Engine rattling and knocking
  • Stalled engine
  • Fuel economy has decreased.

As a result, if your scanner detects P0012 and your automobile has at least one of these problems, take it to your technician as quickly as possible.

How to Fix P0012 Ford F150 Code?

While it’s lovely to claim you’re planning to fix the problem, if you don’t know what you’ve been doing, it may soon become burdensome. Unfortunately, if you’re not already good with technology, there isn’t much you can do for a code P0012. However, there are still a few steps you may take to resolve the P0012 error.

  • Resetting the trouble codes and putting the vehicle through a driving test.
  • The cabling or connection to the crankshaft oil control valve has to be repaired or replaced.
  • Replacing the pollen filter to meet the engine’s standards for viscosity.
  • Check for any scheduling problems in the chain drives alignment and make any necessary repairs.

Is P0012 Ford F150 Code Considered Serious?

This error number significantly influences your car’s ability to drive. Higher engine stuttering, rough engine speed, decreased fuel economy, and shaking sounds from the motor are the most typical issues. Attempting to drive the car in this situation could result in severe damage to several interior mechanical components.

Carbon clogging is another major issue if the faulty camshaft position is not repaired. Yes, if the code’s symptoms aren’t treated seriously, the situation can escalate into a big concern.

What is P0012 Ford F150 Affected Location?

What is P0012 Ford F150 Affected Location?

When dealing with the location affected by code P0012, the vehicle’s camshaft is what it concerns. The camshaft of the Ford F150 is placed on the front cylinder head, below the timing belt cover. However, in simple terms, it is located to the right of the engine compartment.

How to Diagnose P0012 Code?

  • Check for any additional codes that may be present in addition to P0012 before turning off your Check Engine Light.
  • Check the oil quantity and quality of the engine.
  • Replace the fuel cap and/or valve cover and look for gunk in the master cylinder.
  • Check the motor oil level if all of the above checks out.
  • If the problem persists, there may be underlying engine concerns, and you must have a professional to identify the problems to avoid having to replace the engine prematurely.

Cost of Repairing P0012 Ford F150Code

One or several of the following adjustments may be required to resolve the root problem for error number P0012. The anticipated cost of maintenance for each conceivable repair involves the price of the relevant sections and the cost of labor required to complete the repair.

  • Changing the oil: $20-$60
  • Engines change: $3000-$4000
  • Control Solenoid for VVT: $300-$400

FAQs on P0012 Ford F150

What are some other codes similar to the P0012 Ford F150 Code?

Some of the other codes indicating the camshaft problem are P0011 and P0010.

Is it legal for me to ride with a P0012 code?

Do not maintain on riding with the P0012 error code because it will not protect you on the road.

Is it possible that a lack of oil causes P0012?

Yes, it is possible. A P0012 error code might be caused by sludge buildup.

Can dirty oil cause P0012?

Yes, a dirty and clogged control phaser causes the P0012 Ford F150 code.

Concluding Thoughts

You now know that once a car’s internal computer senses a defect in the system unit, it generates a fault code. When the computer identifies over-retarded inflow camshaft timing, the error code P0012 Ford F150 appears. So you’re ready to take on the challenge posed by the error code in question. Follow the instructions above to find and fix the problem, whatever the reason.

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