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How to Distinguish 2003 Ford Escape Tire Size?

2003 ford escape tire size

You must be wondering why the 2003 ford escape tire size is such a big deal. The tire size of a vehicle can help your car perform better or contrastingly dangerous and costly options. However, the size of the tire is an essential component to establish a smooth and relaxing ride. The larger tire you put on your car, the better grip it takes on the road. Also, it determines the traction of the vehicle.

People often confuse the word ‘tire’ with the word ‘wheel’. The tire is just a part of your wheel set up and not solely your wheel. As per sizing is concerned, tire size does matter while the wheel size depends. It is not quite usual for people to know the language of the tire. In this article, you will be reading about how one can identify a tire type, specs, and 2003 ford escape tire size with the help of imprints on it. Also, about the ford escape hybrid tire size.

2003 Ford Escape Tire Size Specs

Bolt PatternPCD 5×114.3
Stock Wheel Offset20-35 mm
Custom Offset Ring 55 to 55 mm
Centre Bore67.1 mm
Thread SizeM12×1.5
Stock Rim Size Ranges16×6.0-22×8.5
Custom Rim Size Ranges 18×8.0-18×8.0
Tire Sizes225/75 R15
235/65 R16

Technically Influencing Factors: 2003 Ford Escape Tire Size

2003 Ford Escape Tire Size Specs
  • Bolt pattern: Pitch circle expresses the number of lug holes assimilated by the rim
  • Stock Wheel Offset: The space between the mount and centre bore
  • Centre Bore: The diametre from the centre of the hub according to which the wheelis incorporated correctly
  • Custom Ring Offset: The flexibl range of wheel size for preserving capabilities of the model
  • Thread Size: The pitch, length, and diameter of the lug nut
  • Rim Size Ranges: The fixed upper and lower rim compatibility
  • Custom Rim Size Ranges: Upper and lower limits of flexible rim compatibility
  • Tire Sizes: The wheel dimension scales

How To Read The Tires?

  • The three types of tires mainly denote with ‘P’ for passengers, ‘LT’ for light trucks, and ‘ST’ for the special trailers. 
  • The next three digits close to the letters are supposedly the width in millimeters.
  • A slash separates the width from the aspect ratio, which is a two-digit numerical.
  • Then comes a letter again, which can be either ‘R’ or ‘D’ that stands for radial or diagonal construction of the tire.
  • The next two-digit numerical is the rim diameter. 
  • Then comes three subscripted figures out of which the first one is a numerical defining load index.
  • The last two are the speed rating of the tire. 

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For Example: 2003 Ford Escape Tire Size

The P225/70R15 99H 2003 ford escape tire size is compatible with two of its trims. Here, P stands for passenger, 225mm is the width, 70 is the aspect ratio, R stands for radial built of the tire, 15mm is the rim diameter, subscripted 99 is the load index, and H stands for the high-speed rating of the tire.

Appropriate 2003 Ford Escape Tire Size

The different trims of the model demand various ford escape tires and rim sizes. It is to balance the vehicle’s weight and size to boost speed. The bigger the wheel, the thinner is the rim. While the tire is in the case of the bigger wheel, the rim size is often wider. There are four different trims of the 2003 escape series. These are namely Limited, XLS, XLT, and XLT choice 2-wheel drive.

The 2003 ford escape tire sizes corresponding to the trims are:

  • XLS: P225/70R15
  • XLT: P235/70R16
  • XLT 2-wheel drive: P225/70R15
  • Limited: P235/70R16

Types Of Tires Available

The tires are made to facilitate particular performance through the vehicle. According to the specific automobile requirement, there are several tire types made to handle specific functions by the industry. The variation in the types occurs due to the grip difference. The tires used requires to fit appropriately for facilitating smooth driving. They are made to serve different purposes in different seasons. 

Types of available tires for ford escape rear tire size are:

  • Seasonal and All-seasonal tires
  • Truck and SUV tires
  • Passenger and minivan tires
  • Crossroad and mud tires
  • Off-road tires 
  • All-terrain tires
  • Fuel efficient tires
  • Review A tires

Prices Of The Compatible Tires

The prices of the tires differ to give various grips to the vehicle. Also, these making gives the different ford escape tire life. These tires last for 130,000 miles on average. The prices range between $50-$100 each. You will have to change your tires considering the pressure in them and the pressure holding capacity. In the case of a flattened tire, driving feels bouncy and abrupt. You can buy branded tires from companies like Bridgestone, Yokohama, and Michelin.

Why Is The Tire Sensor Lights Flashing?

As soon as you see your ford escape tire light flashing, it is a clear indication that the sensor needs replacement. It is due to an unknown malfunction, or the sensor battery has drained out. You can also try to follow the ford escape tire light reset procedure given below as soon as the problem occurs.

  • Turn off the low-pressure light
  • Ensure the tires are flattened
  • Turn the vehicle on and off three times, then turn it on
  • Hold the break for three second
  • Repeat the third step, and it’s done

Ford Escape Biggest Tire Size

  • 2001-2009 ford escape biggest tire size: 235-70-16
  • 2010-2013 ford escape biggest tire size: 235-55-17
  • 2014 ford escape biggest tire size: 235-50-18
  • 2015-2019 ford escape biggest tire size: 235-45-19

FAQs Related To 2003 Ford Escape Tire Size

What is the ford escape 19-inch tire size?

The 19-inch tire size is manufactured for SE and Titanium trims of the 2019 ford escape.

What is the 2017 ford escape AWD tire size?

The AWD tire sizes of the 2017 ford escape are 235/55R17 99H, 235/50R18 97H, and 235/45R19 95H.

What is the 2011 ford escape AWD tire size?

The compatible AWD tire sizes of the 2011 ford escape are 235/70R16 and 225/65R17.

What is the 2016 ford escape se Awd tire size?

The compatible Awd tires for the 2016 SE trim of ford escape are 235/55R17, 235/50R18, and 235/45R19.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2003 ford escape tire size?

The 2003 tire size bears an A5 X4. 5″ or 114.3mm lug pattern/ bolt pattern.

What are the 2003 ford escape tire and rim sizes?

2003 ford escape tire size is 225-70-15 and 235-70-16, while the rim size is 7Jx16 ET45 and 6.5Jx15 ET45.

Final Words

To change the 2003 ford escape tire size, you will have to change the wheel size first. It is better to hire professional ford motor technicians for the change. Hiring the expert ford agents will cost around $80-$100. now That you have a base understanding of the tires, you can choose the best compatible size for your model. The tire size also improves the external appearance of the car. It is up to you to decide on the change next.

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