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Make it Work Easily When Ford Escape Won’t Start!

Ford Escape Won’t Start

While talking about the grandeur of the car model Ford Escape, there are many things one can think about. But imagine if ever your ford escape won’t start. Even if the well-structured appearance of the car is eliminated from the list, still there lay many more specifications offered by the model. However, to maintain the car in good condition, you will need to read this article thoroughly.

There might be a lot of reasons why your car won’t start. Watching your car suffer is one of the most heart-breaking things to do. When dealing with a healthy ford escape, you must know the car requires regular maintenance service after running 100,000 miles. How to cope up with the urgent situation when it halts and refuses to start again?

You should know why exactly your ford escape won’t start. Below the common defects:

  • Dead Battery
  • Flooded Engine
  • Starter Malfunction
  • Key Fob Battery Dead
ford escape won’t start

1. Dead Battery: Ford escape won’t start after getting gas

Sometimes overrunning your car without proper fuelling can make the alternator suck the life out of your battery. It obstructs the system from starting even after it is appropriately filling the gas. Usually, the alternator drains the battery energy while the vehicle is on the run.

A dead battery does not cause an issue if immediate steps are taken to restore it. You can follow three ways to restore your battery.

  • First of all, try to give in the load on the alternator while you are turning the switch on.
  • Secondly, you can rely on a battery booster.
  • Thirdly, you always have an option to sell the car for a new one with better battery life if the ford escape won’t start.
dead battery problem ford

2. Flooded Engine: Why won’t it start after changing the system battery?

It often happens that even after you change the battery due to engine faults, your ford escape won’t start. Most of the time, it might be caused due to a flooded engine. ‘Flooded’ as the term makes it sound overflowing. It might be caused due to excessive input of fuel. If you are experiencing a flooded engine, there are two things that you can check on and perform manual fixing to get it started immediately.

  • In the case of overflowing fuel, you only need to let the engine alone for 30 minutes to an hour for the gasoline to evaporate, after which you can normally start your vehicle.
  • In the case of experiencing engine issues even after checking on the fuel overload, you might need to replace your spark plugs, as they might have been corroded by this time.
flooded engine problem ford

3. Starter Malfunction: Ford Escape making clicking noise

While driving a car, sometimes you may hear cranking and clicking noises. This might happen due to the excess load put on the starter or battery. If the starter ends up getting short-circuited and the connection is interrupted, it can cause a sudden halt during driving. If you are experiencing a sudden halt, it might indicate that you need to take serious concern on how you use your car. Two things might help you overcome it.

  • Firstly, you can replace the starter that is quite affordable.
  • Secondly, you may repair the starter with a hammer method.
  • If the starter is fine, then you might need to check on the battery cables.
Starter Malfunction: Ford Escape making clicking noise

4. Key Fob Battery Dead: Why does it show key not detected?

At last, if ford escape won’t start even after all the above-mentioned solutions and shows the key is not detected, it is because your car is an older version of Ford escape, and there is a need to consider the key fob defects. Because when you have not been using your car for a long time, the key battery may start malfunctioning. If you are facing a key issue, it might indicate that your key battery is dead.

key Fob Battery Dead: Why does it show key not detected?

Once you are sure the defect doesn’t exist in your model, you might like to check up on your key. The key fob defect needs a battery replacement and total reprogramming to work again. The manufacturers can only handle this. Do not try to solve the issue yourself, contact experts for urgent service. 

Fortunately, the demerits reported are typically related to after use or gradual defects other than the cases where the car experiences an accident. If you own a Ford Escape and face the issues already, you have arrived at the right blog. These are some of the problematic symptoms before ford escape won’t start.

  • Sudden temporary halt while driving
  • Rough riding experience
  • Production of cranking noise
  • Delayed ignition
  • Over exhaustion of fuel
  • Release of smoke while on the run
  • Leaking of fuel

The thought of owning a car might excite you to an extreme. However, the further maintenance requirements of a car will eventually dull the excitement. Here is what you can do to take care of your car without needing professional guidance or service, ultimately saving hugely on your financial part. 

maintenance of ford

To maintain a car, you would need to handle the technicalities and the cleanliness of the machine. Washing and cleaning the car from interiors to exteriors will help you use the model for a longer time period. The main key to prevent the issue that the ford escape won’t start is to keep the machine active.

Why won’t ford escape start even though it cranks?

Four reasons might be causing the symptom. You can take reference from here and accordingly fix the problem with the solutions given above. Here they are:

1-Not enough fuel to provoke combustion.
2-There might be spark spots left untreated.
3-The connection must have loosened.
4-It is low on compression.

Why are the lights functioning when the car doesn’t start?

This defect is one of the most commonly occurring ford escape defects riders. The cause of this might be a poor quality of the ignition key or loose fuse connections. This can be repaired simply by checking for the power supply and energy flow. The problem needs to be fixed properly to prevent it from reoccurring.

Can ford escape be started manually?

Yes, you can start your ford escape manually if your ignition key is at fault. That can be done by following the steps mentioned below multiple times. 
1-Press the lock for doors
2-Press the remote start twice
3-Let the exterior lights glow if they may, and the horns sound when the car fails to start.
Repeat the above steps till your remote starts works.

Reasons why ford escape doesn’t start after an accident?

After a ford escape experiences accidents, it may have undergone serious damages. The most vulnerably affected ones are:
1. The fuse system trips
2. Battery life shortens
3. Doors and windows malfunction
4. Headlights glitches
5. Engine timing is altered
6. Security system gets affected

Keeping Ford Escape Active

To prevent the condition where your ford escape won’t start at all, you need to keep the ford escape active. You will need to run the engine regularly even when the car does not have any functionality. Starting the engine will use the complete chain of connections in the machine and prevent it from falling prey to junk and accumulation. 

If you fail to keep your engine active and other components functional, then your car might fall victim to corrosion and dirt accumulation without even enough use. It will eventually reduce the performance and longevity of the car. Therefore, you need to keep your ford escape active to prevent the possibility that your ford escape won’t start.

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