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2 Easy Ways To Fix 2014 Ford Escape Battery

2014 ford escape battery

A 2014 ford escape battery is bound to face trouble over years of use. The most disheartening event occurs when your engine stalls frequently during travel. It is often noticed that an engine hesitates to start when a bad battery assists them. Even though the battery life expectancy is three years, one can ride their automobiles on the same battery for two extra years healthily with proper maintenance.

In this article, you will read about the 2014 ford escape battery problems, their symptoms, and final testing to conclude the inspection. Also, you will be able to learn the technique of replacing dead batteries. In case you are not available to deal with the problem yourself, you must at least be able to start the car when it stalls or hesitates to start. The tactic of jumpstarting the car can help you.

2014 Ford Escape Battery Problems

2014 Ford Escape Battery

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Battery Cables

Battery cables are the sources of energy for your engine. Two heavy gauges hold the battery setup are the parts that stay exposed to external wear and tear. One of them goes for earthing while the other goes to power the car system. When these two cables are defective, the 2014 ford escape battery experiences damage.

Here are the symptoms:

  • The engine hesitates to start
  • The engine stalls when you turn off the key
  • The cranking noises are heard while starting
  • The car experiences loss of electricity abruptly
  • The interior lighting dims out gradually

In this case, you can not opt for jumpstarting the system. The defective battery cables gradually degrade the quality of electrical functioning in the whole automobile system. It might be confusing if you only depend on the symptoms for tracing the original problem. As soon as you start suspecting a battery cable defect, test to confirm your raw speculations.

Here is how you test:

  • Corrosion: Check for a soft green deposit on cable.
  • Broken cable casting: Check for wear and tear
  • Brittle cables: Check for roughness and holes
  • Dirt accumulation: Check for grime

Bad Battery

A bad battery can ruin the complete electrical system of your automobile if not fixed early on identification. The battery is the only source of energy for the electrical requirements of an automobile. As soon as the battery starts dying, it clearly portrays the shortcoming of the electrical system via headlights, interior lights, and warning signals. Some particular symptoms require your attention in this case.

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • A clicking sound is heard when the key is turned
  • Engine constantly stalls and hesitates to start
  • Slow-cranking noises are heard
  • Gas pedal dependent start every time
  • Backfiring indicates sparking in the battery

If you have experienced all of the above symptoms, it is high time for you to proceed with the electric circuit check-up. The final step to conclude your speculation regarding a failing battery is to perform a test. To test a bad/dead 2014 ford escape battery, you will need a multimeter.

Here is how you can perform a bad battery test:

  • Connect the multimeter to the negative and positive terminals of the battery.
  • Ensure that the extra current is drained by turning the headlights and interiors lights on for two minutes.
  • Set the multimeter between 15-20 Volts
  • Check if the current draw measures around 12 V
  • If it doesn’t, your battery is probably failing

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The alternator is one of the major components that facilitate usable electricity to the circuit. If you have a problem with the alternator, your 2014 ford escape battery may demand regular jumpstarts. The symptoms related to the automobile battery can be confusing. One must try to differentiate them by nature. Also, before concluding, you must test the problems yourself.

Here are some symptoms:

  • The car stalls frequently
  • Unusual noises are heard
  • Smells like something is burning
  • ‘Check Battery’ lights stay on
  • The headlights and interior lights flicker
  • A daily requirement of jump-starting the vehicle

One must not blindly diagnose automobile battery issues. There is more than one way of testing an alternator. Some prefer using the terminal battery cable to check the alternator directly. However, this direct flow of current might trouble your electrical system and its various other components.

Testing an alternator for potential problems:

  • Charge your car battery to 100%
  • Start the engine to check the voltage of 14-14.7V
  • Turn on all interior lighting and headlights
  • Check the voltage again
  • If it is below 13 V check your connections
  • If it still shows 13 V, the alternator is defective

2014 Ford Escape Battery Replacement

Ford Escape New Battery

If your battery is dead, the only simple way to re-establish electrical flow in the system is to replace your existing 2014 ford escape battery. The replacement process is easy and affordable. You can either choose to hire mechanics for this or do it yourself manually.

Follow this guide to proceed with the replacement step-by-step:

battery change guide ford escape
  • Open the car hood
  • Locate the battery: Remove the covers to find the battery under the cow panel.
  • Remove the securing bracket
  • Unlink the cables from the battery
  • Install the new battery into the battery seating
  • Clean the cables properly to remove corrosion
  • Rearrange the system in the reverse manner

How To Jump-Start A Ford Escape?

Jump starting your 2014 ford escape battery is the only way to properly start your vehicle if the battery cables are not posing as a core cause. The jumpstart technique will help you start your vehicle and run it in case of an emergency, even with a defective battery setting.

Here is how you can jumpstart the battery:

  • Open the hood to access the battery in its location
  • Reach for the jump points, the terminal cables
  • Accurately hook up the jumper cables
  • Replace the covers to their proper positions
  • Run the engine if it starts right away
  • If it doesn’t, rearrange the position of the clamping

FAQs Related To 2014 Ford Escape Battery

How much does it cost to replace a battery in a Ford Escape?

The cost of replacement will get limited to $150 if you perform replacement manually. And if you hire a professional mechanic, it will take around $200 in total.

How long does the Ford Escape battery last?

The battery lasts for 3 years on average. If the battery is properly maintained, it will last efficiently for 5 years. However, there are many exceptions noticed as well.

Why does my 2014 ford escape battery keep dying?

The battery might be experiencing constant drainage of energy. This might be because you do not use the ‘PARK’ option while resting your car.

Final Words

The 2014 ford escape battery change will take a few 1-2 hours to hire a mechanic. This is because they will follow the testings and inspections all by themselves with advanced diagnostic tools. You can rely on this manual testing and identification problems if you want to fix the car yourself. The replacement battery will cost around $130-$150. Fix it yourself to save $40-$50 of labor charge.

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