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14 Best Ford Escape Cabin Air Filter Picks: Change Now!

Ford escape cabin air filter

The ford escape cabin air filter provides the luxury of experiencing clean air to the passengers. It is a luxury component, unlike the rest of the technical parts. Though it does not facilitate any technical support to the automobile, it is still one of the essential components of the car when you consider the environmental threat to the human body. When the model Ford Escape is considered, the development of highly effective air filters completes its building purpose.

Since the component ensures the health of the riders, it is valuable. In this article, you will read about everything a cabin air filter can make the ford escape a special one. Also, you will have to note the symptoms and know how to make the repairs in this system. You are at the right place seeking guides to help you find ford escape cabin air filter replacement parts.

Cabin Air Filter: Introduction


The role of a cabin air filter is to allow the atmospheric air into the car via HVAC through a layer of filters that clears pollens, allergens, dust, and smoke. It gives the riders an experience of a healthy and refreshing ride on a ford escape. The preparation of cabin air filters is carried out with care because of their delicate components. It is easy to install and even easier to replace due to its lightweight in comparison to others.


The components are:

  • Multi-fiber cotton paper
  • Paper components

The working of a cabin air filter is simple. It keeps the pollutants from entering the car through the HVAC with the help of its delicate sheets of pleated paper. And it maintains the freshness of the air inside no matter how bad the conditions are outside. However, the ford escape cabin air filter working has limitations like every other technical part.

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Riding a ford escape with an old cabin air filter might make you sick! Do you want to know why? Because over time, while the system carries out its duty to keep supplying you with fresh air, it experiences the influence of many pollutants. Some big particles destroy the pores, while some allergen and bacteria ruin their ability to filter gradually.

This table will help you interpret the condition of the ford escape cabin air filter while facing symptoms:

Visible Dust Entering Enlarged Pores Of Air Filter
Reduced Air CirculationDegraded HVAC Efficiency Or Clogged Air Filter
Unpleasant Odor Dirty Cabin Air Filter (Bacterial growth)
Unusual Noises (Generally; Whistling)Loose Air Filter System (It is out of position)
Easy Fogging (Condensation on the window)Degraded Air Conditioning Efficiency

Cabin Air Filter Changing

Ford Escape Cabin Air Filter Changing

As soon as you identify the symptoms, it is suggestible to initiate changing the component right away. The changing of a dirty cabin filter concerns the health of the riders. The more you allow the pollutants to accumulate, it will exacerbate the conditions of your automobile as well.

There are five essential steps in which you can make a proper replacement of cabin air filter. The best thing is, you would not need any fancy appliances to get this work done. The ford escape cabin air filter changing is easy if you accurately follow these steps. The steps will not only help you in maintaining the automobile now and then. Also, it will get you an ultimate saving by not hiring the mechanics.

  • Locate the cabin air filter: This system is usually located behind the glovebox encased in a black box, the system is as small as the size of a bread loaf.
  • Testing the system: Test the system by checking its workability with a started engine. Check for clogs as well.
  • Removing the snaps: To hold this system on the ground, and to maintain the position it is screwed well.
  • Install: Reassemble by following the same steps.
  • Closure: Close the hood of your automobile back.

Changing the ford escape cabin air filter will barely take you 30 minutes if you follow the process appropriately. It is suggestible for you to check your manual for tracing the accurate location of your cabin air filter. Commercially this will consume around $100 if you hire expert ford mechanics.

Top 14 Picks: Ford Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter 2018 Ford Escape

There are different types of cabin air filters that one can choose to buy. Since this is not a technical part of the automobile, compatibility is mostly available. You can find the most compatible one that suits your requirement as well as your finance. Depending on the various filtering layers, the products are commercially sold at prices between $20-$30.

Here are the 14 best picks:

The series of STP Cabin Air Filter is the best choice once when it comes to ford models. The reliability of these products is well-reputed, and their prices vary as per the layers and material qualities of the cabin filters. The different categories allow you a range of options.

  • STP Cabin Air Filter CAF1823B
  • STP Cabin Air Filter CAF1900P
  • STP Cabin Air Filter CAF7755
  • STP Cabin Air Filter CAF1755
  • STP Cabin Air Filter CAF1844P
  • STP Cabin Air Filter CAF15046P
  • STP Max Cabin Air Filter CAF1900M
  • STP Max Cabin Air Filter CAF1755M

The Fram FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter gains attention with its manufacturing claim of 98% cleansing while allowing the air into the car compartment. Another most attractive attribute of the product series is their wide range of compatibility.

  • Fram FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter CF11279
  • Fram FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter CF10137
  • Fram FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter CF10548

The Motorcraft Cabin Air Filters are one of the best affordable and justifiably suitable cabin filters when the ford model is concerned. Consistently upholding the reputation of the brand, this series provides excellent filtration when employed in a car.

  • Motorcraft Cabin Air Filter FP-70
  • Motorcraft Cabin Air Filter FP-51
  • Motorcraft Cabin Air Filter FP-66

FAQs Related To Ford Escape Cabin Air Filter

How much does a ford escape cabin air filter changing cost?

Repairing or replacing a ford escape cabin air filter is around $60-$80. The labor cost is barely between $20-$30. The parts cost between $20-$30.

How often must one change the car cabin air filter?

While the ford escape cabin air filter attends its duty to facilitate a good environment inside the car, it loses effective performance. The time duration within which the system requires changing or cleaning is 30,000 miles. It will approximately take the owner around 6-months to reach.

What happens if you do not change the ford escape cabin air filter?

If this system is left untreated and unchanged while continually riding the car, it will affect the HVAC of the automobile. Your truck might face the problem of acceleration problems, engine issues, and even brake problems.

Final Words

The ford escape cabin air filter changing is manually easy to perform. As you handle these essential maintenance duties, you will be able to run your vehicle for a longer duration. Unless you understand your motor personally, you won’t be able to connect yourself to it. Get to know your car better with the best online guides now!

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