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All the 2003 Ford Expedition Specs: Must Read Now!

2003 Ford Expedition Specs

Ford expedition makes people wonder if there is even any better choice of SUV one must buy. This particular ford series of SUVs is structured with minute details. The 2003 ford expedition specs have received the highest reviews of all times with genuine positive critics. Also, this particular model earned 3.5 points out of 5 in reliability scoring.

It holds the rank of 21 among the top 50 car models of its age. The commendable interior and exterior structures and overall 2003 ford expedition specs have served many ambitious SUV riders. In this article, you will read about all the specifications that the ford expedition bears in detail. This will help you in comparing the car with other potential SUVs that suit your taste.

Interior 2003 Ford Expedition Specs

The interior of the car holds the core. This is the main running unit of the model. It shelters the technicalities which allow the car to behave in the way they do. To understand a ford SUV, it is essential to understand the interior 2003 ford expedition specs. The interior constitutes engine, fuel, and drivetrain orientations.


2003 Ford Expedition Engine

The ford expedition bears a modern gas-type engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The engine compatible drivetrain is rear-wheel drive type. The life expectancy of the engine is 36,000 miles which will take an average driver around three years to achieve.

Here are some of the technical details regarding its engine performance:

  • CAM type- Single Overhead Cam
  • Cylinder- V8
  • Horsepower- 232 HP @ 4750 rpm
  • Torque- 291 lb-ft @ 3450 rpm
  • Number of valves- 16
  • Turning circles- 38.7 ft


Fuel is the most important component of an automobile. The mileage an SUV can provide is determined by the fuel economy the car facilitates. The fuel type the car utilizes is regular unleaded, which is easily accessible and feasible. The combined miles per gallon (mpg) the car portrays is 14. The most affordable mileage it can provide is 13/18 mpg. The total capacity of its fuel tank is 28 gallons.


The body of this SUV is built on a big chassis size. The drivetrain employed in this system is dependent on the speed-based automatic transmission. The energy is equally distributed among the rear wheels because of its systematic assembly. This system helps in conserving fuel while facilitating excellent engine potential to show.


2003 Ford Expedition Back Seat
Front Head Room40 “
Rear Head Room40 “
Front Shoulder Room 63 “
Rear Shoulder Room64 “
Front Hip Room63 “
Rear Hip Room62 “
Front Leg Room41.2 “
Rear Leg Room 38.7 “
Luggage Capacity20.6 Cu.Ft.
Maximum Cargo Capacity 110.5 Cu.Ft.
Standard Seating8
Fuel Tank Capacity28.0 Gal.
EPA Mileage Estimates13 City / 17 Hwy

Exterior 2003 Ford Expedition Specs

The interior holds the core, while the exterior validates the model in the automobile industry and market. While purchasing a ford expedition, it is natural for the customers to query the exterior of the 2003 ford expedition specs more often than the interior specs. The exterior of this SUV preserves the model’s face value. This includes the power features, dimensions, and safety features.

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Power Features

The power features of this SUV are meant for ensuring convenient driving and riding. These features are more or less the most attractive baits arranged by the manufacturers. A modern sportive design of the ford expedition requires qualitative power features to convey its smart automobile riding vision.

Here are some of the smart power features:

  • One-touch power windows regulate the glass shields according to passenger convenience.
  • Digital keypad based door locks encourage ideal keyless locking and unlocking of the vehicle.
  • Heated mirrors prevent blurry views during foggy weather conditions and easy accumulation of dust.
  • Power mirrors are employed to facilitate comfortable viewing with adjustable angles.


ford expedition 2003 features
Length 205.8 “
Body Width78.7 “
Body Height 77.6 “
Wheelbase119.0 “
Ground Clearance 8.9 “
Curb5,686 Lbs
Gross Weight7,300 Lbs

Safety Features

The safety features in an automobile make it more reliable for riders. While riding an SUV with an engine power of 300 HP, safety features play their roles in preventing discomfort and misfortune. Safety features are the best part about the 2003 ford expedition specs.

Here are some of the features employed in ford the expedition:

  • Anti-lock brakes: Reduces skidding in case of emergency brake
  • Front impact air bags: Reduces impact when coincides an accident
  • Pretensioners: Proctects the driver and front seat passenger from shock in case of emergency halting
  • Anti-theft alarm system: Warns the owner from a distance in case they sense intruders
  • Dusk sensing headlights: Turns up on its own when senses darkness
  • Lap belts: Secures position of the passenger and driver
  • Child safety locks on doors: Prevents kids from unlocking the door during riding
  • Auto-delay off headlights: Customisable headlight timing after turning the engine off
  • Child seat anchors: Holds the children firm on seats
  • Engine immobilizer: Stops engine from running uneccesarily

Convenience Features

No matter how exceptional the model is, convenience features matter the most. While checking out for an SUV, who would not like to check out the luxury riding privileges? The most admirable attribute of 2003 ford expedition specs is the high-quality assistance to the driver and the rest of its passengers. 

Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Height adjustable pedals
  • Qualitative cruise control
  • Reliable door pockets
  • Flexible nature of steering
  • Cool internal lights
  • Vanity mirrors for passengers
  • Single zone air conditioning
  • High-quality adjustable headrests

FAQs Related To 2003 Ford Expedition Specs

How many miles can a 2003 Ford Expedition last?

The ford expedition models are usually long-lasting as they are structured to serve heavy duties. The 2003 Ford expedition can run up to 150,000-200,000 miles.

What year Ford Expedition is the most reliable?

The models ford expedition manufactured between 2015-2017 are the most reliable, with fewer or zero recalls.

Are the 2003 Ford Expedition specs worth the money?

The 2003 ford expeditions are the best SUVs to consider as they are more affordable and averagely reliable. Hence, this model absolutely is worth a buy!

Final Words

The 2003 ford expedition specs are highly qualitative when considered under the usual price range. The commercial range of this model, including all of its series types produced in 2003, is $30,000-$40,000. It makes one of the most-worthy SUV deals for ford enthusiasts as well as SUV lovers. Buy your 2003 ford expedition now and experience the best quality of ride!

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