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How To Watch Movies On Ford Sync 3 With 5 Easy Steps

How To Watch Movies On Ford Sync 3

To enjoy the best movies while riding your ford car, you will need to learn how to watch movies on ford sync 3. It is not as difficult as it might sound at first, and this article will guide you accurately to achieve a stable connection. You can listen to the songs on your device with just a Bluetooth link if you are an android user, and also, you can connect your iPhone using your USB cable.

Ford users have the privilege to avail the best connectivity feature of sync 3. The advanced technology gives riders a safe driving experience as well as smart-driving qualities with accurate navigation maps. It facilitates an enjoyable ride with accessible videos and audio that you collect in your hand devices.

User experience audit

User experience audit ford sync 3

The ford users have experienced many benefits from the introduction of the sync 3 system. This system gives the drivers qualitative experience while riding ford. Not just for entertainment, it has helped the drivers in finding accurate routes and destinations while strolling. It has also allowed the riders to access other needed apps hands-free without reaching for their phones.

These are some of the advantages of availing of ford sync 3:

  • It takes updates on its own
  • Provides navigation and other app access
  • Very flexible and convenient to handle
  • Immediate response to voice instruction
  • Facilitates hands-free calling
  • Initiates climate control
  • Compatible with many models

Learn how to watch movies on ford sync 3: For Android Users

playing movie in ford sync 3

Connecting the Android to the ford is quite a straight and simple task. The connectivity is wireless, and it is therefore hassle-free and handy. The connection is safe from external interruption. Moreover, once you are over with following the instruction, you will realize it was worth the time invested. These five easy steps mentioned below will make you feel like riding your ford often.


  • Download the Android Auto app on your device from the Google play store
  • Run the application to enable SYNC through app preferences (keep your Bluetooth on)
  • On receiving the multimedia screen, you need to click on continue to allow access
  • If you receive a prompt on Android, accept it as well
  • You can switch to connect it through a USB cable as well once the Bluetooth is connected

Once you have established the connection, you can start your journey with your favorite songs and movies playing in your car. It is one of the easiest how to watch movies on ford sync 3 by connecting the regular communication device to the ford. But if you are not an Android user, these steps would not work out well. In case you are on an iPhone, jump to the other guide of reference.

Controlling the playing

After facilitating a connection through Bluetooth, you can easily access the voice command feature to play, reverse, pause, shuffle or browse. It is easy to handle the system since the connection is not vulnerable to external disturbances. The best thing about connecting via Bluetooth is that the control factor is phone-dependent, and your audio or video won’t turn off when you stand by.

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For iPhone Users: how to watch movies on ford sync 3?

For iPhone Users: how to watch movies on ford sync 3?

While performing the manual setup, you need to ensure that you have an account registered on your device. Some of the devices do not require manual configuration, while some others might require an accurate setup. Your device needs to stay connected through a USB cable. The steps mentioned below will work on your iPhone and other iOS devices.


  • Download AppLink and run it in your device background
  • Access the mobile app feature by clicking on the touchscreen or by voice instruction
  • Choose the app icon you want to use on the ford screen or command by voice
  • Accept the prompts that come up on the screen
  • You can repeat the same to change the focus application

After following these instructions on how to watch movies on ford sync 3, you will be able to access the files from your Ford model. Therefore, you can now access the video player of your device to play movies and music in your car while riding. The only minute difference between connecting an Android and iPhone to ford is that you will have to carry your USB cable if you wish to access movies on iPhones and other iOS devices.

Controlling the playing

Once you have established the connection between your iOS device and car, you will have to go through the owner manual. It will help you spot the files, after which you can completely access the browsing of your phone device to play audio and video. Listen to whatever you want, accessing podcasts, playlists, audiobooks, movies (both offline and online), and many more by voice command feature.

FAQs on How To Watch Movies On Ford Sync 3

How to play youtube on ford sync 3?

The simple answer is YES.
Connect your device to the Ford model that you are riding using the Android Auto app and AppLink app, respectively, for Android and iOS devices. The prompt on your screen will allow you to use the device data with which you can access the youtube application and browse for videos.

How to watch movies on ford sync 3 while driving?

The easy-to-configure applications such as the Android Auto app and AppLink app will help you link your car to your device instantly whenever you are out on a trip. You can play songs and watch movies while driving as well as when you are on standby.

Is the Android Auto compatible with Ford?

Android Auto is quite compatible with the flexible feature of SYNC 3. You can connect the android devices to make texts, calls and send voice mails. It allows the rider to access all applications available on the phone without needing to install them in ford.

How is AppLink and Ford compatibility?

AppLink application allows you to avail advantage of linking your iPhone to the car. It allows you to access some of the important applications while driving, all by just swiping the screen or voice command to open the required application.


Now you know how to watch movies on ford sync 3 by following a few easy steps. Try the methods for yourself and enjoy riding your ford with some background music and videos to accompany you throughout your journey. Why must you choose to drive dull when you can enjoy driving ford with the tech-smart features available. You can take advantage of superior models and make every trip memorable and exciting.

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