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6 Interesting Ford Excursion Roof Rack to Choose From

Ford Excursion Roof Rack

There are so many ranges of choices available for ford excursion roof rack online and offline. If you search for the best fit for your car, you are finally at the right place. Some interesting spiced-up discussion will surely help you make a choice. The best thing about the various systems available today is made as such to facilitate risk-free installation.

The benefits of adding a roof rack on your ford model are that it helps you travel with your luggage without occupying your sitting space. It is, however, the most basic use of a roof rack. Other than luggage, a roof rack can hold your bicycle to the hiking spot away from your home. Also, when you go for a long ride with your dear ones, the ford excursion roof rack will hold the necessities for you.

Factors That Affects Selection

There are innumerable factors that might affect one’s choices while buying a product. Some of these are primary concerns such as finance, durability, quality, and worth for the price. The dilemma gets sorted only when you are capable of relating and comparing different available choices. Also, going through the features of all the racks can help you decide on the perfectly fitting product for your model.

6 Types of Ford Excursion Roof Rack to Choose

The racks can be differentiated based on structure and system of grip. Other than the material aspect, which is wholly dependent on the manufacturing, one can choose their ford excursion roof rack according to your needs. If you are an adventure lover, you would be ready for an instant hiking session in your leisure with these racks. In case you are a family person, trips are always better together.

1. Timberline system

Timberline system Ford Excursion Roof Rack

This system of racking is ideal for vehicles that have raised roof rails. It is a complete base rack system to hold your luggage when you are out for a trip. The crossbars are qualitative and durable, and so are the timberline towers. The instructions come along with the product package, which helps manual install your ford excursion roof rack all by yourself. The dimension of the small size system is measured to be 133.35 x 19.05 x 10.16 cm; 7.26 kilograms. The minimum cost of the product is found to be $354.


  • Base rock system
  • No clips required
  • Qualitative timber towers
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. Skyline System

The ideal skyline design is specifically beneficial for the Ford models that have fixed points and tracks. It adjusts itself on the roof of the vehicle by the excellent feature of landing pods. The advanced structural railing is sleek and compatible with all types of bars. The installation of this ford excursion roof rack takes comparably less time. The product dimension is 4.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches x 1.81 Kg in the least. The minimum commercial price is $225 for the product.


  • Secured design
  • Sleek and strong built
  • Easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3. Ridgeline System

The best use of this rack is when you have a car model with flush-mounted railings. The best fit and look will come up when used on a round-lined roof. It is accompanied by the specific ridge clips that make the product most capable. The design gives an aerodynamic aesthetic look to the car. The clipping makes it a versatile fit on Ford models. The dimension of the product measured as 5 x 5.25 x 3.5 inches; 0.56 Kg. The product is commercially available at $225 online.


  • Advanced and strong built
  • Unique clip design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Limited lifetime warranty

4. Railbar System

railbar system

The specific design of the RailBar ford excursion roof rack is to give the vehicle a modern aesthetic look. The low-profile system makes the setup look like its very own construction. The installation is easy with the help instruction book because of the T-slot style. It limits the drags and hangs, making the load look clean and organized. The dimension of the product is ‎37.88 x 5.13 x 2.75 inches x 2.35 Kg in the smallest. The product commercially costs $229 in the minimum.


  • Seamless appearance
  • Prevents displacement
  • Prevents noise production
  • Limited lifetime warranty

5. LockNload System

LockNload System

The specialty of this system is that it holds your goods accurately tied up to the roof. This ford excursion roof rack is built to serve the heavy-duty necessities of the car owners. The strong aluminum railing secures the luggage throughout the journey, no matter how far your destination is. The T-slot attachment feature makes it one of the most versatile products. The dimension is measured to be 55 x 24 x 5.5 inches x 20 Kg. The price of this product ranges from $229 to above $350.


  • Side to side slot design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty

6. Flushbar System

Flushbar System

The ford excursion roof rack design here is designed to prevent overhanging, ultimately providing a clean aesthetic look to the car. It also holds the goods from displacing during the ride. The system flexibly settles with all the shapes of roofs. Therefore it is one of the randomly selectable products among the rest. The dimension of this product is measurably ‎ 42.75 x 7.75 x 4.13 inches x 1.72 Kg in the least. The commercial range for this product is $186-$249.


  • Easy lock system
  • Versatile design
  • Premium quality built
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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What is the ford excursion roof rack weight limit?

There are many racks available that facilitate different specific functions. Some of these racks can bear up to 60kgs, while some other can barely bear 30kg. One can choose from the types according to their necessities and budget.

Is ford excursion roof rack removal manually possible?

Yes, it is possible to remove the roof racks manually. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  1. Adjust a roof rack ladder to access the roof better
  2. Reach for the 2 bolts holding it and carefully unscrew
  3. Reach for the 2 main parts (front and rear crossbars) and remove it
  4. You can similarly remove the parallel bars as well

FAQs Related to Ford Excursion Roof Rack

How to install ford excursion roof rack manually?

The available racks are versatile and easy to install. The rack packages come with the instruction chart. One can fix the racks on the roof by following the steps accurately. The first step is to assemble the rack components, and the final step is to fix them on the roof.

What is the price range of ford excursion roof rack systems?

The price range varies due to the difference in raw materials, the difference in size, and the specific service. The rough range of the roof racks available for Ford models is $150-$500 online and offline.

Where to get a ford excursion roof rack ladder?

The racks available online are accompanied by different accessories. One can buy the ladders as per their convenience based on type and height online after setting the rack on the roof. The rack ladders are commercially available in the range of $10-$50.

Difference in Choices

The quality of the ford excursion roof rack depends on the quality of raw materials used to manufacture the same. Usually, the materials used for making these racks are aluminum and rubber. Sometimes people prefer stainless steel rods in place of aluminum because these make the Ford rack more durable and reliably strong to hold heavy weights and large objects.

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