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2004 Ford Ranger Tremor: One of the Best Rangers of Its Kind

2004 Ford Ranger Tremor

The 2004 Ford Ranger Tremor is not the most up-to-date convenient trailer available. Moreover, its wholly redesigned engine and a broad range of machinery still are regarded as an outstanding choice. Ranger has a fresh, sleek, and stylish interior, updated facade décor, and a fresh Pioneer stereo system. Moreover, the Ranger’s dispersion has also been tweaked for a more comfortable ride.

Nevertheless, there is a slew of other factors to consider before you commit to buying a truck. Durability, efficiency, model details, and pricing play a significant role in propelling the design to the top of the industry’s demand. In addition, it must retain its credibility in the eyes of customers. You will learn everything you need to know about the 2004 Ford Ranger Tremor in this article before making different judgments. The model’s strengths and weaknesses are clearly stated for your consideration. Finally, you will have a much better understanding of the vehicle purchase.

General Specifications of 2004 Ford Ranger Tremor

engine typeV-6
engine size4.0 L
horsepower207 Hp
horsepower rpm5250
torque238 Lb-Ft.
torque rpm3000
drive typeFour-wheel
transmission5-speed automatic
basic warranty3 years
payload1260 Lbs.

Interior specifications

Ford Ranger Tremor interior

The Tremor package contains a 510-watt Pioneer audio system and a handmade woofers enclosure that best fits the vehicle’s back. An increased alternator was installed, a new head component with the in CD and cassette tape system, and an Fm radio. A more combative elevated hood and a segmented windscreen that further closely resembles those of other Ford trucks are standard on all 2004 Ford Ranger Tremor. Inside, the seats have been improved for relaxation, and a leather cushion is now available.

Headroom (Front)39″
Headroom (Back)N/A
Shoulder room (front)54″
Shoulder room (back)N/A
Hip room (front)53″
Hip room (back)N/A
Legroom (front)42.4″
Legroom (back)N/A
Luggage Capacity31.0 Cu Ft.
Standard seating room3

Exterior Specifications

2004 Ford Ranger Tremor exterior

Chrome Yellow, black, or Sonic Blue were available as exterior paint colors for the Ranger Tremor. The vehicle also has distinguishing features such as 5-spoke aluminum wheels, light-skinned s encapsulate gauges, and a “Tremor” sticker on the rear bumper. When it comes to making a vehicle an all-purpose mode of transportation, the exterior is fundamental.

Overall weight5000 Lbs.
ground clearance6.7″
curb3210 Lbs.

Reviews and Remarks

The reviews for the 2004 Ford Range Tremor reveal the model’s dependability and durability. The rating statistically represents the riders’ personal experiences. The interior and exterior designs earned above-average ratings, while consistency, value for the money, and efficiency received average stars.

Safety Features of 2004 Ford Range Tremor

AirbagsDriver and Front passenger seats
Daytime lIghtopted
Keyless Entryall doors with keyfob
Door Locksopted with two stages unlock
Illumination in entryopted
Adjustable seat beltsfront
Seatbelt Pretensionersfront
Panic Alarmopted
Child Anchoropted

Convenience and Comfort Features

  • Auto pilot or cruise control system
  • Front cup holding division
  • Door pockets located in front
  • Steering assist
  • Adjustable Tilt Steering Wheel
  • On-Steering-Wheel Cruise Controls
  • Reading Lights in the Front
  • Vanity Mirror for Passengers


New Model

There are two approaches to purchasing a Ford 2004. According to experts, the first option is to buy a new model because you can use it right away without worrying about excessive wear. It also lasts a lot longer than a second-hand one with less but consistent maintenance. However, the money aspect must also be taken into account.

Used Model

Used models are the next most cost-effective and practical option. In this case, you should seek out models with the minimal possibility of wear and tear, as well as models that have been adequately repaired and maintained. With indirect vehicle insurance, these models are available for a fraction of the original cost.

Availability of Accessories of 2004 Ford Range Tremor

Types of Tires to Use

  • BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire
  • Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss
  • BF Goodrich all terrain 275/65R18
  • Toyo Open Country M/T
  • 4 Wheel Parts Xtreme R/T Tires
  • Pro Comp A/T Sport Tires

Types of Interior Accessories

  • Mat and Cargo Liners
  • Tremor Seats
  • Storage and Organizers
  • Seat Covers
  • Dashboard Accessories
  • Interior Cabin Filters
  • Steering Wheels

Types of Exterior Accessories

  • Tremor Mirrors
  • Roof Racks
  • Billet Accessories
  • Tremor Body Kit (Wash and shine chemicals)
  • Vent Visors and Bugshield
  • Grillers
  • Wiper blades and shields
  • horns and Train Horns
  • Name plates, emblem and decals
  • Bed paints and coatings

Types of Performance Parts

  • Fuel Injectors
  • Pumps and throttle control accessories
  • headers pipes and hardware
  • exhaust systems
  • Additive and sealants
  • Engine mounts
  • Fuel tank hardware
  • Pulleys and belt accessories

FAQs Related to 2004 Ford Ranger Tremor

How far will a 2004 Ford Ranger take you?

The Ranger is rated to last up to 300,000 miles. However, proper repair and upkeep of worn-out parts can last up to 3 times longer than before.

Is the Ford Ranger from 2004 a good truck?

The 2004 Ford Ranger isn’t the most up-to-date compact type of vehicle on the supply chain, but it’s still a wise option because of its powerful 4.0-liter V6 engine and many other types of equipment.

Are there any transmission issues with Ford Rangers?

Shifting delays, slogging while accelerating, car tremors at any speed, high-pitched noises, or an explosive odor coming from underneath the hood are all possible symptoms of a 2004 Ford Ranger. 

What kind of fuel is used in the 2004 Ford Rangers?

The vehicles do not require any premium kind of fuel. But, due to its excellent horsepower and torque mechanism, 87-octane fuel is the best choice.

Is higher octane fuel more powerful?

Octane allows a car to run at higher engine speeds, extracting more energy from gasoline. Because more point corresponds to the capacity to do more tasks, a precision-engineered vehicle will travel further or faster on the same quantity of fuel.

Final Thoughts

You now have all of the information you need to move ahead with the shopping after reading the article. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a used or new model. However,  The 2004 Ford Ranger Tremor is a median model designed for Ford ranger fans with utmost precisions. 

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