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Reasons Why Ford Intelligent Access Not Working

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Ford Intelligent Access Not Working

Ford intelligent access not working. Did you know that you can unlock your car using ford intelligent access and start without using a key? Let us dive into learning what this intelligent access is all about and why this Intelligent access does not work at times due to various reasons.

There are many reasons for the intelligent access failure- The battery in the remote battery sometimes dies, and the signals might get interrupted. By using the removable key inside the fob, one can unlock the driver’s door.

Sometimes the door handle might not work correctly, and even when the remote is working fine, one can even notice that. Due to the climate changes, intelligent access might be prone to some signal issues that will not work efficiently.

Many ford users face intermittent issues with the intelligent access on both the explorer and focus during rainy times. It is recommended to visit a dealer if the problem continues.

Issue with the door handle

The Intelligent access door handle does not work sometimes even when tried with changing the new batteries of a key fob, unlocking the doors using handles then it might be a reason for the Sync software failure, and it needs to be upgraded.

All the ford exterior sensors and cameras and intelligent access related to locking and unlocking should be cleared and upgraded to perform well. Then the ford intelligent access can work properly.

The system may not function if the key is close to metal objects or any electronic devices—for example, Keys or a cell phone.

Ford Intelligent access with easy unlocking and push-button start

To unlock the driver’s door, touch the inside of the driver or front passenger exterior door handle. To lock the doors, press the lock area on the door(Blackspot). To unlock the liftgate, press the exterior liftgate release button hidden under the trim about the license plate.

Press the engine start/stop button while applying the brake pedal(or clutch) to start the car. If there is any change in the weather or the rainy seasons, the key frequencies might get jammed, and the easy unlocking feature will not work efficiently.

How to perform activities with the help of ford intelligent access

Without using the key, you can do many things like unlocking the doors, starting the ignition, and locking all the doors. To unlock the doors, all you have to do is grab the front door handle by being sure not to touch the lock and unlock the sensor simultaneously, then pull the door, and it will be unlocked.

To lock the doors: There are two methods:

  1. One is to by pressing the sensor on the door handle for about half a second. The ford car has ridges or square sensors on the side of the handle, and then they make a sound that will ensure that the door is locked.
  2. The other way is to press the lock or unlock button on the inside door panel before closing the door, and it will automatically get locked. To open the trunk or lift-gate without using the key, you have to press the soft button switch located either just above or below the license plate or in the liftgate handle.

Ford intelligent access not working due to signal connectivity while starting the vehicle

Once inside, press and hold the brake pedal while pushing the engine start-stop button to start the vehicle. To turn it off, be sure the vehicle is in the park and push the start-stop button again. If any time that battery in the remote dies or case of failure in signal connectivity, you can also use the removable key inside to unlock the driver’s door by pressing the button on the remote. You can slide the key out.

Inserting the key into the slot located underneath the rear of the driver’s door handle and pushing up until the internal tab flex and unlocking the plastic bezel. Sliding the bezel back and completely removing it, one can access the key cylinder and unlock the door. Replace the bezel by sliding it forward until it snaps into the locked position.

In case of intelligent access not working you can make use of the Key fob holder

In ford cars, there will be a pocket in the center console, which is made just for the key fob, which will allow the user to start the vehicle. Place the key fob in the slot with the button’s facing up and the unlock button toward the vehicle’s front. The key is programmed to the car, and if one loses it, they will need to contact the ford dealer for the replacement.

To help prevent locking the key fob inside the vehicle when using the door lock, depending on how the vehicle is set up, if the key is left inside, there is a chance of hearing a sound of a horn chirp. The sound indicates the fob has been left in the vehicle, and the doors will not lock.

FAQs on Ford Intelligent Access Not Working

What are the common reasons for the inefficient functioning of ford intelligent access not working?

The Ford Intelligent access not working properly due to:
Your vehicle battery has no charge
The key battery has no change
The key frequencies are jammed.

How to unlock the ford car using Intelligent access?

With your Intelligent Access key within 3 feet(1 m) of your vehicle, touch the unlock sensor on the back of the door handle for a brief period and then pull on the door handle to unlock, being careful not to touch the lock sensor at the same time or pulling the door handle too quickly. The intelligent access system requires a brief delay to authenticate your intelligent access key fob.

How to use the Intelligent access Key?

The Intelligent access communicates with the vehicle via a radio frequency signal. When the key is within a 3-foot range from the car, it will allow you to: Unlock the doors, Lock the doors, Starting the vehicle, Turning off the car, and also opening the trunk of the vehicle.

Final Words

Ford intelligent access may not work efficiently for various reasons- jamming of frequencies, battery issues, and climatic changes. As mentioned in the article, you can use a key fob holder or start your vehicle by following the steps mentioned. The door handle sensors will work properly if they are not prone to any moisture near the bezels on the outer part. It is recommended to visit the dealer if the problem continues after trying out all the possible ways listed above.

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