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All About Ford Explorer Roof Rack 2021: Read Now!

Ford Explorer Roof Rack

The best ford explorer roof rack crossbars are available online, and you can reach those with just a few clicks and a little research on the reviews. Usually, the roof racks do not get wear and tear that easily. The only case is if your car has experienced accidents with some other big vehicle or suffered mishandling. You can replace the damaged components with new ones easily. Keep someone reliable enough to support you with the fixing on the car roof.

The replacement is easy over any other technical replacement. You can repair or replace the components by following any installation guide. The spare parts are available on online sites such as Amazon, Rhino-Rack, Levittown Ford Parts, CARiD, and eBay. These sites provide legitimate ford explorer racks and many other accessories. To start with, let’s learn about roof racks in depth. 

What are roof racks?

The roof racks are one of the most intriguing components of the car these days. These ford explorer roof rack accessories take responsibility for anything which is not fitting inside your automobile. It makes transport easy and adventure-friendly. You can carry luggage of all shapes and sizes, bikes, tents, and whatnot. The components portray a good combination with the sporty ford explorer.

Types Of Roof Racks: Ford Explorer

Types Of Roof Racks Ford Explorer

Certain particular types of roof racks suit the ford explorer above any other. Ford experts and experienced explorer riders often prefer these specific variants of roof racks. Most heavy-built roof racks are suitable with the ford explorer. Below are some of the options that you can choose from. Your ideal type depends on the nature of your travel.

Types available for ford explorer:

  • Cargo Boxes
  • Kits of Conoe Carriers and Roof Ski
  • Base Rack system
  • Cargo Baskets

How To Use Ford Explorer Roof Rack?

Typical roof racks hold the good in the proper place with the accessory straps. When the straps are tied across the body of the good, tighten to the crossbars. That will help in keeping the material attached firmly to the roof of the car. In the case of a ford explorer, the component is one of the best-suited accessories. It not only enhances the ability of the model but also gives it a bold and sportive look.

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Common Issues Related to Roof Rack

Common Issues Related to Roof Rack

The roof racks are manufactured with durable materials that are not affected by rough weather or exposure to heavy loads. The only problem with these components for convenience is that over time the material wears off, rusts, or accumulates dirt and dust in the foot of the rails. The covering of the railing gets affected first, and it flies off due to loosened hold. You can tackle the problem by replacing the worn-off parts.

Ford Explorer Roof Rack Replacement Parts

The replacement parts of roof rack accessories are available online with the best performance guarantee. There are many sites to provide appropriate quality racks at genuine rates. Many sites are bearing a market experience of over a decade are willing to deliver the goods at your doorsteps with just one call. The delivery privileges customers receive are bonuses.

Here are some of such sites to visit:

  • CARiD
  • ReRack
  • OEM Ford Parts
  • eBay

Ford Explorer Roof Rack Accessories To Buy

Ford Explorer Roof Rack Accessories To Buy

Ford explorer roof rack hooks

If you are looking for rack hooks online, you will need to visit or eBay to view the FoMoCo Explorer Expedition Roof Rack Hooks and BRIGHT LINES Crossbar Roof Rack Hooks availability. The reviews of these two products are currently high, and experienced users have claimed perfect fitting on their ford explorer. The product is available for $200 online.

Ford explorer roof rack crossbars

You can find the best quality roof rack crossbars online on trusted sites such as Walmart,, Levittown Ford Parts, eBay, and OEM Ford Parts. These products show exceptional performance when engaged with ford explorer. The affordability of these components is as high as its reliability as it cost under $150. Here are some of the best-reviewed crossbars that you can choose from:

  • LED Kingdomous Roof Rack Cross Bars
  • BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Cross Bars
  • OMAC Roof Rack Lockable Cross Bars

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Ford explorer roof rack covers

The covers of 660,000 explorer roof racks are known to fall off when it gets loosened. You will need to replace the cover within 15000 miles of driving. To meet this requirement, provides a valuable collection of roof covers suiting your ford explorer roof. These products are available cheaply for under $100.

Ford explorer roof bike rack

The roof bike racks are one of the essential accessories that a sportive explorer must employ. These components are available under the affordable range of $100-$300 as per the specifications. These are plentily available in trusted sites such as, AutoAnything,, and CARiD.

Dimensions Of Roof Rack Suitable For Ford Explorer

The size of the roof racks matters a lot as it determines the functionality of the roof rack after installment. If your product is larger than your car’s roof, the adjustment of goods over it gets troublesome. The ford explorer roof rack dimensions must be between 48 to 58 inches depending on what year of ford explorer you own and the size of your car. The size and type to choose are clearly up to you.

Explorer Roof Rack Cross Bars Installation

The steps of installation strictly involve three processes. In the first phase, you will have to consider attaching the end brackets, then naturally, the plastic cover removal will follow. It will further proceed with the attachment of the bars on the roof. This arrangement will benefit the rider for a long time once it is attached. It is indeed a worthy investment.

FAQs Related To Ford Explorer Roof Rack

What is the 2017 ford explorer roof rack weight limit?

The weight limit of the roof rack in ford explorer 2017 is 100lb without a moonroof which is around 45Kg, and if the model has a moon roof, the weight limit decreases to 45lb, which is 20kg. There is a difference of 25kg due to the roof structure.

What is the common 2018 ford explorer roof rack issue?

The most common problem with ford explorer 2018 roof racks is that they usually have loose covers which might fall off while driving. This can cause major road problems and be very dangerous for other riders on the road as it often falls off in the middle of the road.

Do all Ford Explorers have roof racks?

Almost all. Other than the new Explorer ST, which has no rail roofs, all the other ford explorer models are employed with this standard trimmed roof railings to attach a roof rack per the users’ preferences.

Is the roof rack worth it?

The advantages that the roof racks provide can not be compromised for anything else. The rates demanded to avail such benefits are very cost-efficient. Research on the quality and read the reviews before buying a roof rack. Enjoy all the privileges without paying anything extra for the maintenance throughout the lifespan of the car.

How much does a ford roof rack replacement cost?

The roof rack setups can cost you $150-$500, depending on the installment or replacement service required. The parts are available for under $100 to above $300 as per quality is concerned. Choose wisely!

Final Words

The accessory is one of the most adventure-friendly and advantageous accessories available to make the explorer ride special. Now that you are thorough with the basic ideas on the explorer roof racks, you can choose one for your model online now! The delivery will be made right at your doors, and if you are a busy man with busy work life, you might as well prefer the technical installment service of the ford explorer roof rack. 

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