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Easy 8 Ways to Fix Ford Explorer Sputtering While Accelerating

ford explorer sputtering while accelerating

It is indeed a despicable issue with automobiles when they start showing up defects. Similarly, the ford explorer sputtering while accelerating is one of the visible defects that hits all ford explorer users experience once in their lifetime of use. To reduce the collateral effects of this problem, you need to learn what you must do with the symptoms. Tackling and solving the problem gets easier when you are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and materials to help.

In this article, you will learn about the various problems related to the car and their remedies which may be fixed easily at home. The ford explorer sputtering while accelerating is not a very affecting problem worth taking a headache. You can improve the conditions that cause the problems in the first place to prevent this symptom. Let’s start the article with 8 basic reasons behind the problem.

8 Reasons Why Ford Explorer Sputtering While Accelerating

1. Punctured Exhaust Manifold

The problems causing ford explorer sputtering while accelerating can be many, but one of the most evident and traced ones is punctured or leaking exhaust pipes. It can occur due to the long-time wear and tear of the automobile. Here are some of the other symptoms that confirm the issue:

  • Extra noisy engine
  • Low power and acceleration
  • Degraded fuel efficiency
  • Odourful experience while riding
  • Hanging exhaust pipe

2. Degraded Seals Or Gaskets

The second most complained cause of the sputtering symptom comes to leaking due to broken gasket and seals. It can cause due to conditional problems and can be prevented with regular maintenance of the related components. Here are some other symptoms that will confirm the problem:

  • Milky accumulation under the oil cap
  • Tailpipe releasing smoke
  • Roughly functioning idle
  • Overheating of the engine 

3. Failure Of Catalytic Converter

One of the absolute causes of sputtering is the malfunction of the catalytic converter. It occurs due to engine problems that collaterally affect the composition of the catalytic converter, further reducing its efficiency to handle emissions. Here are some of the other symptoms related to the problem:

  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Loses fuel during acceleration
  • Car jerks forward while accelerating
  • Abrupt engine misfiring

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4. Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

The next problem that possibly causes ford explorer sputtering while accelerating is the oxygen sensor defect. It can occur due to contaminants entering the exhaust. The problem is concerning as it can lead to permanent damage. Here are some of the other symptoms assisting sputtering that confirms an oxygen sensor issue: 

  • Engine light shows up on the dashboard
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Rough engine noises
  • Odor emission 

5. Fuel Injector Contamination

Fuel Injector Contamination

The issue of sputtering can also signify problems with the fuel injector contaminations. This problem shows up when you ignore the need for fuel tank maintenance and bad-quality fueling. These can portray five other symptoms than sputtering, and those are as follows:

  • The engine hesitates to start or does not start at all.
  • Lower power delivery 
  • Poor exhaust
  • Rough Idling
  • Excessive consumption of fuel

6. Dirty Spark Plug Problem

Dirty Spark Plug Problem

The spark plugs can visibly affect the functioning of engines. This problem arises due to the deposition of pollutants on the spark plugs and intensive corrosion. The problem can lead to ford explorer sputtering while accelerating and four other symptoms that assist in confirmation are as follows:

  • Engine hesitant while performing
  • Lack of acceleration 
  • High consumption of fuel and low efficiency
  • Engine often surges and misfires

7. Airflow Sensor Fault

Airflow Sensor Fault

The problem of MAS (Mass Airflow Sensor) can cause many drivability problems in an automobile. One such issue is sputtering noise while trying to accelerate. Many other symptoms signify the malfunctioning of the airflow sensor problem. The symptoms are mainly related to the engine. Here are all of the rest symptoms: 

  • Engine problems: Stalls, hesitates to respond, hard to turn over, and portrays engine hiccups
  • Extra-lean and rich idling takes place
  • There occur many other drivability issues

8. Vacuum Leak

Vacuum Leak

The vacuum can occur due to broken seals and sheaths. The problem rarely causes sputtering. However, it is significantly one of the reasons for sputtering. Many other symptoms can confirm the issue when it assists the sputtering problem during the inspection. Here are the other symptoms:

  • Regular idling problem
  • Engine hesitation
  • Vacuum sounds
  • Engine light warning

What To Do: Ford Explorer Sputtering While Accelerating


Diagnosing an issue in the automobile consists of only four steps that are easy and hassle-free. You can start your inspection of the symptoms your model shows with a brief primary idea about the specific components’ functionality. Here are the four steps to follow: 

  • Start with acknowledgment of symptoms, relate and trace the core cause of the problem.
  • Technically test each of the issues through manual diagnostic tools available for automobiles.
  • Or you can run specific tests manually following expert guidance online. 
  • Measure the intensity of the defect and proceed with the repair.


Now comes the most exciting part of the article, how to fix ford explorer sputtering while accelerating? The answer to that question is clear and loud. After diagnosing the issue correctly, you must repair degraded components by reading the manual or hiring professionals.

Or you can straight go for a manual replacement of the same. Also, you can prefer top-quality mechanic assistance for the same. However, this depends on the intensity of the damage. The inspection of this problem costs around $100 and the repair around $200-$500 depending on the damage.

FAQs Related To Ford Explorer Sputtering While Accelerating

Why car hesitates when accelerating?

Your car might hesitate while accelerating uphill if it bears a weak fuel pump that can not facilitate enough combustion for the automobile to accelerate. The causes of fuel pump incompetency are faulty fuel injectors or defective fuel tanks. If your car does not have any fuel filter issues, it is suggestible to check your engine.

Why is the 2013 or 2017 ford explorer sputtering while accelerating?

The acceleration problem in 2013 ford explorer often occurs due to corroded fuel injectors. The best way to tackle this problem is to clean and reassemble the injectors into the system. However, if the case gets worse, you may have to perform a complete replacement.

Why 2014 ford explorer sputtering while accelerating?

The problem with the 2014 ford explorer is that it often suffers from a sensor failure. Due to this, the fuel delivered into the compartment is not enough to facilitate acceleration, and hence, it sputters and roughens.

Final Words

The ford explorer sputtering while accelerating problems can pose highly hazardous. It is because you can not safely drive the car with a sputtering problem. Also, prolonged temporary adjustments will only make the condition worse for the functioning of your ford explorer. It would be best if you learned about the functionality of each component related to the issue. Then only will you be able to perform accurate repairs.

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