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How Reliable Is the 2004 Ford Explorer Lift Kits?

2004 ford explorer lift kits

When riding a 2004 Ford explorer does not feel enjoyable enough, it is high time for you to get the 2004 ford explorer lift kits. It has been on-demand lately because of its high commercial efficiency. The elevation sets are helpful if the owner enjoys a floating ride. The specifications of the kits determine their quality of performance. Therefore, it is essential to check out the suiting dimensions while choosing a lift kit.

In this article, you will read about the role of the 2004 ford explorer lift kits employed in a proper setup. Also, you will get to learn about the installment and replacement techniques here. Shop for the latest expert-recommended kits, which are reliable and efficient. It will help you get a better knowledge about your Ford explorer technicalities and luxury options availabilities. 

Ford Explorer Lift Kits: Introduction

Ford Explorer Lift Kits

The lift kits are strong enough to raise your truck from its existing frame. It allows the riders to experience a qualitative top view over the rest of the small cars. The automobile, as well as the riders, float distant to the ground. It is indeed one of the best choices for SUV riders like Ford Explorer owners. Once you taste the efficiency of these lift kits, you would not want to return to the original truck height.

The exclusive specification of the rise and durability of this luxury accessory earned it a broad acknowledgment. While choosing a lift setup for your automobile, it is important to check all the specifications thoroughly. Prevent yourself from spending more excess money on the incompatible ones. Let’s get started with the 2004 ford explorer lift kits hunt now!

Specification Of Good Lift Kits

The typical lift kits must consist of struts, body lift components, suspension components, leveling kit, and coil springs. The kit might differ in quality and combination as per the capital willingly invested. There are different kits available focusing on the lifting requirements preferred by the owner. Choose your suiting height and enjoy the advantages of car lift kits.

Advantages of 2004 ford explorer lift kits:

  • It provides shock security to the riders.
  • It elevates the distance between the road and the car.
  • Creates more space for bigger wheels.
  • Makes the car eligible to ride over rough terrain.
  • Get the experience of a smoother ride.
  • Better view from the driver’s and passenger’s seats.
  • Better access to the underbody of your car.
  • It facilitates easier towing of the automobile in case you experience unfortunate problems.
  • It is available in flexible combinations depending on the requirement.
  • Gives the car an aesthetic and a bigger look.

Recommended 2004 Ford Explorer Lift Kits

Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit

Freedom Off-Road Lift Kit

The Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit is commercially one of the best options for 2004 ford explorer lift kits. This is rated as an A+ product by the better business bureau (BBB) that inspects market releases as per customer reviews and truth quality. The product is priced between $400-$700, depending on the combination you wish to buy.

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Freedom Off-Road Lift Kit

Freedom Off-Road Lift Kit

Next to the recommendation comes Freedom Off-Road Lift Kit, an efficient and durable product that showcases qualitative performance. It is affordable and easy to manage, even comes with a manual for general installation. You can help yourself through the manual to get the lift employed into your 2004 ford explorer. The price of this product lies between $300-$500.

Truxx 102010

The Truxx 102010 recommended for ford explorer is highly compatible and provides an effective lift. The product will help your automobile achieve a neat view and better performance without affecting the mileage. The product poses as one of the most reliable ones among the rest for its easy installation feature and portable structure. This set of 2004 ford explorer lift kits is priced between $300-$600.

Installing Ford Explorer Body Lift

Installing Ford Explorer Body Lift

While installing the 2004 ford explorer lift kits, you need to keep this order in mind. First of all, arrange the tires and wheels, and next to it comes the front mount followed by the center grill system and eventually leading to each passenger side. And at last, you fix the splash guards as required. The installation is easier when you follow the manual proficiently.

Here is how you can start your installation: 

  • Prepare: Block all four wheels and disconnect the battery from the system.
  • Removal: Grill, taillights, front and rear plastic bumpers, mid-seat, and steering staff.
  • Raising: Use a jack to lift the mount just till you can place the spacer.
  • Assemble body mount: By front and rear bumper, under the dash, behind the front seat, and under the middle.
  • Install back the removed components in the same order.

FAQs Related To 2004 Ford Explorer Lift Kits

Can a ford explorer be lifted?

Yes, Of course. A Ford Explorer model being an eligible SUV, can be lifted with the help of either a body lift setup or suspension lifter. Also, you can raise it by availing both options proportionally.

How much does it cost to lift a 2004 ford explorer?

Lifting any model series of ford explorer between 2000-2010 will cost you around $1000. However, you can save up to $200 by not hiring professionals for the service. A lift setup is available at $800 highest in the automobile market today.

How much does a ford charge to install a lift kit?

Ford expert technicians charge around $400-$12,000 for the professional installment of left kits. It depends on their role in the process, and you will experience all accurate fitting in $12,000. It includes a selection of setup, removal of the existing, and installation of the new.

Final Words

The installation of 2004 ford explorer lift kits manually saves around $100-$150 labor charges demanded by the professionals. Now that you have a detailed and easy guide to perform the process, you can get started with a kit hunt. Make sure the kit that you proceed with suits your requirements as well as your finance. Get a better Ford Explorer riding experience.

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