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[Fixed] 3 Problems Why Ford Ambient Lighting Not Working

Ford Ambient Lighting Not Working

There are many instances when your ford model might show a problem with the ambient light. When your face a problem of ford ambient lighting not working, you might need to fix the fuse system, the light bulbs or adjust the digital connectivity. However, the adjustment is not always an easy procedure to follow. You need to know what kind of fuse connection the ambient lighting follows to fix the problem.

Is your ford ambient lighting not working? What must be the reason behind the problem, and how is the problem solved without the technician’s help? Most people owning an automobile tend towards the least expensive repair options. This article will get a detailed step-by-step guide to fix the ambient light problems, no matter the core problem.

3 Reasons Why Ford Ambient Lighting Not Working

Ford Ambient Lighting Not Working

There are generally three core issues that can cause the problem of ford ambient lighting not working. These issues can be as small as circuit disturbance but, they are never ignorable. At times the problem with ambient lighting can cause major sight issues, which genuinely feel irritating. Hence, it is better to fix the problem early at sight than to keep dragging it until other aspects are affected.

  • Bulbs Are Burnt-Out: The bulbs naturally experience fuse when used over a long period of time.
  • Bad Fuse Problem: The lights might not show up even if your bulbs are in good condition.
  • Abnormal Behavior: The brightness is excess or the color of light keeps changing everytime.

The above-mentioned issues lead to the problem of ford ambient lighting not working. The problems can be easily solved. You only need to trace the original cause by checking the bulbs and the fuses right after witnessing the signs of a problematic ambient light system.

Ford Ambient Lighting Replacement & Repair

Ford Ambient Lighting Replacement & Repair

When you have traced the actual cause of ford ambient lighting not working, it is time for you to make the necessary arrangement to retrieve the ambient glow. As mentioned above, three problems cause ambient lighting failure in a ford model.

If you notice a burst bulb, you would need to replace the bulb without any second thoughts.

If it is a problem with the lousy fuse system, you will have to find and pull the ambient light fuse strip off the metal with the help of a manual. If the fuse strip comes out damaged, you make the required repair before sticking it back.

In case the problem is none of the above. It is your flow of current in the system. You can reset your circuit and restart your car.

Ford Ambient Lighting Adjustment

Ford Ambient Lighting Adjustment

You might need to make ford ambient light adjustments to tackle the problems of ford ambient lighting not working. This can be done in two-layered ways. Either you have your SYNC 3 fully upgraded, or you first upgrade it and then set the desirable lightings. This upgrade will let you access the new feature of the ambient light system control without any hassle.

In both cases, you will have to follow the steps required for the upgrade if you have not updated it. The only difference in both the process is that in the case of upgraded SYNC 3, the adjustment will barely take you some minutes. While with a system not upgraded, you have to make an upgrade of 30 minutes before you follow the rest of the procedure to fix your ford ambient lighting not working rare issue.

Upgrade SYNC 3

  • You will have to make the necessary updates first.
  • Download the updates to your USB beforehand.
  • Start your engine and let it run for 20-30 minutes while upgrading.
  • Now plug in the USB, you will see a screen flashing ‘the update will last for 30 mins’, press ‘OK’.
  • When you have your screen flashing something like ‘You have successfully upgraded the system’, press ‘OK’ and remove the USB.

With a fully upgraded SYNC 3

  • You go to the settings
  • Find an option ‘Ambient Light’
  • Enable the function
  • And choose the desired color
  • Adjust the brightness as per requirement

FAQs Related To Ford Ambient Lighting Not Working

How do I turn on the ambient lighting in my Ford?

Many Ford models allow their riders to control their ambient lighting. If you are new to experience the ambient light feature of ford, you can enable your lighting and enjoy a smart night ride. There you go!
1) Go for the setting icon on the car screen
2) Click on the feature bar at the end
3) Select the ambient light option
4) Go through the options and find the enable option

What does ambient lighting mean in a car?

The ambient light in a car is a modern convenience feature that lightens up your dashboard while riding through a dark tunnel or at night. This is also one of the best aesthetic features of the Ford models these days.

Why does not my ford ambient light turn off?

There might be a fuse defect or brightness knob problem. The symptoms are that the lights stay on at their fullest brightness. You can fix your box and restart the circuit box system as a whole. This problem does not need any other kind of repair.

Why does the 2017 explorer ford ambient lighting not working?

Two usual issues occur other than the damaged bulb and the blown-out circuit. These problems occur due to improper formatting or failure to enable the system, or problems in the brightness setting.

How do I change the ambient light on my Ford Focus?

You can choose the color that you want inside your car with the digital setting. Ford focus lets you control the color variants and the brightness of the lighting on your dash easily with the touchscreen settings.

Final Words

Now you know what to do when you face a ford ambient lighting not working. This is more or less the easiest process to follow in case of ambient light defects. The other option is a further simple, you can call for the technicians who will inspect the problem and repair the issue within a few hours and set your ambient lighting all new. Hire the technicians for $200. Rest back and let them fix it!

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