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Is 1995 FORD TAURUS Worth [$] To You?


The 1995 ford Taurus is an excellent car for beginners. If you are searching for an old school car for your first-day ride to college, this model will suit your taste. The perfect proportion of traditional design and prominent punch of technological tools have created a super cool high school model. However, you might still be hesitant regarding the purchase.

A car purchase is one of the most valuable parts of life for everyone. To learn more about the car, you will have to explore the specifications it bears and the facilities it offers. In this article, you will read a brief introduction of the peculiar features of the 1995 ford Taurus along with the primary technical and mechanical evaluations. The reviews and information provided here are genuine and legitimate.

After going through the reviews and FAQs, you would be able to make an unbiased decision on the purchase. You must be curious about what makes the model an old-school production. Do not miss your chance to enjoy the modernized ford Taurus 2nd generation model. 

History of Ford Taurus

The team of mustang SVO found a way to present the Yamaha engine idealistically. Interestingly, when the idea surpassed the technological standards of automobiles, everyone was stunned. It gained acknowledgment for its Medusa-like intake runners for its visual attractiveness. The system was prepared with all dedication and finally was released into the market.

With the heavy surge of automobile enthusiasm, the brand decided to continue production. It improved it a step further to the 2nd generation model of Taurus to pose as one of the highly equipped ford models of the 90s. It was advanced in all means of structure and appearance. The specifications were driver-friendly and naturally attention-grabbing everyone at that time.

1995 Ford Taurus Specs

Engine3.0 L SFI Vulcan V6, 3.8 L Essex V6
Horsepower140 hp @ 4800 rpm
Torque165 ft. lbs @ 3250 rpm
FuelRegular Gasoline, Regular Unleaded
ClassMid-size Sedan
Drive TrainFront Wheel
TrimsSedan, Wagon, SHO
Body Style4dr Sedan GL
Transmission4-Speed Automatic
Standard MPG 18/27 mpg
Seating5-8 People


1995 Ford Taurus interior

The 1995 ford Taurus interior possesses enriched premium quality material and efficient electrically employed tools. The speakers and standard quality stereo system were a hooking feature for all. The model bore a multi-functional dashboard system. It was privileged with an assembly of air conditioners that maintained the temperature inside the car cabin in all kinds of weather. The car was manufactured to serve comfort and convenience to all ford enthusiasts with easily accessible riding options.

HeadRoom38.6 in.
Hip Room55.2 in.
Leg Room 41.7 in.
Shoulder Room 57.5 in.
HeadRoom38.1 in.
Hip Room57.0 in.
Leg Room 36.9 in.
Shoulder Room 57.5 in.


1995 ford Taurus exterior

The 1995 ford Taurus exterior represents the first aerodynamic design in the history of American cars. It gives a conservative look as compared to all the previously manufactured Ford models. The halogen lighting has always made the car a worthy head-turner. The power mirrors are upgraded features that set new technological standards. 

The exterior was available in 15 attractive colors of black, silver clearcoat metallic, medium grey clearcoat metallic, bright canyon red, medium canyon red clearcoat metallic, silver-blue clearcoat metallic, medium regatta blue clearcoat metallic, taupe, driftwood clearcoat metallic, dark taupe clearcoat metallic, sand beige, sandalwood clearcoat metallic, oxford white, and spinnaker blue.

Curb Weight3285 lbs. (1490 Kg)
Maximum Cargo Capacity81 cu. ft.
Height55.5 in.
Length193.1 in.
Wheelbase106.0 in.


AspectsSedanWagon SHO
Average Price:$17,585$19,400$25,140
Air Conditioning:StandardFront Air ConditioningClimate Control
Convenience Feature:Center Console 
Power Steering (tilt-adjustable)
Center Console
Multi-function Remote
Center Console
Cruise Control 
Multi-function remote
Audio System: FM/AM Radio FM/AM RadioAntenna Type
Premium Brand

1995 Ford Taurus Reviews

The reviews of the model expose high ratings on performance and the value of money. The interior and exterior are rated averagely. The model is a good pick for beginners because it allows the best car riding experience at pocket-friendly rates. The reviews overall claim that the car is ideally made suitable for beginners. The ratings are as high as 4.8 out of 5 in the commercial view. The ford experts recommend this car for all members of medium or middle economic strata.

✔️ 4-Automatic, Overdrive Less Horsepower
✔️ Power Mirrors Low Cabin
✔️ Digital Instrumentation (Stylish Cabin)No Supportive Seats
✔️ Halogen LightingNo Pockets Available
(All Manual Convenience Features)
PROs And CONs Of The Model

1995 Ford Taurus Values

It is necessary to stay updated on the price demands of the model that you desire to purchase. The 1995 ford Taurus values keep fluctuating according to market interests. You can follow all the variant trims of the model and find a big difference in all of their pricing and specifications. The early modern models produced by Ford are often moderately priced. You can consider this model based on its specifications corresponding to the prices. Here are the updated prices of a Ford Taurus.

  • Concours: $15,400
  • Excellent: $8,600
  • Good: $5,600
  • Fair: $3,400

Resolutions To Problems

1995 ford taurus does not crank

Many Taurus models suffer the problem of non-engagement. This can be tackled with proper inspection and fixing of core defects. The problem might be with the alternator, dead battery, or a failed starter.

The process of fixing is as follows:

  • Check and repair the fuel system: spark plugs and fuel pressure
  • Fix the faulty sensor if not the plugs and pressure issue

1995 ford taurus AC not working

1995 ford taurus AC not working

The problem might occur due to the electrical fuses, refrigerant leak, and control module issue. Such a condition demands immediate attention. You will need to get the repairs done as soon as possible. It is not a complex process, and you can carry it out at home without professional assistance.

The fixing process:

  • Check for the air conditioning controls functions
  • Check and repair the control panel if it is requird
  • Turn the AC on higher speed to check the sounds
  • Change the compressor if required

Motor mount problem

There are three main reasons your car experiences the mounting problem: accidents, with mileage or time duration, and poor built quality. To fix this issue, you will need to diagnose the symptoms first. The symptoms are exhaust leak, broken hoses, engine defect, and dropping.

1995 ford Taurus motor mount replacement:

  • Identify the broken mount
  • Locate and replace the mount with the new one

FAQs Related To 1995 Ford Taurus

How many miles will a 1995 ford Taurus last?

The Ford Taurus model requires regular oil changing and monthly maintenance. If all of the requirements are achieved, the owner can ride a Taurus for 200,000 miles. To cover 200,000 miles, it might take around 10-20 years, depending on the regular riding habits.

Is the 1995 ford Taurus a good car?

It makes a great car! According to the reviews of verified users, the vehicle is an excellent pick based on appearance and comfortability. No matter you are buying a second-hand or first-hand model, this automobile serves all basic riding requirements.

How much does a 1995 Ford Taurus weigh?

The Ford Taurus model manufactured in 1995 weighs around 3285 lbs. (1490 Kg).

How much time is required to replace the 1995 ford Taurus rack and pinion?

The fixing of a rack and pinion requires around 4-5 hours. If you hire a professional, it might cost you about $1500-2000 for the job and the equipment.

What is the 1995 ford Taurus tire size?

The Taurus tire size varies between 15-16 inches, depending on the trim variant.

How to remove the 1995 ford Taurus alternator?

1) Disconnect the negative battery
2) Remove tube fasteners next
3) Follow the manual to install the new one

What is the 1995 ford Taurus transmission fluid type?

The transmission fluid type of the 1995 model of Taurus is Mobil 1 Synthetic Transmission Fluid Dexron, Mercon 1 Quart.

Is the 1995 ford Taurus wagon a good car?

Yes, absolutely. It is a reliable and well-proportioned car. Also, with the convertibility, it adapts to new technologies very well.

Final Words

The 1995 ford Taurus is worth the investment if you are expecting advanced cars under budget. Also, due to the natural streamlined structure of this model, the appearance of the model becomes low and slick. It depicts the modern-day models from the inside and traditional ford classics from the outside. It is highly recommended by car experts globally. You can choose your car color and deal solely depending on your budget. All the best for your best moderate car hunt!

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