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Fix 5 Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valves Problems Easily Now!

ford fuel tank selector valves problems

The ford fuel tank selector valves problems are not common but equally irritating as other technical Ford problems. To tackle these issues in the fuel tank, you would need to identify the symptoms and trace their causes. The installation and maintenance tips are essential as well when it comes to preventing problems. Enjoy riding your ford stress-free and joyfully with no fuel tank problems.

In this article, you will read about the working of a fuel selector valve in detail. The ford fuel tank selector valves problems can cause fuel scarcity. Also, it can restrain the automobile system’s functions. The automobile works ineffectively due to lack of combustion. It is essential to keep a record of the regular maintenance of the dual-fuel system. Let’s get started with the introduction of the fuel tank selector valves now.

Fuel Tank Selector Valves: Introduction

Fuel Tank Selector Valves


The role of this system is to facilitate extra storage of fuel for emergency use in the automobile. It constitutes two different compartments, with a connecting valve system to regulates the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber respectively whenever it is required. This system is efficient and reliable in the condition of emergency. Many of the Ford models today shelter dual-fuel tank systems.


The working of a fuel tank selector valve is simple, unlike its wiring system. It starts with the button under the driver’s seat or on the right side of the steering wheel. When flipped by hand, a quick signal is sent to the selector valves to restrict fuel flow from one of the fuel tanks. The system constitutes many valves that work in correlation to regulate the fuel from the dual-fuel tanks in Ford.

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Like every other machinery component of automobiles, the system is naturally prone to defects over time of use. Usually, all of the defects that these system experiences are repairable. It is necessary to decode the symptoms and resolve the cause of the defect as soon as it is identified. There are a few peculiar causes of the ford fuel tank selector valves problems

Here are a few known causes:

  • A single fuel tank works, and the other one undergoes malfunction. 
  • The six selector valves do not work in correlation 
  • The valves do not work at all while the engine is on the run. 
  • The motor leading the system is at fault.
  • Either the valves are clogged, or the fuel filter is clogged. 

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Installation Of Fuel Tank Selector Valves

Installation Of Fuel Tank Selector Valves

When you buy a new dual fuel system, a fuel selector valve component comes as a set component. The manual that comes along with it might prove to be beneficial. The wiring of the system is a big concern while trying to install or remove the complete assembly. You can follow the same procedure in reverse to remove the system and reassemble it during ford fuel tank selector valves replacement.

Here is the ford fuel tank selector valve wiring diagram that might pose helpful. It might take you to risk but not if you read the instruction manual accurately. All the best interpreting the manual!

Maintenance Prevents Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valves Problems

To avoid ford fuel tank selector valves problems, you must maintain the system by regular cleaning and unit repairing. A regularly maintained system will rarely show any internal issues such as clogging. Also, you may release your system from abnormal opening and closing of the valve by maintenance. The most vulnerable assembly in this setup is wiring.

  • Start with manual checking of loose wire. 
  • Proceed to the valve control wiring on your dashboard.
  • Check the fuel filter, and clean if clogged. 
  • Release the assembly to check the valves and clean as required. 
  • Fix both of the tanks, and work on the inlets and outlets before you go. 

Fixing Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valves Problems

Fixing Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valves Problems

There occur different types of ford fuel tank selector valves problems in various ford models. You need to make a complete inspection to make the necessary repairs. Once you get the root problems fixed, you won’t face any issues while driving with a dual-fuel tank system. You can follow the guide given below to tackle the symptoms and the original causes. 

ProblemSolution (Step-By-Step)
The valves can not regulate opening and closing 1-Check the valve switch
2-Check for loose wiring and cable
3-Finally, go for the small motor and repair as required
There is no selector valve due to manual removal
(old ford car issues)
Go for a new fuel tank selector valve
Dominating front tank problem:
The front tank works well,
not allowing the rear tank to function properly.
1-Check the rear fuel tank pump functioning. If not, get a new rear tank
2-Unplug the pump frame and set the dash switch to the rear tank
3-Test the rear tank again. If it is not working, then replace
Overfilling of one of the fuel tanks1-Repair the defective tank
2-Repair the fuel pump
3-Only use the front tank

FAQs Related To Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valves Problems

What is the importance of the fuel selector valve in a Ford?

A dual-fuel tank only serves proficiently when they as assisted with a selector valve. Ford models have always tried to provide its loyal riders with the best quality product possible in the century. They possess dual fuel tanks that need fuel selector valves to be employed.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel tank selector valve?

The ford fuel tank selector valves problems show these symptoms:
1-Overflowing fuel from the fuel tanks.
2-Only one tank functions while the other stays empty.
3-The valve does not obey the button flip when the car is on start.
4-The fuel turns out oxidized due to atmospheric exposure.

How to test a bad fuel tank selector valve?

You will need to follow this test to confirm that your automobile is experiencing ford fuel tank selector valves problems.
1-Open the fuel tank pathways to the high-pressure and check
2-Take the duel line lose towards the transmission, tape it towards the side
3-Check if that results in a fuel pump jumping when the key is in run
4-Pressures over 5 psi ruptures the diaphragm
5-Run the system long enough to confirm the test
6-Do the same with the rear tank for check

Final Words

The ford fuel tank selector valves problems are easier to tackle when you know how it functions. You might have already found an appropriate solution to your problem by now. However, it is suggestible for you to hire professional maintenance performed. Ensure your system receives enough attention this time to get the worry off your head completely.

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