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Ford Focus Tire Pressure: Important Concern for Vehicle Maintenance

Ford Focus Tire Pressure

Ford Focus tire pressure is typically one of the heated concerns about safety. After hundreds of trials and estimations of vehicle dynamic make, the manufacturer determines the recommended tire pressure. When tires are cold, their normal pressure is between 32 and 40 psi (pounds per square inch).

The appropriate tire pressure is usually printed on a sign inside the driver’s side door on newer vehicles. The specs are generally found in the owner’s manual if there isn’t a label on the doorway. Tire inflation is crucial for safety and prevents excessive degradation, leading to early tire replacement. To avoid such issues, you should be mindful of your Ford Focus tire pressure.

Ford Focus Tire Pressure Types

Ford Focus Model YearFront tire SizeFront Tire Pressure
1998185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
1999185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
2000185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
2001185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
2002195/60/R15 H 8832 PSI/2.2 Bar
2003195/60/R15 H 8832 PSI/2.2 Bar
2004195/60/R15 H 8832 PSI/2.2 Bar
2005205/55/R16 V 9133 PSI/2.3 Bar
2006205/55/R16 V 9133 PSI/2.3 Bar
2007205/55/R16 V 9133 PSI/2.3 Bar
2008205/55/R16 V 9133 PSI/2.3 Bar
2009205/55/R16 V 9133 PSI/2.3 Bar
2010205/55/R16 V 9133 PSI/2.3 Bar
2011215/55/R16 H 9331 PSI/2.1 Bar
2012215/55/R16 H 9331 PSI/2.1 Bar
2013215/55/R16 H 9331 PSI/2.1 Bar
2014215/55/R16 H 9331 PSI/2.1 Bar
2015215/55/R16 H 9331 PSI/2.1 Bar
2016215/55/R16 H 9331 PSI/2.1 Bar
2017215/55/R16 H 9331 PSI/2.1 Bar
2018215/50/R17 W 9531 PSI/2.1 Bar
2019215/50/R17 W 9531 PSI/2.1 Bar
2020205/60/R16 H 96

Ford Focus Model YearRear tire SizeRear Tire Pressure
1998185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
1999185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
2000185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
2001185/65/R14 H 8632 PSI/2.2 Bar
2002195/60/R15 H 8832 PSI/2.2 Bar
2003195/60/R15 H 8832 PSI/2.2 Bar
2004195/60/R15 V 8832 PSI/2.2 Bar
2005205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI/2.1 Bar
2006205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI/2.1 Bar
2007205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI/2.1 Bar
2008205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI/2.1 Bar
2009205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI/2.1 Bar
2010205/55/R16 V 9130 PSI/2.1 Bar
2011215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI/2.1 Bar
2012215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI/2.1 Bar
2013215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI/2.1 Bar
2014215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI/2.1 Bar
2015215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI/2.1 Bar
2016215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI/2.1 Bar
2017215/55/R16 H 9330 PSI/2.1 Bar
2018215/50/R17 W 9530 PSI/2.1 Bar
2019215/50/R17 W 9530 PSI/2.1 Bar
2020205/60/R16 H 9630 PSI/2.1 Bar

Warning Signs for Low Ford Focus Tire Pressure

Warning Signs for Low Ford Focus Tire Pressure

Maintaining adequate tire inflation is critical to vehicle performance since the general health of your tires has an impact on your mobility. Premature tread wear and tire failure can be caused by under-inflation and over-inflation. Here are the five warning indicators of low tire pressure that you should be aware of.

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) — The TPMS warns you when your tire pressure is reduced, which can lead to reckless driving circumstances, excessive tire wear, and even tire failure.
  • Fuel Efficiency Below Average — Your car’s EPA-estimated fuel efficiency figure was calculated with fully inflated tires in mind. Greater engine power will be required if the tires are underinflated. So, check tire pressure if more of fuel is in use.
  • Flappy Noises — When you hear fluttering sounds while driving, it could be the sound of a slightly deflated tire slamming against the pavement. A common initial indicator of a flat tire is this.

Ford Focus Tire Pressure Sensor Fault?

Ford Focus Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

The notice “Tire Pressure Sensor Fault” implies that the detection and alarm system malfunctions (TPMS). There’s almost likely a problem with the tire pressure sensor or the device’s connection. The tire pressure sensor malfunction warning may display on your dashboards for various reasons.

  • Tire Pressure Sensor That Isn’t Working
  • The memory of the tire pressure sensor has been lost.
  • You changed your tires.
  • Tire Pressure Is Too Low

However, fixing such issues is pretty simple. But, you can also call up for professional help if you want to you can.

How to Check Tire Pressure in Ford Focus?

Proper compression improves grip and driving effectiveness, making you secure and conserving your money. Make a conscious effort to review it once a month at the very least. Let’s take a look at how to monitor your tire pressure and what to do if it’s too low or too high.

Getting Ready to Check Tire Pressure

When the tires are cold, which means your car has already been left sitting for at least 3 hours, you should check the inflation. It’s also a good idea to double-check the required PSI for your vehicle. This information can be found in the instruction booklet or on the driver’s side doorframe.

Checking Pressure using a Gauge

Place the pressure gauge over the valve stem and press down until the whistling stops. The tire pressure will then be shown on your gauge. The measurement pops up if you have a digital gauge. Keep a record of the readings on all four tires.

Changing the Pressure

If you have pressure differences in your tires, use an air compressor to fill them up. Check your specific air compressor instructions because they’re all a little different. Most petrol stations have your compressed air tool if you don’t have your compressed air tool.

How to Remove Tire Pressure Warning on Ford Focus?

How to Remove Tire Pressure Warning on Ford Focus?

Tire pressure falls 25% upwards of below the minimum tolerance in one or more tires, causing the tire pressure indicator to upplight on the Ford Focus. If the pressures are appropriate, but the light continues to illuminate, one of the pressure sensor devices may have a malfunctioning pressure sensor or an expired battery.

You will have to use the arrow buttons for navigation on the rear wheel and navigate the instructions on the touchscreen display to restore the tire pressure indicator light in the Ford Focus. Follow these simple steps to reset the tire-pressure indicator on your Ford Focus:

  • Browse through the menu using the up-and-down arrow keys until you find Settings, then press OK.
  • Press OK after scrolling to Driver Assist.
  • Press OK after scrolling down to Tire Monitor.
  • Now tap and hold the OK button.
  • Tap and hold the OK button until the statement ‘Tire Pressure Stored’ appears.

FAQs on Ford Focus Tire Pressure

For a Ford Focus, what is the recommended tire pressure?

According to the model’s electronic parts tire size, Ford has set the optimum tire pressure for Ford Focus tires at 32 psi to 31 psi to optimize drivability, fuel economy, and safety.

How much does a tire pressure sensor repair cost?

If TPMS sensors have to be changed, the price starts from $50 to $100 per sensor, based on the car model.

What is the location of the tire pressure sensor?

It is located inside the tire and is connected to the inner rim. When you take the tire off the rim, you’ll notice a little cylinder that houses the tire pressure sensor.


Monitoring the Ford Focus tire pressure is one of the vital components of routine tire maintenance, particularly for your own and others’ safety. Check the tire pressure in your Ford Focus once a month, as well as before a big journey or when hauling a heavy load. This will increase the durability of your Ford model and allow it to perform for a more extended amount of time.

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