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Ford Ranger Tailgate: A Safety Accessory for Ford Trucks in 2022

Ford Ranger Tailgate

The Ford Ranger tailgate is one of the most modern characteristics of Ford trucks. It’s a platform at the back of a pickup truck that’s used to drop off and pick up oversized freight in places where there aren’t any ports or elevators. As a result, the Rangers used for cargo delivery have been modified to provide a more comfortable ride.

However, there are many other aspects to consider when purchasing a tailgate truck. Durability, applicability, cost-effectiveness, and protection are all key considerations. So, the purpose of this post is to provide minute details about how to operate the Ford Ranger tailgate and whether or not it is a suitable vehicle for you. Let’s start with the general information on the usefulness of tailgates on Ford Trucks.

Benefits of Ford Ranger Tailgate

The advantages of a tailgate for Ford rangers, on the other hand, can alleviate common issues. You will acquire a comparative benefit by installing a tailgate. The following are a few reasons to buy a tailgate:

Enhanced Security

Power tailgates effectively function as a freight elevator, with workers stocking the system with anything they need to carry onto the trucks and then letting the machine handle the rest. As a result, it reduces the danger of damaged packages while being loaded.

Transportation that is Safer

On the other hand, a motorized tailgate is advantageous to your business in this regard because it reduces the possibility of spillage from the rear of your vehicle while in travel. As a result, the extent of harm to the goods is reduced.

Costs of Tires are Lower

The total weight of a truck tailgate can be improved by distributing it to all four tires rather than just the front two. However, with the addition of the attachment, tire expenses might be reduced by 40%.

Ford Ranger Tailgate Handle

Benefits of Ford Ranger Tailgate

The tailgate handle for your truck or SUV opens the tailgate or liftgate by releasing the tailgate lock. It is simple to harm your tailgate handle if the clasp becomes trapped or the mechanical linkage fails. It is feasible to substitute the handle and the other pieces that created the failure, whether it becomes entirely stuck or falls off.

Coat, black, chromium, embossed, and smooth tailgate handles are offered for local and import applications. To assure efficiency, quality, and longevity, they are evaluated for fit, shape, and functionality.

Ford Ranger Tailgate Handle Replacement

  • Disconnect the Tailgate cover and the handles access panel.
  • Take the Tailgate Handle out just by removing the 2 10mm nuts that clamp.
  • Sprinkle penetrating oil on the system and hooks on both sides and spray white grease before fitting new handle
  • Install the new handle in the tailgate and tighten it down with the 2 10mm nuts.
  • Restore the Tailgate cover and the access panel.

Ford Ranger Tailgate Cover

Tailgate covers are long rectangular pads that bend over, cover, and connect to the tailgate of your truck, as their name suggests. This forms a barrier between your motorcycles and your vehicle, keeping them from coming into direct contact and causing harm to both.

Tailgate caps can cost anywhere from $40 to $70, depending on various criteria such as your truck’s year, manufacture, and model. However, the following are some of the benefits of the Ford Ranger tailgate covers.

  • Safely transporting your equipment or luggage
  • Increased Organizational 
  • Security Value

Ford Ranger Tailgate Lock

Ford Ranger Tailgate Lock

Tailgate locks are driven by electricity and allow you to secure and release your truck’s tailgate. It provides excellent truck tailgate protection. As a result, it’s the ideal way to keep your Ford Ranger’s tailgate and cargo secure. Depending on your car’s year, manufacturer, and model, a tailgate lock might cost anywhere from $43 to $272. Thus, you can find them at a mechanic shop or even online for your convenience. 

Ford Ranger Tailgate Damper

Truck Tailgate damper makes it easy to use even while your hands are full, yet they prevent your tailgate from crashing down with a “thud.” This straightforward improvement can prolong the life of your tailgate while also improving the protection of operators, particularly children who may want to lend a hand. Installation of Ford Ranger Damper requires no drilling and includes all mounting hardware.

Tailgate dampers appear to be a divisive topic around here. However, if you decide to get one, they’re pretty cheap and straightforward to install.

How do you take the Tailgate off a Ford Ranger?

How do you take the Tailgate off a Ford Ranger?

The tailgate on your Ford Ranger secures cargo in the truck bed, but it can also be a burden if you’re hauling something particularly huge or long. You may also want to restore your tailgate if rusty or otherwise damaged.

  • The tailgate should be opened. Remove the tailgate holding straps from the connection points.
  • Using a forged steel screwdriver, pry open the fasteners that connect the straps to the anchor point.
  • Pull the straps ends up but toward the vehicle’s front.
  • Make a barrier between them and the anchor points.
  • Disconnect the right and left hinges from the tailgate.

Ford Ranger Tailgate Protection

Tailgates on pickup trucks are pricey, and once unlocked, they are pretty simple to uninstall. Many vehicles do not have tailgates that shut electronically with the door locks, even though some do. However, there are a few things you can do to safeguard the tailgate of your Ford Ranger.

  • Park it in your garage, which is locked.
  • Pull in near the garage door if you park in your driveway.
  • Install a lock on the tailgate.
  • Spend a few dollars on hose clamps.

FAQs on Ford Ranger Tailgate

Where to buy ford ranger tailgates?

You can get a look at various tailgate ranges through online marketplaces. Otherwise, many retail mechanical shops can help you choose the right kind of tailgate for your ford ranger.

What is the maximum weight capacity of a Ford Ranger Tailgate?

The tailgate on a Ford Ranger should support roughly 650 pounds.

What are the prices of tailgates?

Tailgates can range from a few $100 to $3,600 for those equipped with security cameras and other features. The average tailgate replacement costs $1,200.

Is it possible for you to stand on the tailgate?

It will not be a problem. Constant pressure on the tailgate will not harm the vehicle.

Concluding Thoughts

So, this was all about Ford ranger tailgate. The functionality of tailgates to provide a distributed weight on the vehicle is its working mechanism. However, if you are a person who owns a Ford ranger, then going for an installation of the tailgate is a good decision.

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