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Ford 460 Heads: The Earliest Value Engine for Trucks

Ford 460 Heads

Ford 460 heads act as one of the most ignored as well as an essential component in the vehicles. These are the hoods which generally cover up the combustion chamber of the car. It was considered the most appreciated engine as it replaced all its predecessor engines with a good fling.

As soon as Ford started the implementation of the use of Ford 460 heads as its main engine component, the sales, as well as the character of the Models, changed. This kind of head was used in Ford F-series trucks. The vehicle which used most of the Ford 460 V8 engine is the Econoline 350 van. However, the use of 460 had its own flaws and plus points, which makes it remarkable enough to remember by most of its old users. So, let’s get right into some of the specifications of the Ford 460 head.

Ford 460 Head: Engine Specifications

The “Ford 385” series of V8 engines, which also included the Ford 429 V8, included the Ford 460 V8 engine. Although these two engines turned out to be the final Ford V8 big block engines, they are still very well-liked among hobbyists today. Any driver would like to have a Ford 460 engine in their truck or recreational vehicle since it is dependable. It has enough strength to support a heavy load. Because of its toughness, you can purchase an early model and somehow still obtain the strong performance of the engine.

Length34 in.
Width30 in.
Height32 in.
Weight720 lbs.
Crankshaft Stroke 3.85 in.
Cylinder Bore4.36 in.
Horsepower365 hp @4600 rpm
Torque485 lb. ft. @2800 rpm
Compression Ratio10:5:1
Horsepower212 hp @4400 rpm
Torque342 lb. ft @2600 rpm
Compression Ratio8:5:1

Ford 460 Heads: Performance

Ford 460 Heads: Performance

Ford 460 was unique among its contemporaries during its duration in manufacturing. Since it is used in various cars, it was difficult to assess its precise performance. It indicated that the performance figures were uneven and varied.

No matter what year it was created, the Ford 460 engine has consistently been strong and reliable. It is a reliable engine that can run for more than 250,000 kilometres without breaking down. The Ford 460 engine is the best gas engine to equip in a Pickup truck, as the majority of drivers would state.

Ford 460 Heads: Fuel Economy

One of the strongest Ford motors is the 460, according to experts. It does, however, have several drawbacks, one of which is the problem with its fuel efficiency. It is well known that it uses too much fuel. Even some cars only get 10 miles per gallon or less.

Its fuel economy is also influenced by a number of factors. These factors include the model of the Ford automobile you are operating and the amount of cargo it is hauling or towing. The cheapest way to improve the gas economy is to avoid loading your car up with unnecessary weight since this will improve your gas mileage.

Your driving habits play a part as well. Your gas mileage will depend on how you apply the brakes and the gas.

Ford 460 Heads: Carburetor Size

In terms of the perfect carburettor for a Ford 460 engine, there are several options available. Thus, the extra good quality carburettor can also lead to a decline in the low fuel efficiency.

  • 9913 750 CFM Square Bore 4 Barrel Air Valve Electric Choke Remanufactured Carburetor
  • 0-80318-1 Carburetor 4160
  • 4300 Carb C84F-B
  • 0-80452 600 CFM Square Four Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Street Carburetor
  • 4160C 750 Cfm Universal Polished

Ford 460 Heads With Alloy

Alloy Heads are the most common type of material which are used in the making other than aluminium. However, these alloy heads are similar to most of the Ford series groups, but the changes in them continued with the change in the technology and model equipment. These alloy heads come in different shapes, mostly cylindrical.

These act as spring valves in the Ford 460, which provides better working for the combustion system of the car. However, these might cost as per the model number or as per the replacement issues. The average cost of the alloy heads falls under $200- $300.

Ford 460 Heads: Lifespan

Some owners of Ford 460 engines have stated that they had already travelled more than 200,000 kilometres. They haven’t yet performed any significant engine repairs. Some claim that once the engine has travelled more than 250,000 miles, extensive repairs are frequently needed.

Many people can vouch for the dependability of this powerplant. The fact that it can live for much more than 30 years is sufficient evidence of its extended longevity.

Difference Between Ford 400 and 460

A huge “coil” is cast into the cylinder of a 400 on the driver’s side, next to the converter. As said, a 460 includes a little section of straight bypass tubing connecting the input to the hydraulic pump and the liquid exit on the inflow. The water exit for 400 is located to the distributor’s right at the highest point of the block.

These few-minute differences between them do make a huge impact on the working and performance of the models. However, whatever the situation, it depends on the user and the activities to be done by the vehicle. Above all, both of these models do deserve equal appreciation.

How to Identify Ford 460 Heads?

Ford put tags designating the engine as a 460 on the valve lobes. Check for a metal badge with the motor identification connected either to the inlet manifold ahead of the carburettor or the firing coil on the rear of the motor if the sticker is missing or the shields have been altered.

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Ford 460 Heads vs Camshaft

Ford 460 Heads vs Camshaft

The cylinder head serves as the ceiling of the combustion chamber in an internal combustion engine and is located above the cylinders. The camshaft, on the other hand, is a component of the head itself. By way of a belt, link, or gears, this camshaft is linked to the crankshaft.

Thus, altogether, the heads, camshaft and crankshaft make up the whole combustion system of the cars. However, the main role of the head is to play most of the protection part. However, in the case of the camshaft, it plays most of the functional part of the engine. The replacement cost of heads might cause around $2000-$3500 (depending on the specific model). On the other hand, the replacement cost of the camshaft is about $2000-$3000 (depends on the issue/repairing costs/model series).

Ford 460 Heads: Best Kinds

The Ford Racing Cobra Jet head is arguably the greatest. The flow capacity of all the alternative 429/460 heads is most intriguing with these heads. The first iteration, which had an Autolite four-barrel carburettor and produced 365 horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque, was unveiled in 1968 and manufactured until 1972. Of all the 460s, this one has the most strength.

FAQs on Ford 460 Heads

Can you still drive a car with a blown head gasket?

Driving with a knocked head gasket will undoubtedly result in additional car problems. If you employ a temporary fix, you could be able to operate the automobile either for a week, or it could last for a few months.

Are Ford 460 heads bolts reusable?

A corroded head screw should never be utilized again. If the holes are vexed or severely damaged, a head bolt cannot be used again.

What is the Ford 460 Head Casting Number Location?

You can find the head casting number on the cylinder head’s top head.

Are Ford 460 Heads still in the making?

When Ford downsized its vehicles in 1979, the 460 was put out of production, but you might still discover it in 1990s E-series vans and F-series trucks.

What is the cost of ford 460 aluminium heads on eBay?

It starts from $28 to $500, as per the model.


The Ford 460 heads is a dependable engine, to which the answer is yes. A 460 would be ideal for any driver’s truck or recreational vehicle. Because of its strength, it can support large loads. Additionally, it is so sturdy that you may still experience tremendous engine performance even if you buy an earlier model.

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