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2005 Ford Freestyle: Overall Elaborative Review of the Underrated Model

2005 Ford Freestyle

Ford has a brand-new crossover wagon called the 2005 Ford Freestyle. It is based on a Volvo chassis and features all-wheel motion and safety features in addition to space for up to seven people. The Freestyle seems to have everything working for it except power. It offers incredibly comfortable six-person lodgings, lots of storage room, and sophisticated driving dynamics.

Carriages like the 2005 Ford Freestyle would undoubtedly be on any list of contemporary family mobility trends. The Freestyle features “progressive theatre seating” for the secondary and third rows with a great view from the cockpit. The cabin of Freestyle would be a typically enjoyable place to be. In addition to its spacious, comfortable seats, the wagon offers a clean, appealing dash design with clearly labelled controls.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Dimensions

Length199.8 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors74.4 in.
Height65.9 in.
Wheel Base112.9 in.
Seating Capacity6
Curb Weight4,112 lbs.
Tires TypeP215/65R17
Tires Size17 in. 
Front Head Room39.4 in.
Front Shoulder Room58.5 in.
Front Hip Room55.5 in.
Front Leg Room41.2 in.
Rear Head Room39.4 in.
Rear Shoulder Room58.0 in.
Rear Hip Room55.8 in.
Rear Leg Room40.2 in.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Exterior Looks

2005 Ford Freestyle: Exterior Looks

The exterior and the interior looks of the 2005 Ford Freestyle are considered exquisite. The exterior specifications come with two-point paint, and black chromes grilled. The exterior lighting of the main body makes it look like a beast in broad daylight as well. The halogen headlights and adjustable moonroof are featured a good amount of natural light inside the car. Above all, power-adjustable mirrors are its plus-one features.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Interior Looks

2005 Ford Freestyle: Interior Looks

The interior texture of the model comes in shades of pebble and shale colors. The seats of the car can come in different materials of leather or cloth. Some other features of the interior specifications of the model are a digital clock, folding bench, armrest, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and engine temperature gauge.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Battery and Transmission

Ford’s Freestyle is one of the most valuable SUVs on the market right now, and because of buyer anticipation and incentives, it has consistently been the best-selling utility vehicle. The 3.0 liter Duratec V6 engine in the Freestyle is available in its most modern incarnation, which now features electronically controlled management.

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size3.0 L
Horsepower203 hp @ 5,750 rpm
Torque207 lb. -ft @ 4,500 rpm
Drive TypeAll wheel drive
TransmissionContinuously variable-speed automatic

2005 Ford Freestyle: Fuel Economy

Fuel typeRegular unleaded
Fuel tank capacity19.0 gal.
Max Towing Capacity2,000 lbs.
Max Cargo Capacity85.2 cu. Ft.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Alternator

Alternators, a specific type of electric generator, are used in modern cars to power the power wiring while the engine is operating and recharge the battery. It is made in this direction at the head of the motor, and the engine’s conveyor belt powers it. But there is a lifespan for these alternators as well. Among the warning indications of an alternator in need of repair are:

  • dim lighting
  • Battery failure
  • accessories that aren’t working
  • Regular Stalling
  • gurgling sounds

To get assistance and a recommendation for a solution in this situation, you can, nevertheless, contact a professional. Most of the time, getting a new alternator is the best course of action. Replacement alternators for Ford Flex typically cost between $130 and $250.

2005 Ford Freestyle: AC Compressor and Filter

AC Compressor and filters for it are the most important as well the most common components which require most of the replacement. If proper care and maintenance are not maintained, this could cost a lot of money for you. However, in the case of the 2005 Ford Freestyle, the car does have an Ac compressor but is replaced with a plastic mesh for a filter. However, the average replacement cost for an AC compressor and filter in the 2005 Freestyle variants falls under the range of $400-$550.

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2005 Ford Freestyle: How to check Transmission Fluid

Maintaining the performance of your powertrain and your car depends on transmission fluid. Most car owners are aware that they must keep up with normal services, such as oil changes and tire replacements, in order to maintain their vehicles roadworthy. It’s a good idea to become aware of the warning indications that your hydraulic fluid may be running low.

  • Noises
  • Burning Odor
  • Leaky Transmissions
  • Slippery Elements
  • Engagement of Slow Gear
  • Poor Vehicle Acceleration

Thus, it is important for a regular check-up of your 2005 Ford Freestyle. Thus, it is also important to check up on the condition of the transmission fluid present.

  • Open the hood of your car while keeping the engine running. When checking the gearbox fluid, the car needs to be warm.
  • To find the transmission fluid tester on an upright engine, check behind the oil dipstick in the direction of the windshield.
  • Check to the right of your oil if your car has front-wheel drive. The dipstick for the gearbox fluid is probably next to the battery in your automobile.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Problems and Solutions

2005 Ford Freestyle: Problems and Solutions
Credits: Direct Auto Outlet

Despite its high level of dependability, the Ford Freestyle is susceptible to malfunctions with time. The most frequent issues across its model years are shown below:

  • Transmission Issues: Drivers claim that as soon as their check engine light came on, their engine would accelerate poorly and occasionally stall. In some cars, changing the transmission solved this issue.
  • Sudden loss of power: On the road, sudden power loss is a frequent issue. For the majority of the damaged automobiles, rebuilding and upgrading the transmission fixed the problem.
  • Break wear and tear: Many owners of the 2006 and 2005 Ford Freestyle have expressed dissatisfaction with the early wear on their rear brakes. In most cases, replacing damaged parts like rotors and brake pads fixes the problem.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Anti Theft Reset

Your Ford Anti-Theft System is intended to turn on when someone makes an attempt to start your car using a fake key or another duplicitous technique. You may now reset your settings by following a few easy steps.

  • Put the key into the door lock on the driver’s side.
  • To access the door, rotate the key once but not the entire way. For 40–60 seconds, maintain the key in this position.
  • This provides the system with enough time to detect your key. Repetition is required, but this time turn the key the other way.
  • Enter your Ford and turn the key in the door before starting the engine.

This will reset the system in your 2005 Ford Freestyle.

2005 Ford Freestyle: Pros and Cons

genuinely spacious six-passenger seatsadequate acceleration
plenty of room for freighta few subpar inside components
qualities of a balanced ride and performanceneither a navigation system nor a stability control.
A long array of safety attributes

2005 Ford Freestyle vs Escape

The series of Ford freestyle and Ford Escape was quite an exciting group of cars which made the easier driving a lot safer and more fun. However, with certain areas of similarities, Freestyle and Escape do have certain differences, which make Freestyle a more appropriate choice for users.

Body style5-door Crossover5-door SUV
Wheel size17 in.15 in.
Top Speed111.8 mph102.5 mph
Transmission 6-speed automatic5-speed manual
Engine V6 petrol 4-inline

2005 Ford Freestyle: Pricing


FAQs on 2005 Ford Freestyle

What is the firing order for the 2005 Ford Freestyle?

The firing order for the V6 engine for the 2005 Ford Freestyle.

Where is the map sensor located in the 2005 Ford Freestyle?

The MAP sensor is normally found on or near the valve body on the inlet manifold.

Does the 2005 Ford Freestyle has its own bolt pattern?

A 2005 Ford Freestyle has a 5×108 bolt pattern.

Where is the PCM located in 2005 Freestyle?

On this specific vehicle, the PCM might collect water because it is situated underneath the wiper hood component on the passenger end of the engine bay.

What are the location and use of the starter in the 2005 Ford Freestyle?

It is situated next to the suspension tower on the passenger seat firewall.

Where is the 2005 ford freestyle door code located?

The five-character security code should be in the glove section if you haven’t relocated the owner’s wallet card.

Concluding Thoughts

As a result, it’s tough to look away from the outward appearance of the 2005 Ford Freestyle. The features and characteristics make up for the mediocre interior design. So if you’re considering getting such a great SUV for your big, fat family, you can depend on it.

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