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Unique Things About 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch

The ford expedition gained a lot of attention in the early years of its launch. Today, it stands as one of the most reliable SUVs. One of the most demanded Ford production is the 2020 ford expedition king ranch. To understand the trim better, you will need to go through all the little specifications of the vehicle. The SUV-like structural built makes it a heavy-duty vehicle. One needs to consider many things before you buy a car. And most primarily, you will compare the price and reviews of the desired models. Consider this article a virtual showroom.  

The 2020 ford expedition king ranch is one of the privileged SUVs produced by Ford. Not just with the spatial availability and huge structure, but the car-like feeling it delivers to the riders is impressive for many. In this article, you will read everything about the king ranch trim of expedition. The reviews of experienced users of the models have been summarized for you. Read to acquire an insight into the model from the customer perspective. Also, you get to read the general queries raised by buyers.

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Specs

EngineV-6 3.5 Liters; Twin Turbo Premium 
Horsepower375 Hp @ 5,000 RPM
Torque470 Lb-Ft. @ 3,500
FuelRegular Unleaded
Drive TrainAll Wheel (4-wheel)
Body StyleSport Utility
Transmission10-Speed Automatic
Standard MPG 17 mpg city/22 hwy


2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch interior

The interior of this model is designed to serve around 6-8 people comfortably. The seats are well cushioned to provide smooth trips experience for riders. Also, the seats are equipped with the best gripping pockets to hold necessary car materials such as water bottles and tissues. The interior design of the car is very thoughtful as it considers all convenience of the riders. The bonus is the designed interior style and incomparable standard comfort.

Front headroom 42″
Front legroom43.9″
Rear headroom41.5″
Rear legroom32.6″
Front hip room62″
Rear hip room 63″
Shoulder room (Front & Rear) 65″
Cargo capacity104.6 Cu.Ft.
Luggage capacity20.9 Cu.Ft.
Seating 7

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The exterior of this model is quite detailed as well. Customers often acquire the first impression of the cars with their exterior specifications. This SUV facilitates a lot of space for comfortable and well-ventilated riding. There are three prominent colors of the model, which can also be considered as the primary palette. The burgundy is one of the favorites and most selected colors for buyers today, while black and white remain an all-time choice.

Length210.0 “
Width79.9 “
Height76.4 “
Ground clearance9.8 “
Wheelbase 122.5 “
Rear track67.6″
Front track67.2″

Safety Features

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Safety Features

Safety has become of the priority after advanced technological instrumentation. This vehicle provides security to the owners with a smart locking system and efficient warning systems. Modern-day cars hold the upper hand when it comes to making the appropriate employment of powered components for easy driving. The safety features offered by the king ranch trim of expedition are worth its demanded rates.

  • Pre-collison assistance
  • Adaptive cruise system
  • Auto-adjusting headlamps
  • Camera with 360 degree split view
  • Washer jet front and rear
  • Lane maintaining system


The 2020 expedition king ranch is rated 7 out of 10 overall. The model holds the 7th rank in the list of most reliable SUVs. The car performance or efficiency was averagely rated, the interior and exteriors are highly rated, while the value for money of this model is rated a little more than average. The model is appreciated for its readiness for all kinds of trips. Here are some important pros and cons of the model that you need to know before confirming the purchase.

✔️ Best towing capacity Heated steering is tough to operate
✔️ Attractive and Sportive Air conditioning buttons are small
✔️ Generous interior space8-inch small infotainment display system
✔️ Advanced entertainment systemHeavy body and problem with parking
PROs And CONs Of The Model

2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Price Analysis

To stay updated on the values of the king ranch expedition is quite essential. This factor helps the buyers to make a final decision. The market interest hugely affects the original rates of the model. If you are choosing to buy the brand new 2020 ford expedition king ranch, it might cost you around $74,000 to $80,000. While the second-hand or used model will only demand you for $40,000-$50,000 on averagely maintained expedition SUVs.

FAQs Related to 2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch

What is the difference between the 2020 ford expedition king ranch vs platinum?

The interior and exterior difference makes the two models ideally demanded by customers who have specific needs. Both the models are efficient and luxurious but, you can choose your deal according to personal preference.
The soft leather seat cushions are a bonus feature for king ranch, while the cargo space and sleek features are the best of the platinum edition.

What is the 2020 ford expedition king ranch towing capacity?

The heavily built SUV 2020 ford expedition king ranch possesses the capacity of towing around 15,300 pounds.

Which 2020 ford expedition king ranch floor mats will be worth it?

You can buy ford expedition from amazon, ford parts catalog, and eBay. These are some of the well compatible and comfortable floor mats for ford expedition king ranch:
1) Maxliner Smartliner
2) WeatherTech DigitalFit
3)Husky Liners

Is the 2020 ford expedition king ranch a good SUV?

Yes, Absolutely. The model is one of the well-balanced SUVs structured by the brand. It certainly takes the credit of the value of money for its efficient performance and high-class comfort. Also, the advanced convenience features of the model have proved to be impressive for many.

Final Words

You know what it takes to purchase a ford expedition of the king ranch trim. You will be able to make a proper decision on this matter. The 2020 ford expedition king ranch is one of the most reputed SUVs of Ford. If you are a ford enthusiast, you must be well aware of the king ranch craze. You know everything about the model to proceed with comparisons and purchases. Make the right choice for your family and yourself. Hopefully, you enjoyed the virtual showroom!

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