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1998 Ford Escort: The Best Affordable Car With Standard Features

1998 Ford Escort

The model 1998 ford escort is one of the handiest cars manufactured by Ford. It is one of the proper middle-class sedans available for small families. The proficient smooth looking car earned a lot of attention during the first year of its release. However, it lost the renounce to other advancing models with higher upgrades and better features. The 4-cylinder engine system supports a 5-speed automatic transmission. It provides a premium quality driving experience to all of its riders.

In this article, you will read about the middle-class sedan in minute detail. The 1998 ford escort has efficient fuel economy and serves all base needs of mileage under affordable rates. Study the interior, exterior, and safety functions to analyze the pricing yourself. The only way to own a cost-efficient sedan car is to compare the standard vehicle options based on specifications and maintenance requirements.

1998 Ford Escort Specs

1998 Ford Escort Specs
Engine4 cyl, 2.0 L
Horsepower130 hp @ 5750 rpm
Torque99 @ 3000 rpm
FuelRegular Unleaded
Drive TrainFront Wheel
Body StyleCoupe
Transmission5-Speed Manual
Standard MPG 22 mpg city/31 hwy


1998 Ford Escort Interior

The 3rd generation ford escort was offering a high-class ride to all of its customers in the 1990s. The model was effectively running through the years till other competitors made their way with much better features and much better prices. The interior is not fancy, but it possesses a stylish look and standard feels, and it was rarely affordable. The digital instrumentation was a bonus significance of the models manufactured in the 90s. Here are the original model dimensions measured. Keep in mind that it might change with differences in trims.

Front headroom 39″
Front legroom42.5″
Rear headroom36.7″
Rear legroom34″
Front hip room50″
Rear hip room 49.4″
Shoulder room (Front & Rear) 51.6″
Cargo capacity12.8 Cu. ft.
Seating 5


1998 Ford Escort Exterior

The exterior of the car is finely powered and possesses all the necessary features neatly. This sporty coupe was redesigned structure of the Mazda Protégé. The exterior 1998 ford escort colors are available in a healthy range of 14 different ones. However, the interior is cushioned with a blending slate blue color. The color of the exterior and interior imprint a particular impression on the customers while checking it for the first time. You can find all the technical information of the model below.

Length210.0 “
Wheelbase 98.4″

Safety features

Many features of this model, in cooperation with one another, facilitate safe riding to the customers. The specifications that made it different from the rest was the smooth riding experience. All the employed features of the car are rated highly reliable and averagely comfortable. The standard child lock system was employed by the time this model came up. Also, good-quality seat belts were available for better grip.

Trim comparisons

AspectsLXSE ZX2″COOL”ZX2″Hot”
Average Price:$11,430$12,730$11,580$13,080
Vehicle:Compact Compact Subcompact Subcompact
Convenience features: Power steeringKeyless entryCenter ConsolePower steering
Audio System: FM/AM Radio FM/AM Radio FM/AM Radio FM/AM Radio
Air conditioning:Front Front AllAll
Windows: Intermittent, Tinted  Intermittent, Rear defogger, Tinted Intermittent Intermittent, Tinted

Rating and Reviews

The ratings of these vehicles expose their vulnerabilities and strengths. The experienced users of the model chose to rate the car 4.3/5 stars on a commercial level. The value for money for this vehicle is reviewed as fulfilling and satisfying. The performance is highly rated, while the exterior and interior were rated a little above the average. Here are the most awaited pros and cons that every escort enthusiast search for while deciding on a purchase.

✔️ Less oil maintenance is required Poor resale value
✔️ It has the value for the demanded price Is average in performance
✔️ Greatly economicNo advanced sound system available
✔️ Efficient longevityExpensive repair
✔️ Roomy car with foldable seatsNoisy on road
PROs And CONs Of The Model

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1998 Ford Escort Value

It would help if you kept yourself updated on the pricing of your desired model. The model’s original price is different from the current price because the models face a lot of competition while it is in the market. All eligible ones were competing for a reputable position in the demanding market. And many technological advancements have gifted society with much better machines and high-order vehicles.

The original 1998 ford escort price was $11,000-$13,000. The price of a new model is all the same, but if you are buying a second-hand model, you might find a much cheaper deal. Do consider that if you buy a second-hand model, there would be a heavy maintenance requirement. Enjoy the ford escort smooth ride for an affordable price.

FAQs Related To 1998 Ford Escort

How do you remove an alternator from a 1998 Ford Escort?

1) Disconnect your battery with a socket wrench.
2) Remove the coolant bottle.
3) Remove the two bolts, the top bolt and the bottom.
4) Remove the oil filter
5) Drain the pan underneath
6) Remove the bolt connecting the alternator case.
7) Pull the 1998 ford escort alternator off and take the electric connectors out, and it’s done!

What are 1998 ford escort usual complaints?

1) Failing of constant control relay module.
2) Valve seats fall out cylinder head (noises).
3) Crack between the cylinder valves.
4) Distributor staff O-ring leaks oil.

How much does a 1998 ford escort weigh?

The ford escort manufactured in 1998 weighs around 2478 lbs. (1124.002kg).

Why was ford escort discontinued?

In 1999, Ford replaced the model series with a more improvised model series known as ford focus. After that, the ford escort model slowly lost its market recognition.

Final Words

The 1998 ford escort is not a luxury car and would not serve any of your high expectations. However, it is reliable and handy for first-time riders. Many users of the vehicle have claimed that the model performs averagely. This model was started in 1990 and lingered on the top demands till 2003. Today the model is lost in the higher class technically advanced systems of automobiles competing for its position. It stands to represent the 1990s to the old school ford enthusiasts.

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