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Is the 1977 Ford Thunderbird A Good Choice?

1977 Ford Thunderbird

The 1977 ford thunderbird is one of the highly demanded cars of the 70s & 80s. Today in 2021, the car has regained the attention of advanced vintage car lovers due to the qualitative features of classics. And Also, due to its adaptability to modern technology. There must be many questions striking you all at once. What makes it worthy of a car deal? What is the maintenance expense it covers? And many more related to this particular classic model.

You need not get worried about anything because all the collective data regarding the model is expressed here. All of your curiosities are answered in the forthcoming sections of specifications and value charts. You can refer to these data before you proceed with your idea of purchasing the 1977 ford thunderbird in 2021. Deciding on a car for yourself and the family can be difficult.

Even if you are not much of a family person, the difficulty with the right vintage car purchase for your collections can be a headache as well. Tackle the problems by making a background check on the models in your bucket list. To start, let’s go back to the times of the model launch. 


The thunderbird series of ford production was one of the most successful model series manufactured and launched by ford in the old era. The 1977 ford thunderbird is supposedly the seventh generation of the thunderbird series released into the market. It was primarily structured to provide a luxurious ride. The appearance of the car was quite prominently rectangular which sharp-edge cut exterior features. It was related to the usual structure of the Mercury Cougar and played the replacement for the Ford Elite

1977 Ford Thunderbird Specs

1977 Ford Thunderbird Specs
Engine302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8 
351 cu in (5.8 L) 351W V8 
351 cu in (5.8 L) 351M V8
400 cu in (6.6 L) Cleveland V8
Horsepower130 BHP (95.68 KW) @ 3400 RPM
135 BHP (99.36 KW) @ 3200 RPM
173 BHP (127.328 KW) @ 3800 RPM
Torque243 Ft-Lbs (329 NM) @ 1600
275 Ft-Lbs (373 NM) @ 1600 RPM
326 Ft-Lbs (442 NM) @ 1600 RPM
Drive TrainRear Wheel
Body StyleFixed-head coupé
TransmissionSelectShift XPL Automatic
FMX Automatic
Standard MPG 12 mpg
Seating4/5 seater


977 Ford Thunderbird interior

The interior is a well-proportioned mixture of Ford Elite, Mercury Cougar, and Mercury Montego. The interior of the car has got a fine cloth finish, a basic dashboard, and also it comes with an ashtray on the doors. You can enjoy the old FM/AM stereo system with the help of the antique antenna on its hard rooftop. The fine-cushioned finishing of the interior can make people decide on this car over all the rest. The luxury features of the vehicle are particularly impressive.

Front headroom 37.3″
Front legroom42.1″
Rear headroom36.2″
Rear legroom32.6″

There is more than one thing that one needs to consider while going for a car. Above are the interior dimensions that include the statistical analysis of cargo space, sitting convenience, and features for drivers and passengers. Now, let’s proceed with further information about the car model.

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The 1977 ford thunderbird exterior of the car carries a famous vintage sharp edge structure. The original mirror is not power-equipped. However, the owners today can change them easily while working on the restoration process. The model is differentiated in a manner to showcase its peculiar design from its relative models. The window pillars are one of the most interesting modifications performed by the Ford designers. Below is the dimension of the best-selling ford thunderbird model of the 1970s and 80s. 

Wheelbase 114.0″
Front Track63.2″ 
Rear Track63.1″

Only the specifications do not serve the purpose. While planning to purchase a vintage thunderbird production, you will need to go through all kinds of analyses, such as the price and reviews. Below are the value evaluations of thunderbird made in 2021. Keep reading to understand how experienced users feel about the car.

1977 Ford Thunderbird Value

1977 Ford Thunderbird Value

A ford thunderbird is one of the most successful model series created by Ford. Especially the 7th generation thunderbird, and it lifted the market standards of the brand in the years between the 70s-80s. Today the values of these models have reduced, yet the market of ford enthusiasts still expects quality models. The model is a living representation of old American fashion. Here we have the value evaluation made by the vehicle experts.

  • Concours: $16,000
  • Excellent: $8,100
  • Good: $5,400
  • Fair: $2,900


The car was intentionally made into a lowrider because of the onset of fashionable small or less space-consuming cars. The vehicle had become highly popular as the ‘personal luxury‘ in the 1970s and even in the earlier 80s. The reviews of this vehicle still rage every time there is an announcement of the sale. Even though the models produced today are way more functional than the thunderbird of 1977, the vintage influence persists. Below are the pros and cons of the model collected from experienced users.

✔️ Easy and convenient driving Big boaty structure
✔️ Attractive and Sportive Low Mileage
✔️ Smooth rideLess parking spaces can hold the size
✔️ Vintage feel inside outHeavy body
PROs And CONs Of The Model

FAQs Related To 1977 Ford Thunderbird

How much does a 1977 ford thunderbird weigh?

The thunderbird produced in 1977 weighs around 3910 lbs (~1773 kg).

What is the 1977 ford thunderbird bolt pattern?

The wheel bolt pattern for thunderbird manufactured in 1977 is 5×114.

Where to find a 1977 ford thunderbird rear bumper?

You can find compatible ford thunderbird rear bumpers online without needing to step out of your house. There are some sites which provide the spare parts of all types of cars, even classics. The most reliable ones are:
1) eBay
2) Ecklers
3) CARiD

How many 1977 ford thunderbirds were made?

In the year 1977, ford manufactured around 318,140 models of thunderbird

Why did ford stop making thunderbird?

The modification of the model into roomier and four-seater versions received good reviews. However, the company could not bear the making expenses nor justify the continuation of the model.

Final Words

You are now at the end of the article and have gained enough knowledge regarding the 1977 ford thunderbird. It is time for you to make the final decision. You can reach certified dealers online and fix a beneficial deal without needing to step out of your house. To make sure you are targeting the legal models, you might need to request and cross-check the vehicle documents from the dealers. All the best on your vintage car purchase, and happy riding!

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