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How Special is the Convenient 2003 Ford Windstar?

2003 Ford Windstar

The 2003 ford Windstar is one of the best-in-class minivans introduced by Ford. It has received excellent reviews from genuine users who are experienced. The van achieves higher speed better than any other van due to its miniature structure. If you are searching for something reliable and long-lasting for yourself and your family, then this minivan is the best choice for you. It is one genuinely travel-oriented cargo van. But, how do you trust online buying guides? 

You may take your trust in these reviews and details in this article because all the data is actively collected from various resources with a genuine reputation. Many technical and unique data regarding the 2003 ford Windstar are expressed in the later sections of the article. Other than the reviews, you can read about the model technicalities, pricing, special features, and trim comparison. Also, the FAQs will help you get cleared further. 

2003 Ford Windstar Specs

Engine3.0 L Vulcan V6 3.8 L Essex V6
Horsepower200 hp @ 4900 rpm
Torque240 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm
FuelRegular Gasoline
Drive TrainFront Wheel
Body Style3-4dr minivan
Transmission4-Speed Automatic
Standard MPG 16 mpg city/22 hwy


2003 ford windstar interior

The interior of this model bears all the major specifications such as advanced convenience features, comfortable driving, convenient components, and safety features. The cargo space is clear and well-ventilated. The model possesses stylish sliding doors and well-cushioned seats comfortable arrangement for around seven people to travel. However, the interior features are only 25% of the factor influencing the buyer to purchase the vehicle. Here are the technical details of the car-like van that you need to know.

Front headroom 39.3″
Front legroom40.7″
Rear headroom41.1″
Rear legroom38.6″
Front hip room57.9″
Rear hip room 60.8″
Front Shoulder room 60.9″
Rear Shoulder room 63.2″
Cargo capacity136.4 Cu. ft.
Ground Clearance5.9″
Seating 6

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Then comes the other 25% of the influencing factor. The exterior is the face to be represented, while the interior is the value that makes a van rideable. You can get the right minivan suitable to your transport needs as you get acquainted with the possibly high and low prices paired with the quality of features available. The exterior of this model is proportionate and stylish as compared to other vans produced in the 2000s.

The colors of the vehicle are modest and universal. Here are the technical 2003 ford Windstar dimensions of the car-like van.

Wheelbase 120.7″
Front track64.3″
Rear track63″

Special features

2003 ford windstar features

Special features are a bonus to the interior and exterior styling. It can include convenience features and also safety features of a model. This particular model focuses on intense security features such as a child lock system and tire condition monitor. The steering is covered with full leather, and the front passenger seat is entirely powered for an effortless driving experience.

Along with the standard system, the interior possesses a lot more features. These are some of the additional features for the convenience and safety of the passengers.

  • Reverse sensors
  • Heated seats
  • Child safety locking
  • Climate control
  • Condition monitor
  • Antilock system
  • Rear-seat audio control

Trim comparison

Average Price:$26,315 – $27,870$29,230$31,835$34,825
Air Conditioning:Rear air conditioning Climate control Climate controlClimate control
Convenience Feature:Remote keyless entry16″ painted aluminum Wheels
Rear air conditioning
Driver Lumbar support
Heated mirrors
Leather seats
driveline traction control
front seat heated-cushion
Parking assist
Audio System:CD player
Auxiliary input
CD player
Auxiliary input
Rear seat audio control
MP3 Player (optional)
CD player
Auxiliary input
Rear seat audio control
MP3 Player (optional)
CD player
Auxiliary input
Rear seat audio control

2003 Ford Windstar Reviews

2003 Ford Windstar Reviews

The user of this model considers it reliable and long-lasting. Although the model is not a flawless one, it still offers standard instrumentations at an affordable price. The performance of the model is averagely rated, while the interior and exterior designs were highly satisfactory. The reliability is averaged rated, and the comfort and convenience of the model turn out to be highly impressive. The overall ratings of this minivan are 4.4 out of 5. All of these reviews, when taken into account proves, the van is worth a try.

✔️ Powerful engine Poor handling
✔️ Many interior features Noisy engine
✔️ Safety equipment availablePoor reliability ratings
✔️ Smooth riding experienceLess interior space
✔️ Nice exterior and interior look Regular components prone to defects
PROs And CONs Of The Model

2003 Ford Windstar Price

Price analysis is one of the necessary factors influencing a purchase after reading the reviews. The price of the model may vary as per the condition of the model. If you opt for a brand new ford Windstar of 2003, it will cost you around $25,000-$30,000. However, if you opt for a used minivan, it will cost you around $12,000-$15,000. Do not proceed with a biased mind and evaluate the pricing logically. Deciding on the approach will help you manage your finance.

FAQs Related To 2003 Ford Windstar

Is a 2003 Ford Windstar a good car?

Yes, Absolutely. The Ford Windstar is a low-priced standard model which provides an excellent riding experience for a long time when maintained well.

What kind of fluid does a 2003 ford Windstar transmission take?

The transmission fluid used in 2003 manufactured ford Windstar is Mobil 1 Synthetic Transmission Fluid Dexron/Mercon, and the amount needed to make the system function 1 Quart.

How reliable is a 2003 Ford Windstar?

The model can be used for more than 600,000 miles with proper maintenance. Also, it serves to all-purpose starting from the family trips and even for the high school meets.

How to change the 2003 ford Windstar alternator?

1) Disconnect the battery
2) Move aside the tensioner belt
3) Unscrew the top bolts
4) Disconnect the chum connector in the alternator
5) Pull the alternator out

What battery for 2003 Ford Windstar?

The battery used in the ford Windstar 2003 is Group Size 65, 650 CCA.

Why is my 2003 ford Windstar shaking?

Some of the common reasons your car is experiencing abrupt shaking are tire issues, engine misfiring, brake system issues, engine mount issues, and suspension issues.

What is the 2003 ford Windstar firing order?

The firing order of ford Windstar manufactured in 2003 is 1-4-2-5-3-6.

How much is a 2003 ford Windstar catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter costs around $1500-$2000 depending on the reliability and longevity of the core materials.

Final Words

The 2003 ford Windstar is one of the most convenient vans produced in the early 2000s. The model earned the trust of the consumers and confidence in the brand right after its release. Historically, this model series was started in 1995. After 2003, the series was renamed Mercury Monterey. The model today is still acknowledged by its old name. This old-school car-like van is the best pick for high-quality features at an affordable rate. 

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