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3-Point Ford Super Duty Steering Box Upgrade

Ford Super Duty Steering Box Upgrade

While riding a Ford automobile, it is general to experience steering problems. There are many ways of adjusting the steering position and functionality, but true ford enthusiasts get curious about how the professional performs a ford super duty steering box upgrade? The methods that involve a steering box upgrade are typically adjustment and replacement. It is carried out with well-assisted tools when it calls for professionals to the service.

The professional technicians will take a few hours to perform all the upgrades with their experience and skills. However, when it comes to the general users of ford, though it is not impossible, the manual might be tough to interpret and proceed with. It is worth a try as you potentially save around $100 on labor charges for carrying out a ford super duty steering box upgrade.

Super Duty Steering Box: Introduction


The steering gearbox in an automobile plays a crucial role in determining the proper response conveyed in reaction to the steering inputs. The system is responsible for bearing the control of the complete automobile, the direction of movement, and balancing. The working of a steering box primarily depends on the type of gear it bears.


The working is based on the principle connectivity of the box to the frame and wheels. The setup posing as a crucial component in the automobile is used optimally to enjoy a smooth and safe ride. The setup might require a ford super duty steering box upgrade to keep performing through the rough in a Ford product.


The system many times through the duration of riding experiences many specific problems. These problems need to be identified via symptoms. They showcase peculiar symptoms rooting to various defects in the system. As soon as a defect is identified, one must take action on the fixture to prevent accidents due to steering failure.

Here are some of the problems:

  • Tight steering wheel: Occurs when the system is devoid of hydraulic pressure and due to build-up of heat.
  • Leaking power steering fluid: This shows up when you have a loose steering fitting due to a broken gasket or further higher technical problems.
  • Failing gearbox: The bad lubrication of the system might cause your gearbox to fail. This makes you witness a rough automobile control.
  • Burning oil odour: When the steering wheel leaks oil during a heat build-up, you will experience a peculiar smell of burnt oil.

Analyzing The Problems

Here is how you can analyze the problems further:

  • Check the rack and pinion system for worn-out components.
  • Check the functioning of the steering while keeping the car stationary.
  • Check for the minimum and maximum turn your wheel experiences.
  • Check the front and the rear wheels separately.
  • Check for the shaking and loosely functioning components of the system.

Ford Super Duty Steering Box Adjustment

When you experience loose steering that causes death wobbles, you need to adjust your steering box by tightening and loosening the required component. To ford super duty steering box upgrade, first, you would need to learn to adjust the main problem of loosened steering nuts. It is usually fixed by following these three steps mentioned below on repeat. 

A step-by-step guide to adjusting loose steering box:

  • Locate the allen bolt and locknut of 5/8″ near the radiator in the steering box.
  • Turn the allen bolt clockwise to tighten the gear mesh while slowly loosening the locknut.
  • Keep repeating this sequence to adjust your steering box till you are satisfied with the performance. 

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Ford Super Duty Steering Box Replacement

The replacement is the ultimate ford super duty steering box upgrade for your ford model. The car does not tend to manage with the old steering setups once they get worn out. In this case, you will have to replace the complete steering box, and excitingly the new steering box setup can be of your choice and preference type. Here are the five easy steps to perform the ultimate upgrade:

  • Raise the car supported on the jack stand to access the components under it.
  • Remove the tires and disconnect the tie rods before you start on anything else.
  • The pre-existing steering rack and gear box visible are can now be unbolted and removed easily.
  • Fill the system with new fluids after you install the new setup. 
  • Carefully reposition the car after removing the lifting jack. 

A steering box setup determines the smooth-riding experience in a car. Make sure you choose one only after proper research if you wish to experience high-quality driving on your ford truck. A ford super-duty steering box upgrade service will be commercially available within $850-$1000. You can skip the replacement labor payment by getting involved with your ford automobile technically.

FAQs Related To Ford Super Duty Steering Box Upgrade

When should I replace my steering box?

Perform the ford super duty steering box upgrade as soon as the symptoms show up. The general symptoms are uncontrollable steering, shaking steering, and trouble when driving at lower speeds. Consider a check-up as soon as you observe disturbances.

Can a steering gearbox result in death wobble?

No, not every steering problem leads to death wobble. The foremost cause of death wobble is loose steering, which can be due to a damaged steering setup component. However, sometimes improper installation of steering box components can cause the problem.

How much is a steering gearbox, and what does the replacement cost?

The steering gearbox setup is commercially available in the range of $600-$800. The professional technicians might charge you a labor cost ranging between $150-$200 for replacement and installation depending on the quality of the ford super duty steering box upgrade service.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the processes related to the ford super duty steering box upgrade, you might as well try your luck and save some bucks in this matter. Be careful while dealing with the connections and wiring in the setup. Make sure you are following the guide thoroughly, else you might end up ruining the system irreversibly. Enjoy getting acquainted with your favorite Ford model technically!

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