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Must-Read Before Buying Ford Transit 350 High Roof: Genuine Critics

ford transit 350 high roof

The model ford transit 350 high roof is one of the best qualitative picks for cargo van enthusiasts. It is typically popular because of its best quality driver-friendly features, comfortable passenger space, and the ultimate high roof specialty. Overall, the model stands out to be fascinating as well as modern. However, there are some peculiar aspects of the automobile that might not suit your taste or requirements. Going through the details and the reviews will help you make the final decision.

To avoid any passive regrets, you must go through all specifications related to the model. In this article, you will discover the less known facts about a ford transit 350 high roof that gives the real essence to its designed structure. Once you are sure about the specifications and features of the model, deciding against demanded price becomes easier. Also, you can go through some frequently asked questions related to the car.

Ford Transit 350 High Roof: Features And Specifications


Interior Ford Transit 350 High Roof: Features And Specifications
Front Head Room57 “
Rear Head Room 65 “
Front Shoulder Room68 “
Rear Shoulder Room 71 “
Front Hip Room 61 “
Rear Hip Room70 “
Front Leg Room41.3 “
Rear Leg Room 33.7 “
Luggage Capacity 107.0 Cu.Ft.
Maximum Cargo Capacity 382.6 Cu.Ft.
Standard seating12

No matter how the car is presented professionally with its glimmering exteriors, the ideal structure of the automobile portrayal is by the interiors. While you are involved in examining an interior, it is suggestible for you to carry a manual original dimension guide. A cargo van can undergo professional extensions as well. However, before you sign up for an extension, check for possible seat adjustments. Below is the table bearing all necessary interior dimensions.

The interior of the ford transit 350 high roof consists of seats as the main component, the steering, and the dashboard as the central control system. And the door locks, air conditioning, pockets, interior lightings as the convenient components of the interior. A cargo van provides extensive duty bearing the ultra engine quality to its service. The amenities of modern-day vehicles are studded into this model as if jewels to the bridal braid.


Ford Transit 350 High Roof: Features And Specifications
Length 235.5 “
Body Width81.3 “
Body Height 108.6 “
Wheelbase 148.0 “
Curb 6,534 lbs.
Gross Weight 9,250 lbs.

The exterior of the car bears all that it requires to present as a modern-day automobile. The best in quality raw materials used to prepare the surrounding décor of the automobile holds supreme credit and earns face value for the van. The exterior usually consists of a frame (chassis), wheels, headlights, and bumpers. Also, the doors and the windows are considered components of the exterior. 

It is necessary to check on the exterior as it is to check thoroughly through the interior. If you could not pay attention to the exterior details, you would not realize the worth of this ford transit 350 high roof model. The system is easy to understand when you can discover the layer of the mechanism. Let’s proceed to the dimensions. 

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Performance Ford Transit 350 High Roof

While deciding on a purchase, you must also consider interior, exterior, and performance. The performance of an automobile (ford transit 350 high roof ) holds more points of critics than any other. This model was employed with dual powertrains. The base engine bears power within 3.5 liters V-6 producing around 275 hp in the regular setting. It liberates 262 lb-ft of torque in standard form. The turbocharger employed delivers 310 hp at 3.5 liters V-6 functioning with 410 lb-ft of torque.

Base Engine Size3.5 Liters
Base Engine TypeV-6
Horsepower275 Hp/6,500 rpm
Torque262 Lb-Ft./3,750 rpm
Payload2,650 Lbs.
Maximum Towing Capacity4,000 Lbs.
Drive Type All-WheelTurning radius 23.9 ”

In the end, but not least, the focus of reviewing a ford transit 350 high roof comes down to the main functionality. The reviews of genuine users are 85% in favor of the model. The dynamic engine duty and efficient fuel mileage win the hearts of cargo van enthusiasts. The automobile performance always depends on all the components it bears.

FAQs Related To Ford Transit 350 High Roof

Which Ford Transit has a high roof?

The ford transit 350 high roof model LWB EL possesses the highest roof in the series. The height stands as tall as 6ft. 4in. And it weighs around 7000lbs when the tank is full. This Cargo Van holds a special position in the hearts of Ford enthusiasts.

What is the difference between a 250 and 350 transit?

The high roof series of Cargo Vans manufactured by Ford possesses two similar models, namely distinct by 250 and 350. The only difference in their building is the suspension. The model 350 is more capable of taking heavy loads than the model 250. The same applies to model 150, which is further less capable of taking on heavy tasks.

What is the seating capacity of the ford 350 transit high roof?

The seating capacity of the ford 350 transit high roof, including the driver seat, is 12. It is just the perfect family Cargo Van one can own. The high roof feature adds more space to the car, and hence it is quite a pick for people who love vacations and family trips. Hence, it is a unique pick.

How much does a ford 350 transit high roof cost today?

The model is one of Ford’s best efficient Cargo Van production, sells at $50,000 in the market today. It is reviewed as a cost-efficient model, assisted with quality specifications and features.

How much longer is the extended ford transit 350?

The ford transit 350 high Roof’s extended dimension is measured 148″ with the extension employed at the back wheels of the cargo. The regular dimension happens to be 138″.

Final Words

When collecting information about a few Ford models, you must always refer to the experts. The critics declared genuine by the expert ford enthusiasts regarding the ford transit 350 high roofs are the only ones that can satisfy your hunger to learn. The more facts and ideas you gather related to the car, the better it will help you compare and decide on financial investments. Hoping you will enjoy a happy cargo van purchase!

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