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Ford Ranger Roll Bar: A Need for Off-Road Trucks in 2022

Ford Ranger Roll Bar

Ford Ranger roll bar are ideal additions for trucks that are subjected to heavy-duty drive. Off-roading fans can take comfort in that they will have a more substantial chance of avoiding a flip with these accessories. They also benefit from the roll bar designs, which provide enhanced cargo protection.

When it comes to posting equipment to your pickup trucks, most customers don’t require much persuasion. The truck equipment market has increased over the years, and roll bars are a utilitarian accessory that enhances the appearance of your truck. This post will explain how to choose the proper Ford Ranger roll bars.

Need of Ford Ranger Roll Bar

Adding roll bars to your vehicle is a significant measure to protect your property. When you install a roll cage to your truck, you’ll be able to tackle off-road adventures with more confidence than ever before. The roll cages come in various materials, sizes, and shapes.

Any appropriate roll cage will help strengthen your truck, but some are more powerful than others. When choosing a roll cage, think about the width and choice of structure and material. If you add a trailer roll bar to your vehicle, you’ll be able to get these advantages: 

  • Riders are better protected
  • spruce up the look of your truck
  • add lighting and accessory mounting points
  • improve the pickup’s tensile strength

The various roll bars are intended primarily for security, and they’re also fashionable extras that can be used to install other items.

Ford Ranger Roll Bar Installation

  • Remove the inside of the vehicle to begin the setup process. Front and back seats, rugs, and sound dampening are all included.
  • Cover all exposed inside glass with protective plywood.
  • Jack up the car and use certified jack stands to secure it in four places. Take special precautions to ensure that the car is level from the front to the back and side – to – side.
  • The main hoop will now be trial fitted. Detect the location of the primary hoop with the driving seat in place and the driver wearing a helmet.
  • Two of the plates should be shaped to fit the ground under the major hoop legs. Tack attach the main rim to the previously installed hoop in the automobile.
  • The rear struts will now be installed. The main hoop is connected to the back frame by the rear struts. It should be placed in a straight line.
  • The primary hoop supports are the next step in the installation. The automobile will be less flexible as a result of these supports, which will improve suspension response time.
  • The door bars are the last portion of the roll bar to be installed.
  • After all of the roll bar pipes have been tack soldered in place, inspect each joint for any broken stress welds.
  • Finally, Weld all frame substructures and floor plates together.

Ford Ranger Roll Bar with Lights

There are a lot of roll bars with lights or light mounting on them. It’s also worthwhile to consider the color and style of the various roll bars to determine which options you prefer for your pickup’s appearance. If you buy an item that looks decent, you’ll love showing it out even more. Lighted truck bed bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These bars have lighting to make your vehicle more noticeable at night, improve your eyesight into the moving truck, or vary depending on the type of your ride. Roll bars with light bars, hazard lights, and other embellishments are available to make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. Roll cages aren’t only safety features; they’re also stylish additions. That’s why it would be wise to invest in products you like.

Ford Ranger Roll Bar Brake Light

In recent years, LED light bars are becoming a prominent trend in the trucking industry. If you search hard enough, you can find them placed on or around the front head of trucks, land rovers, and SUVs in almost any region. If you’re utilizing a light bar for an off driving at dark or brightening up a camp, you should put it as high as feasible.

If you’re trying to avoid deer, livestock, or other animals on a boundary road at night, put the light bar lower. Of course, what you’ll use the light bar for is only one piece of the jigsaw when it comes to determining where to place it, but it’s an important one. Above all, there are different styles and shapes of roll bar you can opt for as per your convenience for your Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger Roll Bar Cover

These Roll Bar Covers are robust, as they are made of UV-resistant canvas-like material. They’re built to withstand any harsh weather and protect the interior of your truck. They will be designed to fit the size of your bespoke roll bar, giving you a unique look. Here is a list of some of the most popular and well-reviewed roll bars.

  • Kirkey Black Roll Bar Cover
  • Smittybilt 5665101 Molle Foam Lined Roll Bar Cover
  • Koverz Neoprene Roll Bar Cover
  • Bestop roll Bar Covers
  • Shadeidea Roll Bar Padding

Ford Ranger Roll Bar Kit

A roll cage is required for a wide range of supercars and off-road trucks. Fortunately, building a ford ranger roll bar does not require the assistance of an expert. Manufacturers also sell DIY roll cage kits that include all of the necessary information, parts, and process documentation.

These kits include various manufactured tools that can be used to put together your roll bar elements. These tolls are listed further down.

  • tubing notcher or pipe notcher
  • Tubing benders
  • Angle finder for carpenters
  • Metal pipe cutter
  • Hand grinder
  • Hammer
  • Welder
  • Carpenter Square or Protractor

Ford Ranger XLT Roll Bar Removal

Uninstallation of roll bars is quite an easy task for most of you who own one of a kind. It can easily be installed without any professional assistance, whether it is bolted to your Ford Ranger or welded. However, an inexperienced person can look for professional help for the same.

  • Remove any externally added components, such as roll bar lights, roll bar covers, and other accessories.
  • Remove the Roll bar’s bolts. If your roll cage is welded, cutting portions of it is also an option.

FAQs on Ford Ranger Roll Bar

How much does it cost to build a roll bar?

There is no set pricing for making a roll bar since there are so many varying thicknesses to choose from and so many distinct roll cage designs. A simple roll bar will cost around $2000-$2200 (approximately).

For a roll bar, what pipe diameters should I use?

Pipes with a thickness of 1.5″ x 0.12″ or 1.75″ x 0.12″ are commonly used.

How much tubing does a roll bar require?

The lengths of tubing used in a roll bar are determined by design. It is advised that you have 4-6 20-foot tubes.


A well-built roll cage can make the difference between life and death. If you read this post carefully, you may have acquired all you need to know about building a cage with your Ford Ranger roll bar and how to do it. Yes, they are well worth the money. In the case of a rollover, a roll cage constructed of roll bars protects the driver, potentially saving their existence.

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