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Easy Guide: How To Find Ford F150 Body Parts Interchange?

Ford F150 Body Parts Interchange

It is necessary to maintain your automobile no matter how old or new it is. However, sometimes in the case of ford f150 body parts interchange, one faces many difficulties reaching the spare parts that suit their model. There are 3-most essential steps of selection that one must follow, and it starts with inspection and ends with fitting. The most vital part of selecting a part for your car model is identifying an appropriately fitting component. 

There are a few details that you need to learn about your car before you can avail the spare parts that need replacement. Here in this article, you will learn about the selecting process step-by-step. And also, it will be informed regarding the price ranges of the parts that are often on sale online. The ford f150 body parts interchange is an easy task, and it is the best form of maintenance one can provide their ford trucks. 

Steps To Identify Suitability: Ford F150 Body Parts Interchange

Casting numbers

The casting numbers prioritized because it bears the mold initials on the engine. Each engine a particular mold produces holds these engravings on them. These engravings often get covered with dirt and grease over time when used. It can be hard to locate the casting numbers at times.

Here are some references that will help:

  • Look for the head casting number on the cylinder heads
  • The block casting numbers can be found on teh ledge on the rear side of the bellhousing

Part numbers

The part numbers are the identities of the particular machines manufactured on the industrial level. Every ford f150 body parts interchange must bear a unique 6-8 digit number to prove its validity and legal manufacture. It is necessary to find the part numbers, and you can do that by availing of the ford official database. Enter the VIN on the lower corner of the front window, on the drivers’ side. 

Parts identification codes

The other name of this code is RPO (Regular Production Option). This code is known as so because it is the code that identifies the combination option chosen by the production while assembling the component to a whole system to work effectively in co-relation. This code informs what particular variations the product went through to produce the desired output.

Determining fits

There are two basic sizes of XL and XLT that determine the size of a ford f150 truck. However, it might sound complex when described in detail of the comparison. The fitting should be according to the model age to effectively function your car after the replacement. The components need to be chosen so that it will appropriately set in as if they were the original piece.

Locating number parts

As important as identifying your casting and RPO codes, it is necessary to know where you can locate the part numbers. Usually, each ford f150 body parts interchange component comes with a code printed over it that identifies the whole making and combination orientations. These numbers are engraved on the rear side of the parts. Looking for spare parts becomes easier when you are aware of the part numbers.

Looking for parts

ford f150 front look

You can get the genuine ford f150 body parts interchange parts online if you stroll through the best sites that provide automobile parts. You can also compare the deals that you find on some other sites, and this is to ensure a beneficial replacement. It becomes easier to look for the products when you have the details of your model in your hand. 

Availability Of Parts: Ford F150 Body Parts Interchange

ford f150 tire

The availability of spare parts depends on the model version of the ford f150 that you possess. It is essential to choose appropriate parts that will suit the different versions of the f150 starting from 1997 till 2021. If not for the correct selection, the automobile will fail to provide 100% performance.

Here are some of the most demanded ford f150 body parts interchange available online:

SystemsParts On SalePricing Ranges ($)
ExhaustCat-Back Exhaust
O2 Sensors
Exhaust Accessories
SuspensionLift Kits & Leveling Kits
Coil-Over & Shocks
Control Arms
Suspension Accessories
ExteriorTonneau Covers
Bull Bars
Side Step Bars & Running Boards
InteriorFloor Mats
Seat Covers
Interior Storage
EngineIgnition Parts
Radiators, Intercoolers, & Accessories
Air, Oil, & Fuel Filters
Underdrive Pulleys
Other AccessoriesHeadlights
Tail Lights
Off-Road Lighting
Parking & Fog Lights

FAQs Related to Ford F150 Body Parts Interchange

What year model parts are interchangeable with the 2013 f150?

The ford 2013 f150 parts are similar to all 12th generation ford F-series models. Though not particularly interchangeable, some of the parts will appropriately fit the model.

Can I interchange body parts from an 84-86 yo an 88 f150?

Yes, absolutely. You can change 84-86 to 88 f150 ford spare parts. The models are from the same generation with a few combinational variations, and it can potentially give an excellent output to your model.

What are the ford f150 compatible years?

The compatibility depends on how distantly your model is related to the 12th generation F-series. The compatible ford f150 body parts interchange parts are available online other than in the junkyard. You can access the pieces easily by entering the model numbers.

How long does it take to select ford f150 body parts interchange?

The time required for inspection, identification, and selection of proper fitting sums up with shopping and fixing of the products to the automobile. The most vital and time-consuming process is the identification, where you have to locate the unique part numbers engraved on the different machines.

Final Words

The ford f150 body parts interchange is one of the most important maintenance steps that one must encourage. The parts might seem difficult to avail, but all your hard work will surely pay off in the form of prolonged automobile life. The ford users need to stay updated on the prices of available parts because ford keeps improvising the models to bring up new ones every half-decade.

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