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Easily Fix Ford Keyless Entry Keypad Not Working

Ford Keyless Entry Keypad Not Working

Is your Ford keyless entry keypad not working all so suddenly? Don’t panic. You are at the right place seeking help. This article will help you tackle the problem instantly, so you can enjoy riding your ford truck wholeheartedly. Before jumping right into the context, a brief introduction to the system is necessary. This article will help you understand the keyless keypads technically how to install and program them as well. 

Ford motors are one of the best-reputed models of cars in the modern world. The quality of technology used in manufacturing these models is considerably the best representation of evolved motor designs. However, every technology has limitations. Hence, the best ford convenience feature keyless keypads are gifted with the problems of ford keyless entry keypad not working.

Understanding The Ford Keyless Entry Keypad

Ford Keyless Entry Keypad image

It is true that to fix something such as a ford keyless entry keypad not working. One will need to understand the working of it in detail. The keyless keypads employed in modern-day car models are convenience features that help the owner access the locks without inserting the key. This particular system is sweet as technological advancement, but when it starts malfunctioning, things get bitter.

Role & Working

The role of the system is to allow the rider a convenient locking and unlocking of the car. It is quite interesting of a note that this system requires less or no maintenance other than battery replacements. There are two types of keyless keypads actively available in the automobile industry, differentiated as active and passive. If you want to learn about a particular kind which concerns your car refer to the points below.

  • Active system: It sends teh frequency to the reciever in the car and the car unlocks.
  • Passive system: It sends the frequency to the car and requires a response in return to unlock.

With the help of this technology, one can access the locks on their car doors by pressing the key within a distance of 90cm. The mechanism is usually frequency-based. To identify why your ford keyless entry keypad is not working, you will need to distinguish both types and concentrate on fixing the original cause. Here is how you can differentiate your kind of keyless keypad.

Differentiating types

Though both types can allow you to unlock your car remotely, one of them protects your car from random clicking. For a passive keyless keypad, you would have to program it personally. The ford cars usually come with these passive keyless keypad systems. Let’s get started with the installation or replacement chores now.

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Problems & Symptoms

The problems and symptoms related to the ford keyless entry keypad not working are often completely external or completely internal. Here are some of the possible signs of a defective keyless keypad that you might have been encountering. Refer to these to learn about the issue better. 

  • Key fob is out of the required or compatible range
  • The key fob remains staitionary for a minute
  • the 12v battery in key fob is dead
  • The main 12v battery inside the car is dead
  • The radio-frequency interface is interrupted
  • Problem with disability due to the anti-scan mode
  • You may have entered teh pin too fast for the fob to read

Installation & Replacing

Installation & Replacing Ford Entry Keypad

Installation and replacing of this component are similar and surprisingly easy to carry out. The best thing you can do about a ford keyless entry keypad not working is changing the battery or replacing the system as a whole. A ford keyless keypad commercially costs around $80-$100. To carry the process out, follow the steps given below.


  • Unbox the keyless keypad kit to find equipments you will need.
  • Use the alcohol prep pads to clean the area where you wish to stick the keypad.
  • There is a 3mm adhesive tape attached to teh back of the new keypad, remove its cover.
  • Stick it straight to the driver door on your truck.
  • Press it for a few minutes and release.
  • You have your keyless keypad installed, you may proceed to programming.

Programming Ford Keyless Keypad

Programming Ford Keyless Keypad

Programming might sound like a complex process. However, it is easy to get this keypad programmed manually. The keypads usually come with a master code in the guide manual that comes along with the package. You will need that to activate the keypad. Only after the activation of the keypad, you proceed to program your personal code. This is the last step to re-establish a key code when the Ford keyless entry keypad not working.

  • To start with, keep your door open to prevent locking yourself out
  • Now, turn the ignition key from ‘OFF’ to ‘RUN’.
  • Do this 8 times withing 10 seconds ensuring the last position is ‘RUN’.
  • Acknowledge the lock cycle that signifies that the programming mode is on.
  • Press 7-8 and 9-0 simultaneously.
  • Turn the ignition key to ‘OFF’ position.
  • Perform the lock cycle initiation again to exit programming mode.

FAQs Related To Ford Keyless Entry Keypad Not Working

How can I activate Ford keyless entry?

You can activate your keyless keypad with the help of the master key code. That comes with the keypad. It is unique as per a particularly manufactured keypad is concerned. Then proceed with the programming step-by-step.

Can I reprogram/reset my Ford keypad when the Ford keyless entry keypad not working?

Yes, you can program your ford keyless keypad. But, one must keep in mind that all key fobs you have been using all along need reprogramming along with a new keyless keypad for security reasons.

Why my keyless keypad does not light up? Ford keyless entry keypad not working

If your keypad doesn’t light up while trying to connect, it may be an indication of a dead battery. You must consider checking for the key-fob defects and battery. Also, check for the keypad battery. You might need to replace the keypad in case your keypad battery is dead.

Final Words

Even though the keyless keypad technology is designed for providing convenience, often when it starts malfunctioning, people grow impatient and intolerant of the problem. The ford keyless entry keypad not working can cause many issues starting from riding inconvenience to the hazardous chances of getting stuck inside the car. Get your keyless keypad reprogrammed.

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