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2007 Ford Edge: The Absolute Choice for Long Family Rides

2007 Ford Edge

The 2007 Ford Edge, a revolutionary crossover utility vehicle (CUV), is equipped to help Ford avoid the shoals. The new 2007 Ford Edge competes well against rival midrange crossover SUVs in its budget range with plenty of power underneath the hood, moderate handling, and large passenger quarters. Ford finally came up with a suitable answer with the Edge to compensate for the Ford Explorer’s declining sales in the 2000s.

Safety scores, nifty appearance, a comfy cabin, and solid performance have all been praised for the 2007 Ford Edge. It can offer stronger structural rigidity, lower curb weights, and characteristics that are closer to those of passenger cars than those of body-on-frame SUVs. The SE, SEL, and SEL Plus trim levels are available for the 2007 Ford Edge. The standard SE is well-equipped, but there are few extras available. However, let us delve deeper into the model’s construction and knowledge of its parameters.

2007 Ford Edge: Exterior and Interior Specifications

2007 Ford Edge: Exterior and Interior Specifications

The vehicle’s sleek, contemporary design avoids any resemblance to the old brackish SUV appearance and does a superb job of concealing the vehicle’s significant mass. The Ford also has a significantly shorter wheelbase because it only has two rows of seating. The front and rear seats have plenty of legroom, and amenities like a collapsible steering wheel and adjustable rear seats provide long-distance comfort. 

It’s practical for families on a daily basis, and a complete complement of side airbags protects everyone safe. On the road, the Ford Edge is among the fastest SUVs in its class, offering athletic handling as well as a smooth, quiet ride.

Length185.7 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors75.8 in.
Height67.0 in.
Wheel Base111.2 in.
Seating Capacity5
Curb Weight4,282 lbs.
Tires Type17 X 7.5 In.
Tires SizeP235/65R17
Front Head Room40.0 in.
Front Shoulder Room58.9 in.
Front Hip Room54.8 in.
Front Leg Room40.7 in.
Rear Head Room39.3 in.
Rear Shoulder Room58.8 in.
Rear Hip Room56.1 in.
Rear Leg Room38.1 in.
Carbon MetallicCharcoal Black (leather)
Redfire MetallicMedium Light Stone (Leather)
Black ClearcoatCamel (Leather)
Cream Brule Clearcoat Charcoal Black (Premium cloth)
Dark Amethyst MetallicMedium Light Stone (Premium cloth)
Light Sage MetallicCamel (Premium cloth)
Dune Pearl Metallic
Pewter Metallic
Blazing Copper Metallic

2007 Ford Edge: Engine, Performance, and Fuel Economy

2007 Ford Edge: Engine, Performance, and Fuel Economy

Ford made no attempt to promote the Edge as a tough car or one designed for off-roading; instead, it focused on urban buyers who valued a smooth ride and strong handling. Its 6-speed automatic transmission gave an outstanding performance. All-wheel drive was an option, but front-wheel drive as standard. Power is directed largely to the front wheels on AWD models until wheel slippage occurs, at which point virtually all of it can be shifted to the back.

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size3.5 l
Horsepower265 hp @ 6,250 rpm
Torque250 lb. -ft @ 4,500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity20.0 gal.
Drive TypeAll-wheel drive
Transmission6-speed automatic
Fuel TypeRegular unleaded

2007 Ford Edge: Front Rotors and Pads

The circular discs that connect each wheel are known as brake rotors. Rotors convert kinetic energy (movement) into thermal energy (heat). Remember that not all rotors are created equal when it’s time to replace them. Many professionals and mechanics would propose that both components of the brake system be changed at the same time. On average, replacing brake pads and rotors will cost $250-$400 for each axle.

2007 Ford Edge: Shocks and Strut

The main function of a shock and strut on a vehicle is to dampen the movement of the spring and prevent oscillation and bounce. However, there are various signs that can assist in determining whether or not shock and strut replacement are required. Early detection of these indications can help you avoid further damage to your vehicle.

  • Rough Rides
  • Problems with Steering
  • Braking Problems
  • Struts with visible damage

A normal shock and strut replacement can cost anywhere from $450 to $1,100, including components and labor.

2007 Ford Edge: TSS and OSS sensor

2007 Ford Edge: TSS and OSS sensor

This sensor monitors the transmission’s inlet and outlet shaft speeds. However, if there are issues with the transmission, the sensors’ functionality may be harmed. If either the TSS or OSS or both acceleration sensors fail, you will observe any of the following problems.

  • Shifting that is harsh or improper.
  • The Cruise Control Isn’t Working
  • If your Check Engine Light is illuminated

Fortunately, replacing a wheel speed sensor is simple and takes around an hour. The average cost of replacing a vehicle speed sensor is between $256 and $301.

2007 Ford Edge: Rack and Pinion

A rack and pinion steering system consist of a pinion (a circular gear) and a rack (a horizontal gear) (a linear gear). A circular motion is converted into linear motion by the mechanism. However, there are a few rack and pinion issues to be aware of:

  • A steering wheel that is tight
  • Noises of grinding
  • Leakage of power steering fluid
  • Burning oil

A Ford Edge gear and pinion replacement costs between $1,327 and $1,487 on average. Although replacement of the steering rack is indeed not physically tough, there are a few measures to follow to guarantee that the repair is done properly and therefore lasts. The key to a successful steering rack replacement is hygiene.

2007 Ford Edge: Seat Covers

Seat coverings for the Ford Edge are required to protect and cover the front and rear seats. Faux leather seat covers, often known as Leatherette, sheepskin seat covers, neoprene cloth interior, and camo cloth interior are some of the options. It is designed to endure for roughly 5-8 years, depending on how hard you use it. With something like a new Ford Edge seat cover, you can quickly restore the aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior.

2007 Ford Edge: Headlights

Functioning headlights are required for safe driving in every vehicle, yet they occasionally fail. As a result, you can easily change them at that time. The technique for replacing the headlights on a 2007 Ford Edge is as follows.

  • Reduce the power in your vehicle.
  • Open engine compartment
  • Disconnect the power cords for the headlight bulbs.
  • Remove the old headlight’s screws.
  • Replace the headlight bulb.

A great headlight assembly might cost anything from $250 to $700.

2007 Ford Edge: Faults

The vehicle did not start

A dead battery, an alternator issue, or a faulty starter are the most typical reasons for a Ford Edge not starting. Look for the batteries, connectors, or starters, among other things. You can have these components replaced by a competent car repairer.

The heater is not working

A damaged heater blower motor, an issue with the thermostat, or a failing heater air compressor resistor is the most typical reasons for a Ford Edge heater not working. This is usually a straightforward remedy. You can either have the parts serviced on a regular basis or have the components replaced on a regular basis.

The aux is not working

If the AUX port is working properly and there are no problems with the external cables or devices, the problem could be caused by a loose or disconnected wire inside the stereo system. To connect the broken wires, you can seek professional assistance here.

2007 Ford Edge: Reliability, Pros, and Cons

The Ford Escape is the most popular compact SUV on the market. It’s also a smart choice. It has a smooth ride and quick handling, and its small size makes driving and parking a joy once you get there. However, it has a 4.6 to 5 reliability factor due to its unique features.

Quiet and comfortable rideQuestionable brakes
potent V6low maximum cargo capacity
roomy cabininterior design and materials are nothing special
agile handling

2007 For Edge: Sale

SE (AWD)$26,970
SEL (AWD)$28,965
SEL PLUS$29,070
SEL PLUS (AWD)$30,720

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the 2007 Ford Edge have aux and Bluetooth?

Yes, the 2007 Ford Edge has the facility of AUX, but it has no Bluetooth facility.

Does the 2007 Ford Edge has an air filter?

Yes, Edge does have room for the air filter. It is located behind the glove box in the engine room.

What is the 2007 ford edge oil filter location?

The oil filter is located in the front of the engine, near the front exhaust system of the engine.

Where is the 2007 ford edge fuse located?

The fuse panel sits behind a trim board on the left side of the motorist’s footwell, behind the covers, close to the parking brake.

What is the wiper blade size for the 2007 ford edge?

The Ford Edge’s wiper blades are 28″ on the driver’s side, 28″ on the passenger’s side, and 15″ flat rear screen wiper blades with a unique fit.


The 2007 Ford Edge is a wise option among midsize SUV vehicles for on-road use. It has a roomy cabin that is both pleasant and practical, as well as a large cargo capacity. As a result, most customers see it as one of the best models.

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