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Everything You Need to Know About 2013 Ford Edge Headlight Bulb

2013 ford edge headlight bulb

The 2013 ford edge headlight bulb is a necessary component of the model. It is a need to be aware of the easy removal and replacement tactics of this component. For safe and convenient driving, a headlight problem can pose a serious threat. The only ray of hope in such a condition is various types of headlights available at the best fit for a 2013 ford edge model.

In this article, you will read through an easy guide to decode the 2013 ford edge headlight bulb problems, its removal, and replacement. Also, you may get your most clouded thoughts reading the highly searched FAQs. No more adjusting with a flickering headlight, replace it to enjoy a safe and convenient ride on your ford edge.

2013 Ford Edge Headlight Bulb Problems

2013 Ford Edge Headlight Bulb

The most registered complaints regarding a 2013 ford model concern electrical fuse systems. When a fuse system is faulty, it is natural for the bulbs to experience damage earlier than the expected lifetime of the 2013 ford edge headlight bulb. It is important to replace these bulbs and establish a better system of fuse as soon as the defect is detected. 

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Dimmed headlights
  • Excessively brighter headlights
  • Headlights abruptly turn on and off
  • Headlights flickering constantly when trying to accelerate
  • Abnormal headlight signals

Other than the electrical fuse problems, you might face configuration defaults and light control system defects when it concerns headlightings. You should take care of the electrical circuit system in your automobile, and configure your control system accordingly to experience easy functionality. Sometimes, it’s not a fault that makes your bulb flicker, rather you should consider the chance of a fused bulb.

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2013 Ford Edge Headlight Bulb Removal

2013 Ford Edge Headlight Bulb Removal

For a 2013 ford edge headlights bulb upgrade, one would need to remove the bulb from the connection and install a better illuminating bulb instead. Often the originally installed headlights give up after 1000 hours of glowing. The best one can do, to prevent accidents while riding late at night is to ensure proper headlight functioning.

Here is how you can replace it:

2013 Ford Edge Headlight Bulb Replacement
  • Open the hood and locate the headlight cover under the housing.
  • Turn the screw cover to loosen and eventually take it off.
  • Twist the bulb assembly clockwise, securing the bulb without any breakage. 
  • Unleash the connection of the fuse system with it.
  • Connect the new bulb assembly to the fuse circuit.
  • Repeat the same on the other side and test.

If you find your headlights still acting up abnormally, you might need to recheck the connection. If no problem is found in plugging, it is definitely a defect in your electric fuse system. You can fix any potential faults of the electrical fuse system by hiring expert mechanics. An instant repairing is suggestible to secure the new bulb assembly experiencing damage from the very first day of use.

4 Best Sites To Find A Replacement


The products available in AutoZone are popular because of their reliability and warranty. The packaging and delivery etiquettes of this online shop allow it to stay transparent with all of its clients. Also, it is well-known for preserving customer satisfaction with the best quality delivery. You can check the site and choose your kind of headlights. Make sure you choose a particular deal that is worthy of your finance.


O’Reilly is popular for its vast collection of products concerning all types of automobile parts. The headlight bulbs that Oreilly has a stock of headlight products that provides the perfect 2013 ford edge headlight bulb size is 9006 and 9012, fitting the model well. It stands as one of the most affiliated ford part dealers are available online today. Also, this site allows its customers to read reviews of each product and mutually decide the best. 


The quality of their stock has always been on the priority, following which comes affordability. The products of 2013 ford edge headlight bulb Walmart are the best deals one can find. You can reach this shop online and order to receive worldwide shipping to wherever you are. Other than this online shop, there is one universal destination that you can always rely on, which is Amazon. 


Amazon has always been clear and neat regarding all of its products and their respective details. You can follow the technical and theoretical description of the product before you determine a worthy buy. Also, you can rely on their efficient fast delivery services on some of the important products with appropriate packing. The brand certainly encourages easy online shopping of all automobile products. 

FAQs Related To 2013 Ford Edge Headlight Bulb

How much does a headlight cost for a 2013 Ford Edge?

The cost of headlights ranges between $20-$50 depending on the quality of the product and specifications offered. The replacement cost of the 2013 ford edge headlight bulb will be around $100-$200, with a labor price of $45-$50.

What kind of headlights does a 2013 Ford Edge take?

The most fitting type for the model is 2013 ford edge headlight bulb number 9006 and 9012 of halogen lighting as their headlightings. However, you can change the lighting type as per your convenience while you keep the fitting constant.

How do you change a headlight on a 2013 Ford Edge?

You can change the headlights by initiating a manual removal of the headlight bulb assembly. Then proceeding to replace the assembly with the new one. You repeat the same for both sides and test your connectivity by turning on the engine.

Is the 2013 ford edge headlight bulb aftermarket better than OEM?

There are many aspects of comparison when it comes to an aftermarket headlight and OEM headlights. Though the aftermarket headlights rarely come under warranty, they last longer than OEM. However, OEM headlights are cheaper.

Final Words

Unlike any other component of automobiles, 2013 ford edge headlight bulb changing is easy to perform. However, choose the right fitting bulb for your ford model can be difficult without proper knowledge. Now that you are aware of the sites, you can get the best headlight deals, and it would not be any difficult to replace faulty headlights manually. 

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