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1991 Ford Aerostar: The First Base Vehicle for All Ford Rangers

1991 Ford Aerostar

The 1991 Ford Aerostar is a van that was produced by Ford between 1986 and 1997 with dynamic features. The Aerostar was among the first vehicles in the sector to feature all-wheel drive. Several of the greatest automotive success stories of the 1980s was the simple minivan. The model’s improved features included inexpensive, efficient family commuting.

Two main design aspects of the 1972 Carousel prototype were carried over to the Aerostar, including its roughly 6-foot “garage table” height and extended wheelbase. The public reacted well to the Aerostar’s design, prompting Ford to move further with a super sophisticated exterior design. As a result, the vehicle’s revolutionary design and features were deemed a strong selling point. So, let’s get right into knowing more exemplary features of the 1991 Ford Aerostar. 

1991 Ford Aerostar: Historical Evidence

1991 Ford Aerostar: Exterior Specifications

The Ford Aerostar and the Dodge Caravan share certain similarities in their origins. The idea was to convert some of Ford’s full-size transporter leadership into a smaller, more retail-friendly form factor than the heavier Econoline options of the time. However, due to numerous economic crises in the interim, the model’s production was hampered by numerous impediments.

There were various changes made to the exterior appearance, body type, and fuel economy. Ford was later obliged to explore how it would deploy fuel efficiency improvements throughout its whole product line in the future. Rethinking its high-capacity vehicle strategy was a key part of that.

1991 Ford Aerostar: Exterior Specifications

The cargo van body type of the 1991 Ford Aerostar is really appealing. Customers can choose from 13 different models. The 1991 Ford Aerostar has three seats. The 215/75R15SL tires give a comfortable ride with little to no friction. The model’s overall length is 210.20 in. The vehicle’s height is 73.40 inches, which is maintained as low as possible to keep the vehicle’s center of gravity as low as feasible.

However, some of the exterior colors present for this vehicle are: silver metallic, black, Currant red, twilight blue pearl, light sandalwood pearl, oxford white, medium platinum, and deep jewel green pearl.

1991 Ford Aerostar: Interior Specifications

1991 Ford Aerostar: Interior Specifications

In contrast to its modern one-box outward design, the Ford Aerostar’s interior design incorporated several industry-standard features. Both rear bench seats could be folded down to make a bed, and both sets of rear seats could be removed. The inside, on the other hand, had a number of European-inspired design elements.

In both manual and automatic gearboxes, the Aerostar had a floor-mounted shifter, as well as a handbrake. Cupholders in the third row were relocated to an additional armrest. Many conventional features, such as electric windows, mirrors, locks, conditioning systems, and privacy glass, were available at extra cost. 

1991 Ford Aerostar: Engine, Performance, and Towing Capacity

The rear-wheel-drive chassis of the 1991 Ford Aerostar is used. The chassis was designed exclusively for the model range and had a unibody chassis with full-length frame rails. The rear suspension system was a three-link arrangement with a coil-sprung live rear axle. A 160 hp 4.0 L V6 engine was released in 1990, corresponding with the debut of the E-4WD option; the engine was linked with the all-wheel-drive system and later developed in a 5-speed manual. 

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size3.0 L
Horsepower145 hp @ 4,800 rpm
Torque165 lb. -ft @ 3,600 rpm
Payload Capacity1,600.0 lbs.
Drive TypeRear-wheel drive
Transmission5-speed manual
Towing Capacity5000 lbs.

1991 Ford Aerostar: Fuel Capacity and Mileage

The vehicle also boasts a fantastic fuel economy. It gets 19 miles per gallon on average. However, the situations in the city and on the highway are very different. The city’s mileage is 357 miles, and the highway mileage is 462 miles. However, the EPA mileage of 17 miles in the city and 22 miles on the highway should be taken into account.

Fuel typeRegular unleaded
Fuel tank capacity21.0 gal.

1991 Ford Aerostar: Trims and Value

Eddie Bauer$22,000- $23,400
XL Plus$15,000-$19,000

1991 Ford Aerostar: Fuel Pump Relay Location

A fuel pump is a small electric motor located within your fuel tank that ensures that pressurized gasoline flows to the engine to power the car. However, there are some instances where the placement of your gasoline pump may be impacted and may be defective enough to cause damage to your car.

However, if your vehicle is going through the same scenes, you can look for these signals in your model for a faulty Fuel pump relay system.

  • Noise from the Fuel Tank
  • Difficulty in engine startup
  • Sputtering of engine
  • Engine stalling
  • Powerful surge of power
  • Low fuel run-up
  • Dead Engine

1991 Ford Aerostar: Transmission Problems

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission is a key system that requires your attention and maintenance to ensure long-term performance. The same thing happened with the Ford Aerostar model 1991. Transmission failure can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms. The following are some of the fault symptoms:

  • In gear, there is a grinding or shaking sensation.
  • When in gear, the van will not engage or respond.
  • Whining, humming, or clunking noises, noisy in neutral
  • It smells like it’s on fire.
  • Slipping Gears
  • Fluid is low or leaking.
  • The check engine light is illuminated.

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1991 Ford Aerostar: Reviews and Ratings

1991 Ford Aerostar: Reviews and Ratings

The 1991 ford Aerostar is considered to be one of the most antique models to be found in the present day. However, it created a spark of new features in the Ford Models with new trims of Eddie Bauer. Running boards and a front air dam are included. A door ajar dummy light appears for rear doors, and the towing harness was the new update in the model. But, overall, it is considered to be an extraordinary ford model with a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a 1991 Ford Aerostar weigh?

The curb weight of the Ford Aerostar is 3374 lbs.

Is the Ford Aerostar a reliable vehicle?

It has been extremely dependable, comfortable, cost-effective to operate, convenient, and a very useful vehicle, with an 8/10 reliability rating.

When was the last set of 1991 Ford Aerostar manufactured?

The last set of Ford Aerostar models was manufactured in the year 1996.

What is the 1991 Ford Aerostat transmission fluid type?

The transmission fluid used is Mobil 1 – Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, 1 Quart (Part No. 25201)

Where is the 1991 Ford Aerostar oil filter?

Examine the filter connected to an outlet coming from the engine block on the top, bottom, and sides of the engine. The filter is usually labeled as a filter and is black, white, blue, or orange in color.


The 1991 Ford Aerostar is far from perfect for everyday driving on the road, and we advise you to exercise caution. This is a one-of-a-kind vehicle with a diverse range of personalities. As a result, it is well-deserved as a result of a boatload of superb tough technology applied early in the manufacturing process.

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