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Ford Focus RS Vs ST: Verdict of Comparison for the Best Model

ford focus rs vs st

Thus, with extraordinary features by Ford, discussing Ford Focus RS Vs ST is very necessary here. Although the Ford Focus RS and Focus ST are very equally high-performance hatchback Ford Focus vehicles, they differ in several ways. One is a sports car, and the other is a daily driver designed to mix sport with the commute.

“ST” signifies “Sport Technologies,” while “RS” is for “Rallye Sport,” albeit Ford mainly uses the initials in marketing. The Focus ST is a sporty hatchback, whereas the Focus RS is a track beast. Both are determined by the standard Focus platform, which handles well but is ultimately a commuter car. It’s appropriate to juxtapose the Focus RS Vs ST, despite their contrasting core concepts. Therefore, this article unfolds the secret between these two vehicles despite both being the best of their kind.

Ford Focus RS Vs ST: General Specs

The Ford Focus RS is presently only accessible as a secondhand car, with the 2018 hyper-hatch seeming to be the most recent variant. In 2022, a new Focus RS is expected to be released. The Ford Focus ST debuted in 2009, and the most recent iteration is the 2020 model, which is currently on the market.

The ST gives the Focus greater power, improved suspension, and a 6-speed manual transmission. With a bigger EcoBoost engine, AWD, and route suspension, the RS pushes the level even further. Either of the Focuses is outstanding, but which one you select is a matter of personal preference and how tough you want your new car to be.

Ford Focus RS Vs ST: Engine Specs

This is perhaps the most significant difference between the two Fords. The EcoBoost engine in the RS is a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that is an improved form of the other one seen in Ford Mustangs. The ST comes in two varieties: diesel and petrol. The diesel would be preferable for high-mileage drivers, but the petrol variant is more exhilarating. Both the Focus ST and RS, as predicted, have more potent Ford efficient engines than the rest of the Ford Focus lineup.

Engine2.3L Turbo Inline-4 Gas2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas
Horsepower350 hp @ 6000 rpm252 hp @ 5500 rpm
Torque350 lb. -ft @ 3200 rpm270 lb. -ft @ 2500 rpm
Transmission6-Speed Manual6-Speed Manual
DrivetrainAll-Wheel DriveFront-Wheel Drive
Top Speed165mph155mph
0-60mph4.5 seconds5.9 seconds

Ford Focus RS Vs ST: Exterior Appearance

The 2 Fords are no alternative to the rule that sporty hatchbacks aren’t recognized for having the most reserved of designs. Bigger wheel bearings and tipsy body kits are all included in the kit on both cars, making them stand out from the normal Focus hatchback. So, let’s hear out some of the categories where a comparison can be made for Ford Focus RS Vs ST.

Bumper Design Comparison of Ford Focus RS Vs ST

Featuring a more streamlined, rally-inspired design, the RS pushes things one step further. It’s bold, sleek, and immediately identifiable. The larger, quality intercooler has a huge aperture. It’s difficult to disagree that perhaps the RS looks “cooler,” but others may find it excessively showy. While on the other hand, ST provides a more aesthetic and sleek look which makes it more eye appealing for most reviewers.

The honeycomb grille here on Focus ST is broader than on a conventional Ford Focus version. The Ford Focus RS, on the other hand, has a more muscular grille. The headlights on these cars are identical. However, the Focus RS has vertical frontal fog lights rather than the Focus ST’s leveled ones.

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Wheels Comparison Between Ford Focus RS Vs ST

The exterior appearance of the Ford ST and RS differs slightly. They do possess an identical layout, but the Focus RS is somewhat taller than the Focus ST thanks to its 19″ alloy wheels, which are larger than the 18″ alloys of the Ford Focus ST. 

Length172.8 in171.7 in
Max. Width71.7 in71.7 in
Front Width61.6 in61.2 in
Rear Width60.6 in60.4 in
Height58 in58.4 in
Wheel Base104.2 in104.3 in
Tire Size19″ x 8″18″ x 7″
Tire TypesP235/35YR19P235/40YR18
Color RangesRace Red, Nitrous Blue Quad-CoatBlue Metallic, Magnetic Metallic, Oxford White, Shadow Black, Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Triple Yellow Tri-Coat

Ford Focus RS Vs ST: Interior Appearance

Despite their eye-catching exteriors, neither model inspires creativity on the inside. They have a similar basic design to the conventional Focus, which means they might not be the most customer-friendly environments. In comparison to competitors, the navigation system is old, and the touchscreen is small. Both cars come standard with fantastic Leather upholstery sports seating, but the RS stands out by providing more comfortable versions.

The RS has somewhat more cargo space than the ST. However, this is due to the absence of a spare tire. The RS is generally equipped with heated leather seats and temperature control as default. Regrettably, the RS’s 4-wheel drive technology limits boot room to a pitiful 260 liters, whereas the ST increases it to 316 liters.

Seating Capacity5
Front Seat Headroom39.1 in
Front Seat Shoulder Room55.6 in
Front Seat Hip Room53.9 in
Front Seat Leg Room41.9 in
Rear Seat Headroom37.9 in
Rear Seat Shoulder Room52.6 in
Rear Seat Hip Room52.8 in
Rear Seat Leg Room33.4 in
Curb Weight3,434 lbs/ 3,223 lbs

Ford Focus RS Vs ST: Money Value

Ford Focus is known for providing outstanding value for the money as well as exceptional capability, and the ST and RS are no exception. The RS is £29,995, £800-£10,000 cheaper than the competition. On the other hand, the ST is priced the same in gasoline and diesel models, with just the sub-variants making a significant difference.

Ford RS £29,995
Ford ST-1£22,745
Ford ST-2£24,495
Ford ST-3£26,545

Ford Focus RS Vs ST: Which is Better?

There is no winner between the Ford RS Vs ST. These two seem to be similar at first glance, but dig a bit deeper, and you’ll find that they’re meant to be extremely different. The Focus RS is a competitive hot hatch, whilst the ST is a sporting cruiser designed for commuters looking for a weekend excitement.

Although the cheaper alternatives of the ST are excellent value, if you frequently travel long distances, the diesel ST may be the better option. The new Focus RS, on the other hand, is a wonderful machine that not only delivers near-supercar performance but is also perhaps the most gorgeous. However, if you’re seeking a top-of-the-line Focus ST, we strongly advise you to check for Ford RS.

FAQs on Ford Focus RS Vs ST

What is the fuel capacity for Ford RS and ST?

The fuel tank capacity for Ford RS was 13.9 gallons. However, on the other hand, the capacity for Ford ST was 12.4 gallons.

What is fuel economy for Ford RS and ST?

The fuel economy for Ford RS is 22mpg. However, on the other hand, the fuel economy for Ford ST is 25mpg.

Which of the Ford Focus is Faster: RS or ST?

The Ford Focus RS IS 1.8 seconds faster than Ford ST and any other sports car variant.


The finest vehicle for you will rely on your demands and the advantages and qualities you want from the car while deciding between the Ford RS Vs ST. When you look at them attentively, you’ll notice that they have a lot of differences. Each of the models is unique and excels in different areas.

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