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1970 Ford Maverick: The Inspiration to the Modern Day Maverick

1970 Ford Maverick

1970 Ford Maverick, Ford’s tiny automobile, was an enormous hit that would surprise rival the Ford Mustang. The Maverick was a cheap, fuel-efficient automobile with a long hood, compact deck, and hardtop profile. The Ford Maverick redefined what a tiny automobile might be, offering excellent value for money in an era of tight regulations and austerity.

At first, the 1970 Ford Maverick was designed as a two-door hatchback or saloon. It was a reasonably priced international muscle car with excellent fuel economy. It was dubbed the “Foreign Fighter” because it put import autos to the test. Buckle up as we undertake a walk down nostalgia to recall you of a very special vehicle: the first Ford Maverick.

1970 Ford Maverick: Exterior Specifications

The two-door coupe was stylish. It has that classic mustang look from the back. The additional two doors, however, detracted a touch from the Muscle car image. The Maverick was available with a sprint package that included two-toned white and external blue paint featuring red pinstripes and a corresponding interior. It also tweaked the bumpers and rendered the available chrome grill mandatory, giving Maverick a classic muscle car look.

Length179.4 in193.9 in
Width70.5 in70.5 in
Height53.5 in53.4 in
Wheelbase103 in109.9 in
Curb Weight2,909 lbs. 3,011 lbs.

1970 Ford Maverick: Interior Specifications

1970 Ford Maverick: Interior Specifications

Maverick had a fairly simple interior. To set itself apart from the imports, Ford upholstered its seats in leather. It boasted extra luxuries, including reclining bucket seats and soft carpeting, as well as a vinyl canopy on the inside. To enhance the Maverick appearance more lovely and comfy, the instrument panel got a wood-grained accent.

The Maverick emblem was displayed above the glove box on the dashboard, which also contained the FM/AM radio for entertainment. Behind the steering wheel was an analog cluster with lighting control and turn signals. The steering wheel was big and thin, like a Mustang’s.

1970 Ford Maverick: Under Hood Performance

1970 Ford Maverick: Under Hood Performance

Ford launched Maverick with the Falcon’s engine and drivetrain. The Maverick was initially accessible in two engine configurations. 105 horsepower from a 170 cubic-inch (2.8 L) thrift power I6 engine, and 120 horsepower from a 200 cubic-inch (3.3 L) thrift power I6 engine. It was equipped with a three-speed manual transmission. People hurried to buy the Maverick because of its low cost. Having said that, the muscle underneath t hood of the Maverick was not up to the mark, but the Maverick surpassed the brawniest Mustangs of the time.

1970 Ford Maverick: Body Parts

Engine Parts

The powertrain of the Maverick is one area where spare parts are plentiful. Despite the fact that Ford’s engines were modified, the designs remained consistent. The 170, 200, 250, and 302 CID engines of the Maverick share many parts with their Mustang counterparts.

Oil Systems

Oil systems are more engine-specific than vehicle-specific. Within engine displacements, the oil filters, oil caps, oil sender switch, and oil pans are interchangeable. The name ‘Maverick’ is inscribed on the oil cap.


Only a few alternators function well with the Maverick’s smaller displacement engines. A 55 amp alternator was utilized by the Mavericks.

Ignition Systems

However, most ignition system components are interchangeable. It comes with a reliable ignition coil, the improved ignition coil, that is simple to install. Battery cables are available for both the 170-200 CID and the 250-302 CID engines. The gasket is simple to install. However, the manifolds themselves vary in size. Though the engine plays a role, the amount of space beneath the hood is also important.

Transmission System

Throughout its seven years of manufacture, the Maverick had a C4 automatic transmission and a three and four-speed Top loading. Unfortunately, a column-mounted shifter is found on many Mavericks. As a factory option, floor shifters were offered, and those vehicles had more cross-compatibility. Transmission pans and valve bodies, for example, ought to be fully functional.

Typically clutch kits, flywheels, and flexplates, thankfully, were interchangeable. A 9″ clutch was utilized on Mavericks with 170-200 CID engines. and A 10″ was used on Mavericks with larger engines.

Suspension Parts

The car’s front suspension was double-wishbone. This implies that both the top and lower control arms will fit perfectly. Other suspension components, such as coil springs, may fit with some adjustment.

1970 Ford Maverick: Carburetor

The carburetor’s job, regardless of size, is to mix air and fuel in the right quantities to sustain burning in the chambers of an internal-combustion engine. The optimum carburetor for the vehicle is the 4.1L 250Cu. In. l6. These carburetors are now available on the internet store markets. Your car’s price will be determined by its make, model, and year. Currently, the typical cost of replacement or repair is between $100 and $500.

1970 Ford Maverick vs. 2022 Ford Maverick

1970 Ford Maverick vs. 2022 Ford Maverick

The iconic Ford Maverick, although not intended to be a muscle car, had an edgy, countercultural personality that sparked a passion in just four years, outclassing its muscle cousin. The Mustangs would have perished on their own if it hadn’t existed. Some muscle car fanatics, on the other hand, may mock the Maverick for its low horsepower and lack of concentration on performance.

These flaws, however, have been evidently rectified by the 2022 Ford Maverick. It’s adaptable, entertaining, and useful. The modern maverick comes in a range of trim levels, depending on the buyer’s preferences. It comes equipped with a standard 2.5 full hybrid powertrain with the availability of a 2.0L Ecoboost engine as well. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is AWD feature present in Ford Maverick?

Yes, this compact truck’s AWD system is seen in the 2022 model of the vehicle and not in the 1970s.

What is the price of a 1970 Ford Maverick?

The Maverick was debuted as a 1970 model at a very competitive price of $1,995 (approximately $15,200 in 2022).

What was the cost of engine oil for the 1970 Ford Maverick?

The 1970 Maverick always was in huge demand. Its oil filling costs came to approximately $122.


With the 1970 Ford Maverick, though, Ford had its sights set on the prize — in this case, spectacular sales figures. The Maverick was well advanced, providing dependability and excellent gas mileage in a stylish package. It was simple to drive, simple to place, simple to maintain, simple to fix, and simple to own in comparison with a modern-day car.

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