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16 Torque Pro Ford Pids Code: Easy Decoding Now!

torque pro ford pids

The torque pro ford pids provide the technical ford enthusiasts with an insight into the status and conditions of the car models they own. It is reputably one of the best diagnostic tools to trace the problem earlier and choose a fixture when they still have the opportunity. This tool has a complex mechanism to receive the signals and present the issue to the readers.

They compute and calculate the sensor readably to the owner by complex computing and calculating. The three components that need to function in correlation to each other and parts are a proportional part, an integral part of the computation, and derivative responses. The basic design of the torque pro ford pids diagnostic tool is structured to read the internal sensors provided by the car system.

Work Principle of Torque Pro Ford Pids: Explained!

The system of ford PIDs works in three distinct layers. These three layers are essential for the functioning of this system. When a PID controller is attached to a torque applicable stem system, it allows the PID to work in multiple aspects. It is capable of reaching all parts of your car system, producing an accurate actuator output. The working of the system might sound complex, but interestingly it is easy to use. Here is how the working exactly is performed in a torque pro ford pids.

  • Proportional tuning: This takes charge of correcting between the target value and the difference value. It creates a balance by not letting the system approach an ultimate target value or let the difference come to zero.
  • Integral tuning: It takes care of the error factor by out-reaching the best possible accuracy at zero error. It is responsible for an overshoot.
  • Derivative tuning: This is the final layer that tries to neutralise the action of integral tuning. It handles the error overshoot.

Due to the complex three-layer correction, this system of diagnosis in a ford car works reveals the status and condition of each component of the car. The torque pro ford pids interprets the temperature of the automobile system and scans the whole car under the basis of heat that it emits after running and resting. It measures temperature, pressure, flow, and other variables of the system. These are the most important aspects of an automobile. Therefore it is a reliable diagnostic tool.

Add a Torque Pro Ford Pids to car system: Step-By-Step!

  • Create a file in the form of a CSV
  • Upload same ……/.torque/extendedpids/ using the phone or tablet (SD card and Internal)
  • In the Torque App, go to settings
  • Select the Manage extra pids/sensors
  • Add predefined set
  • Select your CSV file
  • Add new display in Realtime info window

While you are following this procedure, consider revising the CSV file properly before you upload it. Any minute mistake information of the codes will ruin the complete set of the plug-in. The torque pro ford pids will work only when the command system is justly related to the response.

However, this article will help you remove the coding error and initiating the best response from this diagnostic system. 

Equations to Add: Torque Pro Ford Pids Codes

Name“ShortName”“ModeAndPID”“Equation”“Min Value”“Max Value”“Unit s”“Header”
[FORD]ABS Wheel Speed 1ABS RFW0x222b06A0200​km/hABS
[FORD]ABS Wheel Speed 2ABS LFW0x222b07a0200​km/hABS
[FORD]ABS Wheel Speed 3ABS RRW0x222b08a0200km/hABS
[FORD]ABS Wheel Speed 4ABS LRW0x222b09a0200km/hABS
[Ford]Battery AgeBatt Age0x224027((a*256)+b)01825​Days726​
[Ford]Battery Charge %Batt %0x224028a0100%726
[FORD]Battery CurrentAmmeter0x224090(((A*256)+b)/16)-511.7-300300Amps726
[FORD]Battery TemperatureBatt Temp0x224029A-400100C726
[FORD]IAT2 (Method 2)IAT20x2203caA-40060CAuto
[FORD]Knock SensorKnock0x220404A060​CountAuto
[FORD]Left front tire pressureLF TP0x222813(((256*A)+B)/3+22/3)*0.145070psi726
[FORD]Left rear tire pressureLR TP0x222816(((256*A)+B)/3+22/3)*0.145070psi726
[FORD]Right front tire pressureRF TP0x222814(((256*A)+B)/3+22/3)*0.145070psi726
[FORD]Right rear tire pressureRR TP0x222815(((256*A)+B)/3+22/3)*0.145070psi726
[FORD]Throttle Position (Desired)TP D0x22093c((A*256)+B)*(100/8192)0100degAuto
[FORD]Throttle Position (Actual)TP A0x22091a((A*256)+B)*(100/8192)0100degAuto
Best Usable Codes For Creation of Customised Extention File

Advantage of Using Torque Pro Ford Pids

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Easy to use and simple to understand
  • Provides real-time information
  • Calculates a wide range of automobile data
  • Allows to access car information out of the dashboard
  • It gives the viewers a sorted comparison chart
  • Allows plug-in for procuring better data

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Making The Best Use of PIDs

The torque pro ford pids are the best functional when used under certain specific conditions. For example, the diagnostic tool will be proficient when you choose to drive a longer distance while keeping an eye on the stats of your automobile throughout the journey. It will warn you to take a rest and give rest to the car. The system of the tool informs you of accurate values related to the system. The characteristic of the instant update makes this tool behave like a brain for the car.

FAQs Related to Torque Pro Ford Pids

How to use plug-in extension for Torque Pro Ford Pids?

1. In the Torque App, go to settings
2. Select the Manage extra pids/sensors
3. Add a predefined set
4. Select your CSV file
5. Add a new display in the real-time info window

What are Torque Pro Ford Pids?

The Torque Pro Ford Pids are the tools that procure data about the car when used as a plug-in in pre-existing diagnostic tools. These are highly helpful in reviewing the automobile stats such as horsepower, fuel, battery life, pressure, charge flow, etc.

Is Torque Pro Ford Pids customizable?

Yes, absolutely. These plug-ins can be inserted into the Torque App by manual coding. The code generally includes a command and a response range. The rest of the work is solely carried out by the diagnostic tool.


The use of torque pro ford pids can prove to be a potential saviour if used appropriately. This tool will prevent you from overstraining the system, ultimately securing your ford technically. Now that you are aware of the mechanism, you must be excited to use it practically. The only price you would pay to take advantage of the tool is investing your time and patience to learn the readings. 

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