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OBS Ford Headlights: The Most Modified Exterior Part of Trucks

OBS Ford Headlights

When it debuted with headlamp modification, the growth of the OBS Ford headlights became apparent. The phrase “old body style,” or OBS, describes the highly regarded pickup trucks built prior to the contentious remodels of the mid-2000s. The early 2000 Ford car’s external alterations draw attention to the available headlights.

The OBS Ford headlights added some new sensory adjustments to the automotive lighting system in addition to replicating the appearance of vehicles. It became more appealing to users by trying out different colors and recreating new headlight forms. You will learn more about OBS headlights as you continue the article.

OBS Ford Headlight Parts

OBS Ford Headlight Parts

OBS Ford Headlight Retainer Clips

Retainer clips for vehicles are helpful to have. They keep the bonnet shield, mud skirts, and guards in place. They are affordable, reusable, and adaptable. The retainer clips are a tiny but crucial component of your OBS Ford. They are not easily noticeable through the naked eye due to their size.

Most of the retainer clips are made of Metal or Plastic. Generally, plastic ones are used because of their easy availability and affordable cost. These retainer clips come in packs and cost under $200, which can be used for a more extended period.

OBS Ford Headlight Firewire

With the help of strong 3M tape, Safety Wire, a flexible and weatherproof 12V LED strobe light, may be attached to any surface, whether it is curved or plain. The variety of the firewire for OBS fire has made it widely accessible. Each bulb measures 1/2″ wide by 3/8″ thick and is available in lengths of 15, 32, 49, 62, and 72″.

Most importantly, it is available in the following color combinations: White/White, Red/Red, Amber/Amber, Blue/Blue, Amber/Red, Amber/White, Green/White, Amber/Blue, Red/White, Amber/Green, and Blue/White. Above all, these are simply affordable, with a minimum price range of $5 to $100.

OBS Ford Headlight Assembly

The headlight housing, low lights, hazard lights and turn indicator bulbs make up a conventional headlamp assembly. Even though there are many components in the industry, if you only need to replace a single part, its parts can also be purchased separately. You may spend between $50 and $100 to restore a headlight assembly, depending on the type and the specifics of your car.

The following things should be considered when looking for an appropriate headlight assembly upgrade for your car.

  • Automotive Compatibility
  • Headlight Assembly Comparison: OE vs. Aftermarket

Best OBS Ford Headlights Replacement

Best OBS Ford Headlights Replacement

OBS Ford Dorman Headlights

The OEM headlight appeared to be a perfect replica of the high-quality Dorman headlight assembly. When compared to other headlights, they are simple to remove and maintain. It has a simple installation technique and is made of sturdy materials. The following are a few of the categories for which it finally gained notoriety:

  • Factory Replacement
  • Projector Headlight
  • LED Headlights
  • Driver Side Headlight
  • Passenger Side Headlight

OBS Ford Anzo Headlights

Innovation for LED and intensity lighting is Anzo area ®’s of expertise. The company provides Pointer headlight components that give your car a more upscale look. Anzo® headlights are produced with a completely enclosed electrical network and are weatherproof. Some of the features and popular Anzo headlights recommended:

  • A1R111119
  • A1R111081
  • A1R111004

OBS Ford Headlight Bezel Black

Mounting customized style headlights with bezel LED lights are among the most popular modifications for vehicles and trucks, but they can be extremely costly. Some of its extensive features are triple-plated chrome black.

OBS Ford Grille Headlights

OBS Ford Grille Headlights

Grilles are a safety extension to your Ford vehicles. It not only protects your engine from physical damage but also protects external forces from damaging the internal wiring of your vehicle. However, as grilles can be customized per the appearance of your ford vehicle, so is the headlight attached to your Ford vehicle. These headlights can be available in different colors and sizes as per the quality of the headlights placed.

The average cost of the headlights can differ as per the use of light bulbs in them. The Halogen ones are preferred, yet LED is effective in affordability and durability. The most desirable color preferred by the reviewers are black and shades of gray. However, the cost of the headlights could be the same overall but different in some ways due to customization.

OBS Ford Headlights: Lenses

The lenses of the OBS Ford headlights are one of their housing components. These lenses aid in the equalization of the light flux‘s diffraction directions. Glass is often the material used for standard cover lenses. This ought to be a bubble- and streak-free. Plastic has several advantages over Glass nowadays, which is why it has taken the role of Glass.

Polycarbonate or plastic headlight lenses start to turn yellow, show murky appearances, and exhibit other symptoms of wear at age five. Headlight efficacy may be affected by this oxidation. Therefore, a replacement can solve the issue for the time being. Depending on several variables, the cost of replacing headlight lenses can range from about $60 to $195.

How to Remove OBS Ford Headlights?

You must disassemble your headlights to reach the interior if it is to be replaced or modified. The glue-like sealer used to lock headlights can render them more challenging to open. You can open the headlamp without shattering it using moderate flame and handling it delicately.

The steps to follow to replace the headlights are as follows:

  • Open the hood of your car. On the driver’s side of your car, locate the handle or button that opens the hood.
  • If the hood cover is blocking the headlight, detach it. Find the fasteners securing the bumper shield to the chassis if it overlaps your headlights. To detach the bumper cover, raise it up and drag it aside from your car.
  • The fasteners keeping the headlamp component in place must be unscrewed. To unscrew the bolt, use a socket wrench over the head of the bolt and crank it clockwise.
  • To replace the headlamp, disconnect the connectors that are fastened to the rear of it. You may simply pull the headlights fully out of your car after removing one or two connectors.
  • The bulbs must be disconnected from the headlight support. Apply the same procedure to any additional headlight bulbs you wish to remove.

OBS Ford Headlight Problems

Although headlight technology isn’t very complicated, there are numerous ways for headlights to malfunction. The main issue with LED headlamp conversions is variable light output. These frequent issues, from blinking and fading to completely not powering up, usually stem from the same problem.

Expired Bulbs

You might not consider destroyed bulbs as the source of faulty headlights on both sides. It is a more frequent reason than you may imagine, though. This is due to the increased brightness of modern headlights.

A Faulty Relay

As you turn on a lightbulb in your home, the circuit is completed, and the lights come back on. Things operate a little differently in your car. Even though the sensor may be collecting power from the button, it might not be capable of completing the circuit if it fails.

Wiring Issue

Your car’s wiring is intricate, and damaged wiring could prevent the headlights from functioning. In actuality, a fuse could explode due to faulty wiring. The substitute fuse won’t work either since there is a problem with the wiring underneath. It is advised that you let the professionals make the diagnosis.

Burst Fuse

Checking the suitable fuse should be one of your first steps if you experience an electrical issue, such as non-working headlights. Locate the low beam fuse, take it out, and give it a good look. Substitute the destroyed fuse with one that is in good working order and is the same voltage.

OBS Ford Headlight Adjustment

The solution to this issue is simple. The headlight bulb is often likely burned out if just one of the headlights isn’t working. The headlight should generally function after replacing the outdated bulb. It’s essential always to inspect the other when you update one.

Headlights typically have a minimum life span of 10,000 hours. Your headlights will typically cost between $120 and $170 to replace. This covers the price of replacement parts ($90 to $115) and labor ($30 to $55).

OBS Ford Headlights: Aftermarket Price

The aftermarket price of the OBS Ford Headlights differs on various factors like maintenance, workability, internal and external damages, and various others. For two primary reasons, aftermarket automated headlights can be a fantastic option in place of factory-installed ones. First, they frequently offer greater functionality than stock headlights, and second, they let you personalize your vehicle to your preferences.

It’s also important to note that upgrading your car’s headlights to alternative ones is a greasignificantrovement. If you choose to swap out your vehicle’s factory-installed headlights for new alternative ones, shop around the web to compare costs and product reviews to ensure you get effective-quality parts at a reasonable price.

FAQs on OBS Ford Headlights

What is the OBS Ford Headlight Bulb size?

There is no exact size of the OBS Ford Headlights. You can refer to the manual to get an idea of the size of the same.

What is the Lifespan of OBS Ford Headlights?

Standard headlights typically last five years or so. However, some replacement bulbs don’t.

Should you swap out either headlight in one go?

The journey ahead will be appropriately brightened, and drivers will receive every protective benefit of the car’s headlights if headlights are changed in pairs.


Currently, the OBS Ford Headlights have reformed themselves in many ways, which has made the replacement process more accessible. The older headlights, though, had long lifespans and could not perform the way the recent ones are showing off. However, one can define sight of the ancient and the newer models on different online marketplaces.

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