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Lowered Ford Lightning: Is it a Remarkable Feature of the Vehicle?

Lowered Ford Lightning

Ford’s F-series’ first all-electric prototype, the F-150 lowered Ford Lightning truck, was the cleverest, most imaginative truck Ford has ever assembled. You can tell how performance-oriented the Lightning is the moment you turn the key in the ignition. It does so with a powerful burst of reverberant energy that no other vehicle can match when it awakens.

When a daunting, lowered F-150 pickup started to roll out of Ford’s Special Vehicle and onto the street in 1993, it struck the performance scene like lightning. The motor computer was reconfigured to take advantage of various modifications, resulting in a crisp throttle response with no emissions impact. As a result, this article goes into great detail about how the lowered ford lightning works and its evolution. As a result, you will better understand whether your decision was correct or not at the end of the day.

Features of 1993 Lowered Ford Lightning

The vehicle zero-emission propellant system includes instant torque to clever towing, wireless integration to software updates, as well as a digital screen that’s bigger than any currently provided on a full-size truck. Above all, the model came in a variety of color ranges which include: jewel green metallic, oxford white, twilight blue pearl metallic, medium platinum metallic, smoke metallic, black, dark mocha metallic, silver metallic, white, and mocha frost pearl metallic.

engine typegas
transmission4-speed automatic
drive typerear-wheel drive
combined MPG13 mpg
fuel typeregular unleaded
engine size5.8 l
horsepower240 hp – 3600 rpm
torque325 lb. ft. – 2800 rpm
fuel tank capacity18.2 gal.

The F-150’s ride height was lowered, denser anti-roll bars were provided, and striking 17-inch nickel-based wheels with specially designed Firestone Fire hawk GTA rubber were installed to complete the look. Other notable features include a sophisticated driveshaft, car­like décor, and controls.

1995 Lowered Ford Lightning

1995 Lowered Ford Lightning
1995 Lowered Ford Lightning
engine type gas
transmission 4-speed automatic
drive type rear wheel drive
cylinders V8
combined MPG12 mpg
fuel type regular unleaded
engine size 5.8 l
horsepower 240 hp – 3600 rpm
torque 325 lb. ft. – 2800 rpm
fuel tank capacity 18.2 gal.
hauling capacity1455 lbs.
miles273.0 mil
curb weight3,886 lbs.
gross weight5,250 lbs.
maximum payload1,455.0 lbs.
height71.0 in.
length197.1 in.
overall width without mirrors79.0 in.
wheelbase116.8 in.

2004 Lowered Ford Lightning

Lowered 2004 Ford Lightning
2004 Lowered Ford Lightning
engine type gas
transmission 4-speed automatic
drive type rear-wheel drive
cylinders V8
combined MPG 13 mpg
total seating3
warranty3 years
engine size5.4 l
horsepower380 hp – 4,750 rpm
torque450 lb. ft – 3,250 rpm
cam typesingle overhead cam
fuel tank capacity25 gal.
fuel typepremium unleaded
range In miles375 mi.
max towing capacity5,000 lbs.
max payload capacity1,400 lbs.
curb weight4,670 lbs.
gross weight6,050 lbs.
height70.9 in.
length208 in.
overall width without mirrors79.1 in.
rear track65.3 in.
turning circle44.3 ft.
wheelbase119.8 in.

Above all, there are many added features in 2004 Ford lightning than the other lowered Ford lightning, including safety to entertainment features. Safety becomes an essential aspect of designing this kind of redesigned model. Above all, entertainment aspects were also given a good amount of thinking for the recreational purpose of the driver and the user.

More ranges of the exterior as well interior colors were added. The beautiful exterior range of colors added includes black clearcoat, the sonic blue clearcoat, bright red clearcoat, dark shadow grey clearcoat, oxford white, and silver metallic. On the other hand, Medium graphite shades of interior décor make the vehicle drivable and eye-catching.

Safety Features for 2004 Lowered Ford Lightning

  • 2 Headrests in the Front
  • Headlamps that turn off automatically
  • Anchors for children’s seats
  • Headlamps that detect dusk
  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution is a system that distributes brake force electronically.
  • Immobilizer for engines
  • Driving Lights/Fog Lights in the Front
  • Anti-Theft Alarm System with a Remote Control

Steps for Custom Lowered Ford Lightning

Steps for Ford Lightning Custom Lowered
Steps for Custom Lowered Ford Lightning

As it has been clear that all the Ford f-150 lightning trucks can be lowered, it becomes an essential vehicle feature. Thus, these vehicles can be lowered with the help of the lowering kit that is available for the vehicle itself. Nevertheless, you can lower the truck front or back as per the terrain and the usage.

When discussing this particular vehicle exploration, here are a few ideas and steps that can make 2004 ford lightning lowered.

Spring Reduction

Customizers were used to cut or warm-up springs to lower vehicles back in the day. These approaches, while bringing them down, sacrificed travel quality and performance. Today, there are a plethora of older model companies that produce springs that are designed to work correctly.

Torsion Bars

This type of suspension is found on many heavier trucks, as it allows them to carry heavier loads. Although the amount of drop you can accomplish with these systems is limited, they are effortless to adjust. On these trucks, all you have to do is unscrew the hardware on the transverse keys, and the ride will drop in an instant.

Shackles and Leaf Springs

This is a very cost-effective method of lowering the rear of most trucks. Lowering the leaf springs and shackles is an excellent way to lose a few inches. The installation is fairly simple, replacing old gear with new components.

Flip Kits for the Back

If you want your truck to have a more dramatic drop, a flip kit is a cheap and straightforward way to do it. These brackets enable you to flip the back wheel axles, which are factory positioned under leaf springs.

Problems of Lowered Ford Lightning: Exhaust Clearance Issues with Lowered Rear of 2002 Ford Lightning with Caltrac Traction Bars

Any Ford Lightning still driven on the track or complex is almost required to have traction bars. Traction bars keep the car’s rear end planted on the ground during a launch, preventing wheel slipping and the terrible wheel hop. Traction bars are an excellent addition to any diesel vehicle and are required in high-capacity trucks. Driveshaft wrap and tire hop are prevented by using traction bars.

However, there might be cases where your traction bar is bent or faces specific issues, which does not lead your vehicle to run smoothly. In this case, you should ask a professional to help you and can also follow these troubleshooting steps.

Trying to push the axle back, or lengthening the bars, should be used to adjust them. You’ll be capable of putting more pressure on them when the vehicle is back on the ground if you raise the rear and then let the suspension droop before preloading. 

FAQs on Lowered Ford Lightning

What is the tire size for 1993 ford lightning lowered?

The 33-34 inch wheels are the largest installed on a stock Ford F150. Without trying to remove any crash bars or rubbing, these tires can be installed on your Ford F150. Also, if your vehicle has 10-inch wide rims, you can easily fit 32-inch tires.

Is a 1995 ford lightning front end lowered?

Yes, a front suspension can be dropped by 3 inches, whereas the rear suspension can be reduced by 4 inches! Trying to lower the Lightning enhances handling by bringing the vehicle mass closer to the earth and dramatically improves its appearance.

Is it true that Ford Lightning is uncommon?

They are relatively rare, given that only around 40,000 were produced over the course of its five-year production run.

What Is the Price of a Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 has a starting price of $28,940 and is one of the lowest in the class.


Now that you’ve finished reading the article, it is indeed time to decide on a Lowered Ford Lightning and place an order for the F-150 model that best suits your needs. If you’re still unsure about your chosen model, look into the latest real credibility and reliability ratings. Now is the best time for all Ford fans to take advantage of the best special offers.

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