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Ford TW20: A Perfect Fit in Low Maintenance Tractors

Ford TW20

The Ford TW20 was released in 1979 as a loader tractor said to be a part of the TW series. In 1983, the TW-20 was superseded by the Ford TW-25 upgraded variant, terminated. It’s a prototype of straight steel with a sharp and accurate structure.

Users are beginning to acquire these comparatively recent ‘Classic’ types for showing and road runs and intermittent work during their agricultural operation’s busier times of the year. However, this article provides you with complete detail of the Ford TW20, its overview, and its importance in today’s time. So, by the end of this article, you will be able to gather a good amount of information regarding the same.

Ford TW20: Engine Specs

This particular automobile by Ford was designed to be one of its kind, i.e., a reliable row-crop tractor. It is equipped with a 6.6 L powerful diesel engine. At present, you can find these tractors for a used price or at a new price. However, at the time of manufacturing, it was kept at the cost of 41,000 USD.

Engine6.6 L
Horsepower144.5 hp
Power RPM2200 rpm
Engine torque416 lb.-ft.
Engine torque RPM1600 rpm
Compression ratio15.6:1

Ford TW20: Fuel Specs

Fuel typediesel
Fuel tank capacity124.9 L
Oil tank capacity18.9 L
Coolant tank capacity20.8 L

Ford TW20: Transmission Specs

Chassis4×2 2WD
Steering typePower
BrakesDifferential hydraulic wet discs
Transmission modelDual Power
Transmission typeTwo-speed power shift with cerametallic disc clutch
Gears16 forward and four reverse

Ford TW20: Battery Specs

Number of batteries1
Battery voltage12 V
Battery Amps128 amps
Electric charging systemalternator
Electric charging Amps72 amps

Ford TW20: Exterior Specs

Ford TW20: Exterior Specs
Length175.6 in
Width103.9 in
Height115.7 in
Wheelbase109.4 in
Ground clearance25.2 in
Weight12,853 lbs

TW20 Ford Tractor Problems

Problems with Powershifting

TW20 Ford Tractor Problems with Powershifting

It is utilized to control the tractor’s backward and forward movement. A drivetrain problem is relatively prevalent in these tractors, but it is usually caused by some of the wires being separated from the torque converter. Reconnect these cables to solve the problem if you’re having trouble with your powershift.

Problems with Transmission

You may notice that changing shifts in your vehicles is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s because your tractor’s primary transmission has seized and is now locked in the present gear. This can readily be fixed by examining whether the tractor is low on oil and replacing it.

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Difference Between Ford TW15 and TW20

The forward gasoline tank is the most significant difference. Additional fuel and the front ballast are needed. The TW20, I believe, has a motor oil cooler. As in the oil-to-coolant ratio. TW15, on the other hand, may not behave like the latter. Above all, both of these engines are Turbo engines, with certain similarities.

Ford TW20 Tractor Parts

Ford TW20 Tractor Parts

A tractor is a motorized vehicle with many replacement parts and attachments. Almost every tractor component can be updated, replaced, or modified. Tractor accessories include tractor gears, switch plates, bumpers, engines, tractor seats, tractor axles, radiators, and engine components. Tractor attachments are extra items that can be added to make it more convenient.

Some of the categories of tractor parts for the TW20 ford tractor are mentioned below.

  • Cooling System: copper/brass and aluminium radiators, radiator hoses/caps, water pumps, thermostats, rubber mounts, drain taps, gaskets, fans, fan belts, and pulleys.
  • Engine System: cylinder heads, valves, gaskets, engines, pistons, blocks, liners, Seals, piston rings, fuel pumps, engine overhaul Kits, oil pumps, engine bearings, crankshafts, oil filters, fuel pipes, fuel filters, silencers, manifolds, and much more.
  • Electrical Systems: Switches, Starter Motors, Alternators, Wiring, Dynamos, Sensors, Gauges, Lights, Bulbs, Tachometers, and much more.
  • Brake Parts: Kevlar brake discs, sintered brake discs, brake drums, brake shoes, brake slave cylinders, brake master cylinders, brake seal kits, full brake repair kits, fluid reservoirs, brake cables, and brake actuators.
  • Body Parts: cowlings, Nose cones, bonnets, cowlings, grilles, dash panels, footplates, seats, footsteps, door frames, air Suspension Seats, side panels, window frames, rubber parts, fixings and much more.
  • Clutch Parts: clutch kits, PTO clutch packs/plates, pilot bearings, clutch cables, clutch slave cylinders, and clutch master cylinders.
  • Extra Exterior Parts: windows, door glass/handles, rubber seals, tractor radios, blower motors, mirrors, mirror arms, wiper motors/arms, cab door hinges, cab mounts, rear window hinges, and gas struts/stays.
  • Painters and Thinners: ranger of colour options, thinners, finishes, aerosols and hardeners.
  • Transmission and PTO Parts: Gear levers, knobs, rubber boots, springs, selector rails, housings, selector forks, seals, PTO shafts, switches, O-rings, gears, gaskets, and much more.
  • Steering Parts: kingpins, wheel bearings, spindles, bushes, axle seals, wheel hubs, bearings, wheel nuts, repair kits, orbital units, power steering pumps, steering boxes, hoses, driveshafts, seal kits, wheels, and tires.

Ford 9700 vs. TW20

When comparing the two most luxurious Ford tractors, the Ford Tw20 comes out on top. TW20 was essentially a 9700 with a few minor improvements. Except for the dual power, there would be no discernible difference. TW 20s had a five-horsepower boost, and one nice feature is that the crankcase oil lubricates the injecting pump, so you don’t have to bother to replace it separately from the crankcase.

Ford TW20 Good or Bad?

Some of the good features of Ford TW20, as per the users, are:

  • Power is nice and cheap.
  • Best tractor for the time period
  • Everything is easily accessible

Some of the destructive elements of Ford TW20, as per the users, are:

  • The electrical systems are a tad on the shaky side.
  • Regular alternator issues might occur.
  • PTO is frequently irregular to work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ford TW20 is a reliable tractor?

As per the users’ reviews, Ford TW20 is considered to be a reliable and durable tractor than any other Ford previous tractor.

Where can you find Ford TW20 tractor parts?

The tractor parts for ford Tw20 can be found in online stores and even in automobile repair shops.

What is the forward and reverse transmission speed for Ford TW20?

The rate for forwarding gear is 30.1 Km/hr. And 12.5 Km/hr. For reverse gear.

Concluding Thoughts

Thus, to end, the Ford TW20 tractor is one of the reliable and decent vehicles you can own as a member of the agriculture sector. However, it can help ranger between $20,000 to $25,000 when used when talking about its pricing. However, it has readily available for internal parts. Thus, it is a vehicle with less stress work.

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