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8 Irritating Reasons: Ford Ranger Won’t Start With One Click Quick Fix!

ford ranger won't start with one click

There are innumerable reasons why your ford ranger might show start issues. One of the most common complaints from the users is that they experience symptoms of ford ranger won’t start with one click. The reason behind this particular symptom can vary from problems boxing anything that relates to starter and engine. There are different methods to verify the primary speculations as well. You can solve the problems only when you successfully trace the defective origin.

The problem can sometimes surpass the causes of regular common complaints. Read this article thoroughly to prevent confusion while dealing with ford ranger problems. The ‘ford ranger won’t start with one click’ problem often shows up after a complete driving age of 5-6 years. After an automobile completes 300,000 miles, the components start acting out and disorders the whole functionality of the system. Let’s dive into the technical depth of the issue. 

Why My Ford Ranger Wont Start One Click? Probable Problems

When ‘ford ranger won’t start with one click’ is viewed under focus. You can identify eight reasons that possibly have caused the clicking problem. However, these eight reasons are not the ultimate inspection. You will need to proceed with testing each out. The test is necessary to verify and land on the technically correct reason for the defect/fault of the eight problems.

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Below are the eight irritating reasons that cause a starting issue in a ford ranger:

Ford Ranger Won't Start
  1. Detective battery
  2. Weak key fob battery 
  3. Broken motors
  4. Fuse troubles
  5. Clogged filters
  6. Corrosion issue
  7. Engine defect
  8. Steering problem

Tackle The Problems Now!

1. Defective Battery

Defective Battery

This problem often leads to serious functionality disorders in the car, including start issues. The users have claimed the original cause of ‘ford ranger won’t start with one click’ to be mostly a dead or weakened battery. You need to run a 12v battery check to confirm the results of your inspection. There are two things that you can do when you find a dead or weak battery. 

  • First of all, you can start your car with a jumpstart, externally introducing power into the system.
  • You can also go for a complete battery replacement. If your automobile is more than a decade old, a replacement is necessary.

2. Weak Key Fob Battery

The key fob battery defect is considered rare but not impossible. If you suspect a key fob battery problem, you can proceed with a complete security setup update. To get through the problem instantly, you can use your secondary battery. Also, you can try unlocking your car with a manual key insertion.

3. Broken Motors

Broken Motors

After completing a distance over 300,000 miles, the starter motor especially might require maintenance. The reason for ‘ford ranger won’t start with one click’ might be a broken starter motor. You can choose to tackle the problem instantly by manually hitting on the starter motor simultaneously while you turn the ignition.

4. Fuse Troubles

The fuse trouble is a serious problem, not because it might cause any hazard later but because there are chances of some other components getting affected due to the same. If you face an interruptive fuse symptom, you must hire professional help to get the wiring fixed. This problem often causes your ford ranger to cut off while driving won’t start with one click.

5. Clogged Filters

Clogged filters can be another issue resulting in ford rangers’ start defect. It often shows up when the user is neglecting the maintenance of the system over a long period. In this condition, the best one can replace the fuel or air filter in the system.

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6. Corrosion Issue

Another mainstream problem for ‘ford ranger won’t start with one click’ is corroded components. The battery is mostly gets affected by environmental corrosion. And the consequences are as rough or abnormal sounds are heard while initiating a start. Hence, you need to keep the components well coated every time.

7. Engine Defect

Engine defects can cause headaches. Because in the case of a defective engine, you will need to perform a complete engine swap. And engine swap is not easy to carry out. The engine defects might occur for various reasons, mostly not repairable.

8. Steering Problem

The steering problem is one of the common issues that can bring up ford ranger won’t start with one click. In this case, you will need to change the steering box. Also, check for the ignition key defect and fix it as per the requirement.  

Maintain To Prevent

Everything that exists requires special attention after a certain age. The phenomenon of aging is much faster in machines than in any other. As an automobile age, the very first affected component is the engine and the starter. The problems related starting is hence born. If the user pushes their ford ranger to work in the rough without involving maintenance, there are high chances of the car to experience starting problems of the ford ranger won’t start with one click earlier.

FAQs Related To Ford Ranger Won’t Start With One Click

When I try to start my truck, it just clicks once. Why?

A dead battery can make your truck click once while you try to start it. This occurs because your starter solenoid does not receive a charge which is required to initiate combustion. The inability or obstruction faced by the solenoid produces a single click, and it repeats every time you turn the key to start.

What does it mean when you turn the key, and it clicks?

The clicking noise while initiating an engine start is due to the insufficient functionality of the battery or the starter motor. It occurs due to the obstructing factor that halts the process and restricts the needed combustion for running the automobile.
1) A single or repeated click indicates a dead battery
2) No click indicates damaged starter solenoid.

What would cause a Ford Ranger not to start?

There are a lot of factors that cause a ford ranger not to start. Some of these factors cause defects in the components of the automobile, such as battery defects, key fob problems, clogged filters, starter motor issues, engine defects, and corrosion. The causes are usually natural.
1) Ageing of the automobile
2) Lack of maintenance
3) Damage due to accident
4) Corrosion due to exposure
5) Wear and tears from rough driving

Final Words

Now you have a brief idea about what problems cause ford ranger won’t start with one click. It is your choice to either take the ford expert solutions or hire a technician to deal with probable reasons for defects. Maintaining a car will help you prevent damage in the first place. A complete car maintenance service will cost you around $1000-$2000, and good maintenance is always worth the price. 

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