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5 Best Recommended Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers and Its Usefulness

Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers

A series of Ford Ranger wheel spacers is one of the most acceptable improvements for any Ford Ranger owner, and they can give any Ford Ranger model an instant makeover. Some of the most affordable, prominent, and adaptable aftermarket upgrades are available. To impress, you can quickly broaden your truck’s off-road standpoint.

When made to fit any remarkable Ford Ranger model, they can transform the vehicle into a brave knight with an enhanced off-road automobile and improved braking system. Furthermore, wheel spacers allow you to use a wider range of personalized wheels and tires, making it an ideal device for any off enthusiast. It’s a fantastic choice for adding massive rims, enhancing off-road functionality, filling large alloy wheels, or simply giving your ride a meaner appearance.

Thus, you can use Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers but choosing one of them could be a difficult task. So, this article will provide you with the right guidance to select and use the right kind of Ford ranger wheel spacers.

Need of Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers

Need of Wheel Spacers

It’s not a good idea for the wheel to be too nearer to other internal parts, such as the wheel well. If they’re too close, the car’s performance will suffer. Wheel spacers’ primary function is to provide extra space between both the wheel and hub arrangement. Let’s take a look at the benefits of wheel spacers.

Enhance Vehicle Stability

Wheel spacers broaden the wheelbase of your vehicle, increasing durability and strength to side roll-over. The vehicle is more positioned by increasing the distance between the left and right wheels. Overall proper management, grip, and maneuvering are improved as a result. Added stability gives experienced motorists more control and gives younger or less skilled riders an additional safety margin.

Ensure Better Traction

Wheel spacers boost tires to frame clearance, allowing broader wheels and elevated mud, stone, or snow tires to be installed. This also enables larger rear calipers, which solves the issue of brake caliper clearance and inner fender and chassis clearance.

Gives the vehicle a distinct stance/look

 Wheel spacers will mildly force out the tires, perfectly aligning those with the fender or even pushing them out well beyond the fender for a more sporty look with a “wider posture.”

KAX Wheel Spacers

KAX Wheel Spacers are crafted with heat-treated and solidified 10.9-grade fasteners and are made from the best and most accurate T 6 billet aluminum. The anodized finish adds to the corrosion protection. This wheel spacers set fits Ranger models from 1983 to 2011.

These high-quality wheel spacers provide additional clearance in between the wheel and the rear wheel assembly, allowing for larger tire installation on the vehicle. All of the necessary bolts and lug nuts are included in the KAX wheel spacer set for a successful installation.

Bolt Pattern5×4.5″/5×114.3mm
Center Bore82.5mm
Thread Size1/2″x20

Dynofit Wheel Spacers

Dynofit’s high-quality crafted wheel shapers are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. As a result, the spacers have a higher tensile strength than steel flanges and are less likely to vibrate. Geomet heat treatment, which is much more long-lasting and robust than zincification, has been applied to 10.9-grade lug studs. It is also tough to break and cut. This set of wheel spacers is compatible with Ford Ranger models from 2001 to 2012.

Bolts Pattern5×4.5 to 5×4.5
Thickness2 inch /50 mm each
Hub Bore82.5mm diameter
Quantity4PC wheel spacer with 20PC Open nuts
Studs/Nuts thread pitch1/2-20 Threaded Studs/Nuts

Richeer Wheel Spacers

The slightly elevated crafted wheel shapers from Richeer move your rims 1.5 inches outward, raising the track spacing of your car. The spacers are particularly coated for a fantastic view that will last the existence of your vehicle and is tempered to an ultimate tensile of no less than 35,000 psi. The studs are 12.9-grade formally proposed heat-treated studs. Ford Ranger models from 1982 to 2012 are compatible with this set of wheel spacers (except 1999-2012 only fit 5 lugs). 

Bolt Pattern5×4.5(5×114.3mm)
Stud/Nut Thread PitchM1/2×20
Thickness1.5″ (38.1mm)
Center Bore82.5mm

Orion Wheel Spacers

By adding 2 inches to your car’s rear-wheel track, this Orion Motor Tech automobiles wheel spacer package will improve decelerating, consistency, handling, and control. These wheel connectors are made from solid blocks of T6 airplane aluminum to keep them light. These bolts are 7–10 percent more highly resistant to corrosion than their competitors when coated with Dacromet.

Vehicle Bolt Pattern5×4.5-5×4.5
Center Bore70.5 mm
Hub CentricYes
Thread SizeM14x1.5

DCVamous Wheel Spacers

This DCVamous wheel spacer kit provides your car a more aggressive stance, excludes rubbing, allows you to mount a giant wheel or tire, and clears your brakes and struts. They also improve the handling of your vehicle by adding trek and spacing to your stance. This set of wheel spacers is consistent with Ford Ranger models from 1991 to 2011. It’s made of 6061 aerospace aluminum with T6 treatment, highly precise CNC machining, and a hard oxidation finish.

Wheel bolt pattern 5×4.5 / 5×114.3
Center bore3.25 inch / 82.5mm
Thickness1.5 inch / 38mm
Thread size1/2″-20
Vehicle bolt pattern5×4.5 / 5×114.3

Installation of Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers

  • To begin, locate a level ground on which to park your car.
  • Then unscrew but don’t detach the lug nuts on the axles you’re going to use the wheel spacers on.
  • Position the wheel fasteners around the rear axle you’re not lifting and use the car jack to lift up your car.
  • Configure the jack stands after you’ve lifted your vehicle and slowly lower it onto them.
  • Finally, eliminate the axles and finish separating the lug nuts.
  • Clean any lumps and bumps with your wire brush to ensure a smooth fit.
  • Place your wheel spacers over through the current wheel nuts and tighten them.
  • Now is the time to hand tighten the spacer lug nuts.
  • Re – install the tires after tightening the wheel spacers.

FAQs on Ford Ranger Wheel Spacers

Is it safe to use wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are generally regarded as safe because a car’s weight is not supported by its wheel studs.

Is it possible to only use wheel spacers in the back?

You will notice an increase in understeer if you only use spacers in the rear. Once adding spacers, the front-rear tracks are usually widened equally, or nearly so.

How much would wheel spacers charge?

Wheel spacers are available at $65 to $100, with a thinner spacing design for wheels. These can begin with a thickness of 1 inch.


When it comes to buying and installing Ford ranger wheel spacers, you need to know what you’re doing. You should also be aware of the main benefits and drawbacks, which is a good start. If you’ve done your homework and are convinced that a specific size of wheel spacer would then enhance wheel/tire fit or car aesthetic appeal, go for it!

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