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Ford Probe GT 1995: Perfect Vehicle for Present Modern Set-Up

Ford Probe GT 1995

Ford Probe GT 1995 is a unique and durable choice for a budget constraint. The plethora of colors the car is available in makes it high on demand for you. The sporty feature of the car makes it an extensive choice for the youth today. With the purchase of a car comes in handy the comfort, the durability, the sentimental and monetary value of the car. Therefore, when it comes to acquiring a car, you need to do thorough research. 

With the increasing demand for vintage cars due to their durability and affordability, Ford Probe GT 1995 has become a perfect choice for consumers. Be it a small middle-class family or a freshie looking for transportation to college. With the model in mind, you might have many questions popping in your mind. Well, you do not need to worry about all these anymore. Today, we have given a detailed overview of the Ford Probe GT 1995. We have gone through all the specifications possible. This article will be enough for you to judge whether you should consider buying the car or not. 

Ford Probe GT 1995: General Specifications

EngineGas engine with 2.5L size, V6 Cylinders
Horsepower164 horsepower @ 5600 rpm
Torque160 lb.-ft @4800 rpm
Fuel TypeRegular unleaded
Tank Capacity15.5 gal
Combined mpg20 mpg
DrivetrainFront-wheel driver, 5-speed manual
ColorsVariety Available

Ford Probe GT 1995: Exterior

Ford Probe GT 1995: Exterior

The Probe’s appearance is slender, elegant, and dynamic, and it still looks new and vibrant after several months on the streets. Only the Probe’s antiquity is revealed by its surfaced headlights; nevertheless, the contoured face, clean intricately carved flanks, and unusual glass-rich roofing come together to make this vehicle a design distinction. 

The wide rear hatch offers flexible access to the spacious baggage bin, except with a steep lifting to overcome. Low aerodynamic efficiency means less road noise. There are, however, a few angles on the exterior which could make it slightly less attractive. For instance, exterior mirrors are narrower. These, nonetheless, are minor flaws that are overshadowed by the Probe’s attractive design.

Height51.6 in.
Length179.5 in.
Width (Without Mirrors)69.8 in.
Curb Weight2,921 lbs.

Ford Probe GT 1995: Interior

Ford Probe GT 1995 Engine

The Probe’s interior arrangements are well suited to the driver and shotgun. Wide doors make entry simple, and a set of finely shaped leather seats are waiting for you. The driver, as you’d anticipate in a sporty coupe, gets the most of the spotlight. The driver’s seat features a thick-rimmed steering wheel with airbags and control switches. 

The car is completely equipped. It includes a tachometer, speedometer, odometer, voltage reader, fuel indicator, moisture content, oil leak indicators, and simple weather dials. When the car is in motion, the radio has a slew of tiny pressing buttons that are tough to locate. This is typical of Ford’s designs. 

Front Head Room37.8 in.
Front Shoulder Room52.0 in.
Front Hip Room53.9 in.
Front Leg Room43.1 in.
Rear Head Room34.8 in.
Rear Shoulder Room53.9 in.
Rear Hip Room48.6 in.
Rear Leg Room28.5 in.

Ford Probe GT 1995 Distributor

As a result, the distributor’s primary responsibility is to allocate high voltage from the wire to the appropriate cylinder. The distributor lid and rotor are used to accomplish this. However, your distributor may become worn out after a long period of use. The following are some of the symptoms that can be resulted from a worn-out distributor:

  • Whenever the vehicle is driving, unexplained tremors is a classic clear indication that your distributor is failing.
  • Difficulty beginning the car is another common sign that could indicate that your distributor is failing.
  • A high-pitched screeching noise that happens when beginning your vehicle is another sign that your distributor is failing.

If you need to substitute your distributor lid and propeller because they’ve worn out, you can consider paying between $70 and $130. Parts and labor costs are combined in this total. However, you can consider hiring a professional technician for all the replacement work.

Ford Probe GT 1995: Reviews

According to the buyers of the particular model, we have listed a few pros and cons of the Ford Probe GT 1995 here.

Good fuel economyMaintaining the vehicle is quite a task
Excellent sporty appearanceIt is loud when in use
Cost-efficient and affordableNot appropriate for a family
Excellent cargo capacityPower is not sufficient
Reliable to useFolds up easy

Ford Probe GT 1995: Price and Value

Ford Probe GT 1995 Price and Value

It would be beneficial if you maintain track of the price of your selected model. Because the vehicle experiences a lot of competitors while they are on the market, the original price differs from the current pricing. Furthermore, several technical developments have provided civilization with far superior machines and high-end cars.

While it was introduced in the market with an MRP of $16,545, it is now way low considering the intense competition in the business. The average retail price of Ford Probe GT 1995 now is $1525. However, one can often find the retail price ranging between $1175 to $2525. This will vary furthermore if one is purchasing a second-hand car. Along with that, the problems with the car may further reduce the price of the car. 

FAQs on Ford Probe GT 1995

Where can I buy Ford Probe GT 1995 parts?

There are a lot of websites where one can purchase parts for their Ford Probe GT 1995. For instance:
1. eBay
2. Third Gen Automotive
3. RockAuto
4. CARiD
5. OEM Parts

Why does my Ford Probe GT 1995 exhaust system make noise?

This is an issue with the exhaust system. It happens when there is a contract between two metals. Most of the time, this contact is due to the loosening of the heat shields in the catalytic converter. Installing a clam around the catalytic converter will sort the issue. 

Why do the headlights of my Ford Probe GT 1995 function weirdly?

The reason behind this is an issue with the headlight actuator. When it becomes a victim of corrosion due to water, the headlight actuator may malfunction. This will eventually lead to the malfunction of the headlights. Simply replacing the headlight actuator will resolve your issue.

What is the 1995 Ford Probe GT gas mileage?

The 1995 Ford Probe has a combined mileage of 25 MPG.

What is the cost of the 1995 Ford Probe GT alternator?

Labor costs are estimated to be between $76 and $96 per hour, with parts costing between $434 and $466 per hour.


To sum up, we feel that Ford Probe GT 1995 could be a perfect choice for you. If you are looking for an economical and sporty car, it should be your ultimate choice. The car will give you that sporty, fun feeling while driving. It is also pretty durable compared to the amount it costs.

Above all, it is not like the car is extinct now. One can purchase the car through online websites. Even though modern techs can overshadow the car’s essential features, it is still a vintage car. With the growing popularity of owning a classic vintage car, this model is the most prudent and affordable choice for an individual. 

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