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15 Easy Steps to Make Ford Ignition Switch Actuator Replacement Successful

ford ignition switch actuator replacement

The 15-steps ford ignition switch actuator replacement given by expert technicians is easy and feasible for every ford rider. Whenever you face a ford ignition actuator problem or steering column actuator problem, you can refer to this article guide and get your work done. The best way to make necessary repairs and replacements in the steering component is to release the assembly correctly.

But, why would one need to avail these 15-steps? When the complaints of ford users underwent censors, one of the top complaints concerned the problems with the ignition actuator. The kind of problems that one faces in such a defect is annoying and intolerable. The ford ignition switch actuator replacement work sounds scary when first introduced. However, in reality, it is a piece of cake!

Ignition Switch Actuator: Introduction


This system is widely known as the steering column actuator. It is situated adjacent to the ignition switch and, it holds the responsibility of initiating the sole connection between the ignition switch and the start relay. Not just that, it also takes care of locking the key inserted into the ignition switch in its place till one pulls it off.


The working of the ignition switch actuator is simple. The construction of the component consists of a rod that reaches for the common central device that connects the ignition cylinder with another rod. When the key is inserted, the locking system in the built holds it firmly first. While the key turns towards start through 4 other positions, the ignition cylinder activates the engine.

Problems one might face

One can witness many problems with this system. After all, every machine has its limit of usability and longevity. In this case, if you are experiencing issues related to an ignition switch actuator, you might need to repair the connecting wire defects or straight go for the ford ignition switch actuator replacement

Here are some of the symptoms that indicate a sure-shot ignition switch actuator defect:

  • Difficulty in starting the engine
  • Loose key locking system
  • No resistance to the key
  • Overheating of the switch holder
  • Brake lights, Oil Pressure light, and Battery light luminates randomly (Rare)

Detailed Ford Ignition Switch Actuator Replacement

Detailed Ford Ignition Switch Actuator Replacement

Check the condition of ford ignition switch actuator

It is easy to check how worn out your ignition switch actuator is. You can do that with two easy steps. The steps will eventually let you know how deep-rooted the damage is when your car faces the indications mentioned in the paragraph above. First of all, you need to set in your key and start the engine.

  • Note while pushing the key in, you must experience resistance from your actuator. If you do not feel any resistance while pushing it in and turning it, this is an actuator defect.
  • If your engine starts with a straight column position, it indicates that the rod connecting the ignition cylinder to the actuator has failed.
  • If your engine does not start with the titled column position, you can try moving the column up and down and restart the engine. It indicates no problem in the actuator rod.
  • Now try to pull the key when it is still in the position of on. If it comes out, then there is a loose key locking system in your actuator.

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Removing the ford ignition switch actuator assembly

Removing the ford ignition switch actuator assembly

This process is the first step to ford ignition switch actuator replacement, and you cannot skip this step in any condition. Some professional materials like the wrench set and end wrenches are needed. The cross tip screwdriver and flat head screwdriver will play a role as well. The rest of the materials are ratchet with metric and sockets, Slip joint pliers, snap ring pliers, a steering puller kit, torque bit set, and wheel chocks. 

Moving directly to the operation:

  • Step-1-Park your car and lock it with wheel chocks
  • Step-2-Disconnect your battery connection
  • Step-3-Remove the horn system
  • Step-4-Get started with exposing the steering mount
  • Step-5-Use the steering puller kit to pull the steering off
  • Step-6-Clear the tilt lever and plastic covers
  • Step-7-Put the key in the switch
  • Step-8-Take out the clock spring
  • Step-9-Clear the connectors from the lower portion
  • Step-10-Disable the multi-functional switch
  • Step-11-Remove the snap-ring and tilt-ring
  • Step-12-Take the mountingscrew off
  • Step-13-Remove nut from the bolt on teh steering staff
  • Step-14-Take the back section of the steering off the u-joint
  • Step-15-Finally you can take the steering column actuator off

Reassembling the ford ignition switch actuator construction

Now that you have the actuator in your hand, you can proceed with the repair or replace the system as a whole. The installment of the structure is just the reverse of the ford ignition switch actuator replacement. The best you can do now is get a new ford ignition switch actuator which will cost you around $30-$50. Grab your best deal online now!

FAQs Related to Ford Ignition Switch Actuator Replacement

What does an ignition switch actuator do?

The ignition switch actuator holds the key firmly in the ignition switch, and it is also the very medium of connection between the start relay via the ignition cylinder. Any defect in this component can lead to dangerous driving issues, and one should stop operating the car until the issue is fixed.

What are the ford ignition switch actuator pin symptoms?

The pin symptoms of the ford ignition switch actuator are:
1- Hesitated start problem
2- No resistance on key
3- Doesn’t hold the key in the switch
4- Overheating of the ignition switchboard
5- Dashboard lights flicker randomly
If you are facing these problems, you must make a general ford ignition switch actuator replacement now!

What tools are needed for ford ignition switch actuator replacement?

These are the tools required to perform ford ignition switch actuator replacement:
1- Wrench set
2- End wrenches
3- Cross tip screwdriver
4- Flathead screwdriver
5- Ratchet with metric and sockets
6- Slip joint pliers
7- Snap ring pliers
8- A steering puller kit
9- Torque bit set
10- Wheel chocks. 

How much will the ford ignition switch actuator replacement cost?

A professional ford ignition switch actuator replacement costs around $164 in the minimum to $186 at the most. The labor cost estimates to be around $80-$100 only; the parts for replacement will range within $80.

Final Words

You are now perfectly aware of what to do and what not to do when you face a condition where you need a ford ignition switch actuator replacement. You can now self-sufficiently get along with the ignition switch actuator problems. No mechanic to advise and no one to claim you extra labor price. If you are busy and are thinking of hiring a mechanic, it will cost you around $165 in minimum to $190 in maximum. Choose wisely!

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