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Ford F650: The Powerful Commercially Functional Duty Truck

Ford F650

If you are looking for a Class 6 commercial vehicle with upfitting capabilities, Ford F650 is the right choice.   Your selection of cabin, motor, and chassis are included as standard features with this Super Duty vehicle. This Super Duty can handle a startlingly broad range of business requirements.

Whether you require a large delivery truck or are in the waste sector, Ford F650 is equipped to handle huge loads. The model is available in different another kind of styles, from acting as a forklift to a loader trailer. Thus, with this, it can be used for any business you opt for. The various options of trims style available are Diesel/Gas Pro Loader, SD Straight Diesel Frame, Gas Straight Frame, and SD Diesel Tractor.

However, let’s get into more related configurations and a better understanding of the style of this Super Duty delivery truck!

Ford F650: Appearance and Specifications

Ford F650: Appearance and Specifications


The base model of the Ford F650 includes some of unique styles, which are re-styled from the previous models. Some of these explicit specifications include:

  • Black painted full-width steel front bumper.
  • Black-painted plastic grille
  • Aero-type halogen headlights, lamps, or reflectors
  • Manually adjusted, rectangular side mirrors
  • Solar-tinted fixed glass windows
  • Solar tinted with laminated glass windshields.
Length239.0 in.
Overall Width Without Mirrors95.5 in.
Height94.4 in.
Wheel Base281.0 in.
Seating Capacity2
Tires Type275/80R22.5
Tires Size22.5 in. 


Oxford White, tangier orange, bold yellow, ingot silver, blue jeans, race red, school bus yellow, green gem, stone gray, and agate black


  • Black Vinyl Flooring and steering column
  • Molded cloth headliner
  • Cruise control with steering wheel-mounted controls

The truck is quite roomy and cozy. Controls are also simple to operate and reach. The SYNC infotainment solution integrates with a touchscreen interface. It comes in 2 base interior color ranges of Steel Gray HD vinyl and Steel Gray Cloth.

Ford F650: Curb Weight and GVWR

F650 (GAS)
F650 (GAS)
Curb Weight8,748-9,527 lbs.9,407-10,186 lbs.9,618-11,144 lbs. 10,278-11,897 lbs.

Ford F650: Towing Capacity

When fully equipped, the Ford F-650 has a remarkable GCWR of 50,000 pounds and a GVWR of approximately 37,000 pounds. This indicates that the F-650 is able to transport cargo that is quite heavy. With this vehicle, you may find both remarkable towing and payload capabilities.

Overall, the extensive GVWR range ensures that you may select a vehicle with the strength required to handle any jobs you may have. An F-650 has the strength you need to complete challenging tasks around the workplace or shipments throughout the cities.

Ford F650: Engine Configurations

The Ford F-650 also has a gasoline engine below its hood. A gas engine is available for Ford Medium Duty trucks: the 6.8L Triton® V10. That’s fantastic news for a business or municipality that needs Class 6-7 capacity but is on a restricted budget. With 320 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque, the 6.8L can deliver all the performance you require at a lesser cost than a diesel engine. There is a CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package offered.

Base Engine TypeGas
Base Engine Size6.7 L turbo-charged
Horsepower270 hp – 330 hp
Torque675 lb. ft. – 725 lb. ft.
Drive TypeTurbo-charged
Transmission6-speed automatic

Battery Location and Replacement

Under the hood of a car is often where the batteries are. The battery is now situated beneath the driver’s seat due to new concerns. There are numerous causes for battery drain, but the following are some of the more prevalent ones:

  • Slack or damaged battery connections
  • Excessive battery loss
  • Sludge and grime
  • Dated battery

Costs for a replaceable automobile battery vary from roughly $45 to $250 depending on power, size, and quality.

Ford F650: Gas Mileage and Fuel Economy

Ford F650: Gas Mileage and Fuel Economy

Fuel Pump Location and Replacement

The combustion engine carburetor or fuel injector receives liquid from the gas tank using a fuel pump, which is a part of cars. The fuel pump in your car should last for at minimum of 100,000 miles or more. A gasoline pump module is fastened to the fuel tank’s top.

Motor jolts and stammers, while you’re driving at a constant pace are one of the most obvious signs that your car’s fuel pump isn’t operating as it should. Therefore, an instant replacement or professional assistance is urgently required. Depending on the car and its age, a new gasoline pump typically costs between $220 and $1,062.

Fuel typeRegular unleaded
Fuel tank capacity50 gal. (gas and diesel)

Ford F650: Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter reduces atmospheric contaminants that could be harmful to both people and the environment. Your car’s efficiency, which directly impacts the fitness and overall performance of the vehicle, is enhanced by an adequately managed catalytic converter. However, the 3 most common causes of catalytic converter failure are overheating, melting, or fractured converters.

It costs money to replace a catalytic converter. The range under which your catalytic converter can cost you is between $950 to $2500 approx. However, the cost might vary regarding variety in the series models, labor cost, and part differentiation.

Ford F650: Alternator Options

Various alternators are available for Ford F650 trucks, starting with the base 200-amp unit. Two alternators with a total output of 357 amps are also more potent. A 175-amp or 240-amp alternator is available as standard or optional equipment for the F-650 gas engine.

Ford F650: Neutral Safety Switch

The neutral safety switch, which permits gear shifting, is found either within the transmission box or in the connection. The neutral switch could sustain damage in a variety of unforeseeable circumstances. These display signs such as the sensation of light electric shocks or power flow when you contact a linked gadget.

Such incidents may cause fatalities or severe physical injuries. Therefore, you are strongly advised to change a damaged neutral safety switch immediately. The cost to replace the neutral safety switch might range from about $100 to over $350.

Ford F650: Air Suspension

The increased relaxation behind the wheels of suspension system vehicles is one of their key advantages, making them suitable for regular driving. On bad roads, the variable air suspension provides a more pleasant ride, and it can enhance off-road handling. Because the material will have ceased, an air suspension component should typically be replaced every 6 to 10 years or every 90.000 to 160.000 km.

According to your automobile and region, the estimated price of an air suspension system might vary from $500 to $2,000.

Ford F650: Air Brake Compressor

The force needed to provide to the braking system to halt the truck is applied using a compressed air brake system, a sort of friction brake for cars. However, this part of the Ford F650 can also cause issues with your braking and engine performance. Some of the early symptoms seen are:

  • Lack of Air
  • Unexpected vibrations and noise
  • High-Temperature Emissions
  • Problems with Pressure and Flow
  • Oil Issues

Get professional help in case of acute problems or replacement suggestions.

Ford F650: ABS Module

The anti-lock braking system of an automobile is subjected to diagnostic tests by the microcontroller known as the ABS control module. As much as your standard brake system works correctly, you can carry on driving without an ABS control module. However, with no proper maintenance, even your ABS module can show signs of degrading your truck’s performance.

Some of the obvious signs that can be seen are:

  • The ABS Indicator Light Shines
  • A non-operational brake pedal
  • Speedometer malfunction
  • The Brakes Glitch
  • Higher Pedal Effort

The expense of an ABS module can fluctuate from $350 to $1,000 based on the specified module’s individual cost. The driving environment and the amount of care a vehicle receives impact the lifespan of an ABS motor drive. If appropriately maintained, new ABS systems might last up to 100,000 kilometers.

Ford 650: Problems and Solutions

Reduced Engine Powers

A safety feature that shuts down and restricts momentum is reduced engine power. Low engine oil, slack wires, and a blocked catalytic converter frequently bring on reduced engine power. To overcome decreased engine power, tighten loose connections or cleanse your oxygenation and volume air flow sensors.

Red Check Engine Light

A check engine light generally denotes something faulty in your engine, which could not be dangerous to your car. However, if your check engine light constantly flashes, the engine needs immediate assistance. You can take professional help here for proper repair and replacement suggestions.

No Reverse Lights

First, ensure the cabling connections and bulb holder are spotless and well-lit. Reinstall the lightbulb and retest after cleaning any corrosion with wet or dry paper. The fuse might have blown if the lightbulb still won’t turned on. Therefore, replacing the fuse is the necessary fix for the issue.

Ford F650: Reviews and Ratings

Ford F-650 standard-size trucks are typically utilized for various commercial tasks, from construction to agriculture. However, few of these vehicles are transformed into pickups for daily use. There isn’t much to criticize this vehicle because of its solid construction, outstanding finish, and first-rate aftersales service.

Ford F650: Price

Price points for the earliest of the Ford F-650 will begin at $56,000. Since the eighth generation has been available, the price has remained the same. However, a diesel engine will cost an additional $10,000 to add. A Tractor update may cost as much as $70,000 to buyers.

What’s the Difference between F650 vs. F750?

GVWR: 22,000 – 29,000GVWR: 31,000 – 37,000
Front Axle (lbs.): 8500 – 10,000Front Axle (lbs.): 10,000 – 14,000
Rear Axle (lbs.): 13,500 – 19,000Rear Axle (lbs.): 21,000 – 26,000
Air Suspensions (lbs.): 12,000 – 21,000Air Suspensions (lbs.): 21,000 – 23,000

FAQs on Ford F650

How many miles can a Ford F650 go?

The Ford F650 duty truck can go s much as 250,000 miles. It can increase its longevity with the necessary maintenance required.

A Ford F-650 is how many tonnes?

The 112-tonne F-5 and 2-tonne F-6 of the medium-duty F-Series were available in standard and cab-over-engine (COE) variants.

A Ford F-650 has air brakes, right?

The currently added Driver-Assist Technology Packages, which comprise the air brake package, enable the F-650 to operate intelligently.

Concluding Remarks

The Ford F650 is undoubtedly a working truck, first and foremost. The standard features follow that logic quite closely, although there are a few to brag about. All Ford F-650s have air conditioning so you can stay cool on hot days, 40/20/40 split-bench frontal seats for up to 6 people, a USB port with an auxiliary input jack to connect in, and a 110-volt outlet inverter so you can charge your devices or use your phone.

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