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Ford F150 2017 Car Battery: Its Importance and Need for Replacements

Ford F150 2017 Car Battery

Ford F150 has a lot of excellent characteristics, especially when it comes to the Ford F150 2017 car battery. It has the most driver-friendly features, which contribute to the car battery’s good performance. If you own one, though, you may learn a lot about its features and functions.

The battery in your 2017 Ford F-150 will typically last 3 to 5 years, depending upon the nature of the battery, battery dimensions, weather patterns, and driving patterns. As a result, having your battery tested every time you enter a service location is important. However, you should investigate every part of what you should be performing with your Ford F150 2017 car battery. 

Ford F150 2017 Car Battery: Specifications

Even in the harshest environments, your car requires a dependable, lasting, and strong battery. As a result, Ford batteries are typically lithium-ion batteries with service and replacement guarantees. However, in the year 2017, new battery courses were introduced in the majority of the Ford F-150 vehicles. So, here’s a list of some of the different types of automobile batteries utilized in Ford 150 models.


Ford F150 2017 Car Battery: Issues and Problems

Ford F150 2017 Car Battery: Issues and Problems

You’ve all been there: left the headlights on, didn’t completely lock a door, or left the radio on for too much without turning on the motor. A dead battery is among the most common automotive issues. But when should you replace the battery in your 2017 Ford F-150? Here are some signs that your Ford F-150 2017 car battery has to be updated or examined.

The Engine in Your Vehicle Won’t Start

It requires a great deal of horsepower to start your automobile, believe this or not. So,  your battery is the sole source of power. The fact that your motor won’t start is a clear indication that your charger is dead.

Troubleshooting: Whenever this transpires, you should get your automobile boost as quickly as possible and have your battery examined.

Getting Older

The basic fact is that automobile batteries do not last indefinitely. They cease to work eventually. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals do not keep track of their car’s battery age. It’s a smart option to get your battery examined after it hits the 4-year threshold.

Troubleshooting: At all costs, have your battery tested right away. If everything appears to be in working order, check the battery case for the manufacturing date and consider replacing it instead of waiting until it’s far too late.

Components in the Electrical System Start to Fail

Your battery is required to begin the vehicle, but it serves other functions as well. It’s also required to power all of the instruments and equipment that keep your car running smoothly. Window wipers, electric windows, spotlights, dashboard lighting, the stereo, power seats, and other features are all included.

Troubleshooting: Give importance to how these items act, and if something does not really have enough energy, have your battery checked by a specialist to ensure it’s fully charged.

2017 Ford F150 Battery Draining very Fast

If your automobile battery is depleted, it will be unable to provide the necessary voltage for ignition. A depleted battery, on the other hand, does not indicate that it is time to replace it. A car battery can lose power overnight for a variety of reasons. A parasitic drain, severe temperatures, a broken alternator, leaving certain systems in the automobile open or on, and timeframe are all possible causes.

Troubleshooting: You can still jump-start it with a compact jump starter or a decent cell from another car if you have access to electricity. Above all, you can find a professional to guide you on this matter.

It has an Unusual Odour

An automobile battery contains various components, including hazardous and poisonous acid. When a battery is overloaded, mechanically shorted, or freezes, it may begin to release gas. This often smells horrible, like rotten eggs when this happens. However, if the sulfuric acid leaks, it can corrode and nibble away at other engine components.

Troubleshooting: If you detect a rotten egg odor, contact a professional right away to have the batteries tested. This stench indicates that the battery needs replacing.

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Battery Warning Light on the Dashboard

A dashboard indicator light in the form of a battery is found on most modern vehicles. This light will turn on if the battery has not been charged properly or if there is an ongoing issue with the battery.   It indicates that a component of the electricity supply is malfunctioning.

Troubleshooting: When this light illuminates in your automobile, get your battery tested by a specialist; if your cell is found to be in good working order, you can have the electrical system evaluated by a qualified mechanic.

What is the Lifespan of Ford F150 2017 Car Battery?

What is the Lifespan of Ford F150 2017 Car Battery?

The average battery life for a 2017 Ford F-150 is 3-4 years, although this completely depends on operating behavior, battery typology, and other factors. The battery, on the other hand, generates electrical energy through a constant chemical process within it. If there is too much rust, the terminals will be destroyed, and the battery will need to be repaired.

You may increase the lifespan of the 2017 F-150 charger by doing the following:

  • You are protecting your car indoors while away from hot temperatures or environmental changes is a good idea.
  • Allowing your battery to go unburned for extended periods of time is not a good idea.
  • Using the suitable cleaning fluid and a scrubbing brush, clean the connectors and the areas of corrosion.
  • Testing your battery on a regular basis is a good idea.
  • Keep an eye on the distilled water to ensure that the acid within stays at a safe and diluted level.

Ford F150 2017 Car Battery: Replacement

Updating some batteries, particularly in newer models, might be difficult due to the shrinking hood area in automobiles to increase performance. As a result, some chargers can be difficult to get to. For further details about where your battery is placed in your 2017 Ford F-150, consult the owner’s manual. Follow these general procedures if you want to change the battery.

  • Make sure your motor is turned off before loosening the cable-holding bolt with a wrench.
  • Disconnect the cable with care, particularly the red cable, by bending and tugging it.
  • Remove the automobile battery with caution now. However, any rust in the cables and battery tray should be cleaned.
  • Simply follow the instructions above to install the new cell.

2017 Ford F150 Battery Reset

The following procedure must be completed in less than 10 seconds:

  • Start the engine (engine off)
  • Five times, pull and release the high beam.
  • 3 times press and release the brake pedal
  • If everything goes well, the battery light will blink three times in the next 15 seconds. This means the BMS has been reset.

Ford F150 2017 Car Battery: Price

When searching for a 2017 Ford F150 car battery, there are several factors to consider that will influence the price, such as the manufacturer, the size, the servicing, and the longevity. A replacement automobile battery can cost anywhere from $45 to $250, depending on its power, size, and quality. Above all, extra labor expenditures could range from $20 to $40 for extra services, maintenance, or other issues.

FAQs on Ford F150 2017 Car Battery

Is driving with the battery engine light on safe?

If the battery caution light on your 2017 Ford F-150 goes on while you’re driving, make sure all of your gadgets are turned off, so the batteries don’t discharge. The caution light usually indicates that the alternator is really not working properly, which means you’re running on battery power alone.

What is covered by a Ford automobile battery warranty?

Ford vehicles are covered by a warranty that could last up to 24 months. Recharging, physical damage, and battery cracks are all included in it.

What is the motto that Ford’s automobile battery is based on?

SLI for “Starting, Lighting, and Ignition.” 

Concluding Thoughts

The 2017 Ford F-150 could be the most impressive vehicle you’ve ever driven. Or maybe you’re just striving to maintain it. Ensuring your Ford car starts when you really need it is an important aspect of guaranteeing it. That is why your vehicle’s battery is so crucial.

Regularly replacing your Ford F150 2017 car battery is one of the wisest actions you can really do to maintain your Ford function well, and this article will show you what else to check for so you don’t get stuck.

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