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Ford F-59 Commercial: Overview, Specifications and Its Reliability

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The Ford F-59 commercial is the most excellent possible vehicle that has been introduced, and it has a stunning appearance. It doesn’t have a real skin on it, but it does have a technical competence that will wow you to a certain amount. However, as a name, these commercial chassis are very new and have not yet gained widespread appeal.

These unfinished vehicles are known as stripped chassis. They are made up of a Ford Tough ladder-frame chassis structure with an engine, powertrain, available instruments, steering, pedals, alternator, electrical assemblies, fuel tank, axles, and tires. As a result, this article will arm you with a wealth of information regarding the Ford-59 commercial chassis you’re looking for. So, let’s begin with a broad overview of the subject.

2022 ford F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis

A stripped chassis refers to the engine structure and excludes the motorhome’s body. It just contains the vehicle’s core skeleton, not the skin or steel body above your interior technological specifications. For fleet and commercial customers, Ford offers a variety of truck and motorhome chassis.

The Ford F-Series Super Duty truck series is the foundation for the F-59 commercial chassis. Industrial walk-in van users utilize it for parcel delivery, bakery delivery, power utility operations, and transportable machine shops, among other things. This article focuses on the 2022 Ford F-59 Commercial Stripped chassis and its specifications.

Ford F-59 Commercial: Overview

Ford F-59 Commercial: Overview

The 2022 F-59 Commercial Strip Chassis would provide a sturdy foundation for your organization with a heavy-duty steel framework that allows easy fitting. It includes a fantastic parcel delivery package for users. However, each trim level of the Ford-F59 chassis has a unique set of features detailed below.

7.3 V8 Gas Engine

A 7.3L V8 gas engine is available on the F-59 Stripped Chassis to get your company up and running. This powerful engine produces 335 hp and 468 lb.-ft. Of torque when paired with a 6-speed heavy-duty automatic gearbox. It can, therefore, maintain a steady tow speed of up to 3750 rpm. As a result, it delivers the strength, power, and endurance needed for a Ford vehicle’s heavily loaded application.

The CNG/Propane Gaseous Mixtures Package

This package is thought to be an effort at a technological strategy that is environmentally beneficial. When requested at the point of purchase, this package covers the conversion of electricity to propane Autogas or compressed natural gas (CNG) for your F-59. Above all, this package comes with various optional extras, such as strengthened engine valves and valve seats.

Steel Ladder-Chassis

This particular feature is an important and the most thoughtful feature of the Ford f-59 commercial. Included Steel ladder-type framed structure helps increase the load-bearing capacity of the vehicle. This steel framework is constructed with the help of 36,000 psi e-coated steel. However, an optional galvanized framework is also available.

Ford F-59 Commercial: Engine Specs

Ford F-59 Commercial: Engine Specs
Engine7.3L 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8 Gas
Horsepower 335 hp @ 3,750 rpm
Torque468 lb.-ft @ 3,750 rpm
Compression ratio10.5:1
Transmission typeTorqShift 6-speed automatic overdrive with Tow/Haul Mode 
Battery78-Amps-hr, 12V
Fuel Tank40 gallon
GVWR16,000 – 22,000 lbs.
Wheelbases158″ / 168″ / 178″ / 190″ / 208″
Over-all Lengths301.4″ / 311.4″ / 321.4″ / 333.4″ / 351.4″
Payloads10,050 – 15,610 lbs.
BrakesPower 4-wheel disc anti-lock, with traction control

Ford F-59 Commercial: Interior Specs

The headlight assembly and control are among the standard interior components for convenience and comfort. Above all, its interior is functional and appealing, thanks to a Telescoping Steering Column and additional engine tracking Instrumentation. Instrumentation includes a speedometer, trip odometer,  tachometer, oil pressure, fuel gauge, coolant temperature, gearbox temperature gauge, and hazard flashers.

Ford F-59 Commercial: Safety Specs

  • Anti-Lock Braking System with Four-Wheel Discs (ABS)
  • Emergency Braking System (AEB)
  • Distance Indication/Distance Alert
  • Braking After a Collision
  • Cruise Control with Adaptive Settings:
  • Warning of Lane Departure
  • System to Alert Drivers
  • Auto-High Beam Control

Ford F-59 Commercial: Trims and Features

Ford F-59 Commercial: Trims and Features

This particular framed chassis structure can be seen in 5 different trims, as categorized according to the change in wheelbases. These wheelbases are an essential part of these chassis just because of the importance of the distribution of weights on the vehicle’s skin overhead. Moving down to a detailed overview of each of these trim Ford F-59 commercials will help you dot down your needs with proper analysis.

Some of the similar features include:

  • 7.3L 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8 Gas Engine
  • 3 Years/36,000 Miles (basic) Warranty
  • 19.5″ x 6″ Black Steel Wheels (6)
  • Radio with Controls on the Steering Wheel
  • Traction Control on the Driveline
  • The driver’s seat is fixed.

158″ Wheelbase

  • Overall length of 301.4″
  • Starting Cost of $31,730

168″ Wheelbase

  • Overall length of 311.4″
  • Starting Cost of $35,220

178″ Wheelbase

  • Overall length of 321.4″
  • Starting Cost of $ 31,965

190″ Wheelbase

  • Overall length of 333.4″
  • Starting Cost of $33,380

208″ Wheelbase

  • Overall length of 351.4″
  • Starting Cost of $33,525

Ford F-59 Commercial Reviews

Ford F-59 commercial, as already mentioned, is considered to be a dream project for most of the Ford cars and Trucks. Its heavily made structural frameworks make it an outstanding invention for the automobile industry. However, when commenting on the reviews for the same, most of the reviewers were partially satisfied with this option. Above all, this type of framework mobility was rated 4.6 out of 5.0 by most users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the weight of a Ford F59?

It weighs 19,500 pounds (GVWR)

What are available wheelbases for Ford F-59?

There are 5 available trims of wheelbases for Ford F-59. (158″/168″/178’/190″/208″)

Is the Ford 7.3 Gas engine a good one?

The 7.3 Godzilla is expected to be a powerful engine susceptible to exceeding 300,000 miles and sustaining durability under heavy loads.

Concluding Thoughts

Thus, here comes to an end of the content on Ford F-59 commercial. Therefore, these chassis are considered an outstanding revision of the previous models. Thus, if you are a person who wants to abstract this knowledge, then here you go!

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